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Secret Service Counter Snipers - Video

The Counter sniper Support Unit was created in 1971, to provide specialized protective support to defend against long-range threats to Secret Service protectees Today CS is an operational element of the Presidential Protective Division This video looks at their activities [flash=640x505]http://wwwyoutubecom/v/qu5UBAdh_aA&hl=en_GB&fs=1&[/flash]

Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress survives direct hit in WW2 returns home

The nose of the B-17 Fortress was a scene of utter destruction It was as though some giant aerial can opener had peeled the nose like an orange, relocating shreds of metal, plexiglass, wires and tubes on the cockpit windshield and even up to the top turret The left cheek gun hung limp, like a broken arm One man pointed to the crease in chin turret No mistaking that mark! A German 88 anti-aircraft shell had exploded in the lap of the togglier Still in the cockpit, physically and emoti

Corruption dooms Russian military renewal to failure

Russia's new plan to modernize their military is only repeating failed promises made in 2007 Corruption in the military takes up to 50% of the total costs making a mockery of the Russian military's ability to keep to a plan At a meeting on security agency budgets on May 24, President Dmitry Medvedev set the goal of modernizing at least 30 percent of Russia’s weaponry by 2015 The president was apparently unaware of the previous arms program, announced by then-Defense Minister Sergei

Harrier crash lands in Kandahar after engine failure - video

Looks like the pilot came in too hard and too fast He stays with the plane until the cockpit caches fire then ejects to safety Apparently the pilot had engine failure on approach to Kandahar I am surprised that the weapons didn't explode A British jet pilot has been injured after ejecting from his aircraft before it crashed in Afghanistan The Ministry of Defence MoD said the Harrier pilot was forced to eject while landing at Kandahar airfield The RAF pilot is believed to hav

Military scramjet test hits Mach 5 - with no moving parts

An X-51A Waverider flight test vehicle successfully made the longest ever supersonic ramjet-powered flight today off the Southern California coast The engine, called a scramjet, operates hypersonically at speeds greater than mach 5 and has no moving parts This test opens the door for hypersonic weapons capable of prompt global strike, hypersonic air transport, and may someday lead to more economical access to space The more than 200-second burn by the X-51's Pratt & Whitney Rocket

X-37B Orbital Test Vehicle's secret mission discovered

As the Space Shuttle flies into its last launches, the US military are about to undertake a test flight of its new unmanned X-37B Orbital Test Vehicle The X-37B Orbital Test Vehicle in the encapsulation cell at the Astrotech facility in April 2010, in Titusville, Fla Air Force officials are scheduled to launch the X-37B April 21, 2010, at Cape Canaveral Air Station, Fla The X-37B is the US's newest and most advanced unmanned re-entry spacecraft The X-37B orbital space plane, essent

British Troops Engaging Taliban 20 feet from them - helmet cam video

British Troops in a firefight around 20 feet from the enemy all caught on helmet camera, you realize just how close they were by the end of the video Filmed in the Helmand province with the British Royal Anglians [flash=640x385]http://wwwyoutubecom/v/Jqz5Yi4K5uU&[/flash]

Who dares mutinies: How the SAS defied orders to launch the most audacious rescue of the Iraq war

At Credenhill camp, their UK base near Hereford, officers and troopers of 22 SAS were on parade in their best bib and tucker Their usual jeans and combat overalls were replaced by spotless dress uniforms for a ceremony to consecrate a new resting place for the regiment’s fallen heroes But then the quiet was shattered by dozens of mobile phones ringing Nearly 3,000 miles away in hot, dusty Southern Iraq, two of their own were in desperate trouble Captured by insurgents, banged up in a cel

Boeing's Phantom Ray unmanned aerial vehicle on track for its first flight

Boeing says that the unmanned aerial vehicle, unveiled at it's St Louis facility on Monday, is on track to make its first flight in December The Phantom Ray will be a testbed for unspecified "advanced technologies," and in a press release Monday, Boeing rattled off an array of potential missions for the aircraft, from the now standard UAV tasks of recon and surveillance to aerial refueling, electronic attack, and the menacingly vague "strike" "We are on a fast track, and first

Advanced Green Beret training ETADIK technique - video

ETADIK is an oriental martial arts training method used by the US Green Berets It is comprised of advanced combat marksmanship, encouragement, and one-on-one instruction It is often used as a verb This video on Advanced Green Beret training shows some of the ETADIK training methods for the first time to the public [flash=640x505]http://wwwyoutubecom/v/N4HIrdMMhpM&hl=en_US&fs=1&rel=0[/flash]

French teaching the Afghanis how to retreat

Observations from a photographer in Afghanistan Eric Bouvet has been photographing Afghanistan since 1986, documenting life under the Taliban, the mujahideen, and several foreign armies He has visited the country about a dozen times [quote] I've been doing this job for 28 years, with armies all over the world I'd never seen this before It's called a sandbox exercise, where the military trains soldiers by moving around plastic figures I thought it was funny Here, a French soldier w

Helmetcam footage of Dutch Special Forces boarding a hijacked vessel off Somalia

This kind of footage of Special Forces being released by the Dutch MOD is a rarity, and gives insight in how a boarding operation is carried out, from a rather unique perspective The man narrating is the commander of the MARSOF boarding team This is the release of german motorvessel MS Taipan, April 5th, some 500 NM off the coast of Somalia 10 pirates hijacked the vessel, but the crew managed to retreat to a safe-room So NL MARSOF could carry out an opposed boarding, without any haza

Deadly new missile system disguised in a shipping container

This is a game changer of a new missile system Undetectable, portable, lethal A Russian company is marketing a devastating new cruise missile system which can be hidden inside a shipping container, giving any merchant vessel the capability to wipe out an aircraft carrier Potential customers for the formidable Club-K system include Kremlin allies Iran and Venezuela, say defense experts They worry that countries could pass on the satellite-guided missiles, which are very hard to detect, to

US Army Big Dog robot still evolving going strong - new video

A few years back a video of a strange four legged robot emerged that raised a heap of interest, it was so stable a platform that even kicking it didn't stop it Well Big Dog is back, and its evolving Big Dog—which is being developed by robotics company Boston Dynamics—has some of the most advanced artificial intelligence and navigation systems in the planet In fact, US Army officials are stunned by its programmed behaviors, which make Big Dog extremely helpful in the battlefield Big

Americas youth - too fat to be soldiers, too fat to fight

More than a quarter of young adults are unable to meet physical requirements to join the military, creating a potential threat to national security, a group of retired armed forces leaders said Tuesday [b]"It's not drug abuse, it's not asthma, it's not flat feet -- by far the leading medical reason is being overweight or obese,"[/b] said retired US Air Force Lt Gen Norman Seip at a news conference About 27 percent of young adults are medically ineligible for the military, accor
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