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Giant Delta IV Heavy rocket launches from the Vandenberg AFB - video

Video of the heavy lift Delta IV Heavy taking off from the Vandenberg Air Force Base The largest rocket ever to launch from the West Coast blasted off Thursday from Vandenberg Air Force Base, in California United Launch Alliance -- a 50-50 venture between Boeing and Lockheed Martin -- produced the Delta IV Heavy rocket, which is 235 feet tall, about 23 stories Thursday's mission, carrying a classified defense satellite, was the second Delta IV launch in two months [flash=640x385]http

Victoria Cross awarded to Australian soldier who 'tore a Taliban fighter off his back like an insect'

THE brown dust from the departing choppers that carried the SAS squadron south from their base at Tarin Kowt had barely cleared when all hell broke loose The battle that led to the honour came during an offensive in the Shah Wali Kot area Signals intelligence had intercepted enemy "chatter" about a large group of Taliban fighters moving to attack a combined force of commandos from the Sydney based 2nd Commando Regiment and the Afghan National Army As soon as word came through, the t

Australian troops warned against using too much viagra in Afghanistan

What are the Aussies doing up there This is my rifle, this is my gun, one is for killing, the other's a bit limp AUSTRALIAN soldiers who are entitled to taxpayer-funded Viagra pills have been warned about the dangers of erectile dysfunction drugs and told they can have just four tablets a month Defence personnel, including those on active duty in places such as Afghanistan, have also been informed they must be medically assessed as suffering from sexual performance problems before the

Four F-22 Raptors of 1st Fighter Wing - image

A great photo of 4 F-22's At about $138 Million each, there is an easy 1/2 a billion dollars, or $552 million, sitting on the ground, in one photo Still, its a photo of the future today Sorry about the pic being covered on the right, thats just the way it is with pics like this Here is a link to the original image http://wwwafmil/shared/media/photodb/photos/110108-F-7498H-549JPG

US Navy build a copy of the Russian Sizzler missile - image

How do you build a defense system against a Russian missile Build your own version of the missile first, then use that to develop countermeasures Photos of the first ATK-built ZGQM-173A multi-stage supersonic target MSST have now appeared on the web The US Navy is developing MSST to simulate the flight profile of Russia's Novator 3M-54 Klub, which is also named the [url=http://enwikipediaorg/wiki/3M-54_Klub] SS-N-27 Sizzler[/url] by the North Atlantic Treaty Organization NATO I

Russian MIG 29 shooting down a Georgian UAV - video

Video footage from a Georgian unmanned aircraft as a Russian Mig 29 comes into view and shoots it down [flash=640x505]http://wwwyoutubecom/v/U49n1JuWAmcfs=1[/flash]

Army evaluating solar powered tents to generate electricity - image

The Solar tents that the US Army is developing come in different sizes with different generating capacities — the TEMPER Fly can produce about 800W of power, the QUADrant can generate about 200W of power, and the Power Shades is capable of generating up to 3KW of electrical power The tents stand to be extremely useful in areas like Afghanistan, where the sun doesn’t set until late in the evening [quote]The technology has reached the point where the testing has shown they [solar-powered te

For Sale: Genuine WW2 Sherman Tank used in the movie Tank with James Garner - video

THE Genuine Ford Motor Co 1942 M4A3 Sherman Medium Tank that starred with James Garner in his 1984 Feature Film "TANK" with C Thomas Howell and Shirley Jones is on auction on Ebay This tank has been in several other films as well and has been in the same private collection for the last 40 years It is one of the very, very few Sherman Tanks in private ownership in the US and in unique in its condition as well It runs exceptionally well and is mechanically sound The interior is amazi

US fighters under SAM attack cockpit video - Vietnam or Gulf War? - video

Cockpit video of US fighters under attack from SAM missiles The tension and stress in their voices shows how close it must have been However when this was recorded is debated First Gulf War or Vietnam [flash=650x534]http://wwwliveleakcom/e/1dc_1293487022[/flash]

Was General Patton assassinated by the Russians and US military?

Sixty-five years ago this month, Gen George S Patton Jr, hero of World War II and an outspoken critic of the Soviets, was en route to a Sunday hunting trip, a day before permanently leaving Europe, when he was critically injured in a vehicle accident on a deserted two lane highway near Mannheim, Germany A large US army truck that Patton’s driver later said was waiting for them, suddenly — and without signaling — abruptly turned into his limousine’s path, causing a head-on crash Even tho

Raw video of US patrol under attack - video

Raw video of an American patrol coming under attack in Afghanistan Guy with the camera on his helmet must be an officer the way he orders the others He seems to be doing all the work pumping grenades at the trees and moving around Discussion is that he is far more experienced than the others who might have just arrived in Afghanistan His gun jams twice in the firefight Notice the first 10sec when a solder runs across his line of fire That was lucky [flash=640x390]http://wwwyou

Wisdom from the military

'If the enemy is in range, so are you' 'Whoever said the pen is mightier than the sword, obviously never encountered automatic weapons' - General MacArthur - 'It is generally inadvisable to eject directly over the area you just bombed' - USAir Force Manual - 'Tracers work both ways' - Army Ordnance Manual- 'Five second fuses last about three seconds' - Infantry Journal - 'Any ship can be a minesweeper Once' - Naval Ops Manual - 'Never tell the Plato

Unmanned carrier based strike jets ready for testing

The first unmanned aircraft designed as a carrier-based strike jet is almost ready to take to the air for the first time, US Navy officials have confirmed The single-engine, tailless X-47B has a wingspan of 62 feet and is 38 feet long It is designed to carry 4,500 pounds of weapons in its payload bay, reach high subsonic speeds, and fly to altitudes of about 40,000 feet Without refueling, it should be able to operate at ranges up to 2,100 nautical miles and stay in the air for more than six

US military reveal new weapon - XM25 Counter Defilade Target Engagement System - image

After years of development, the US Army has unleashed a new weapon in Afghanistan -- the XM25 Counter Defilade Target Engagement System Its a high-tech rifle that can be programmed so that its 25-mm ammunition does not necessarily explode on impact Instead, it can be set to detonate either in front of or behind a target, meaning it literally will go through a wall before it explodes and kills the enemy It also has a range of roughly 2,300 feet -- nearly the length of eight footbal

Photo of an Italian Special Forces Officer after 72 hours battle

Now that's an intense gaze With the pupils so pinned out he might be on some amphetamines, but his expression is all serious
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