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F-4 Phantom II breaking the sound barrier 15 to 20 feet off the ground

Rare photo of a F4 Phantom breaking the sound barrier at about 15 to 20 feet off the ground Pat Maloney, an engineering planner, photographed an F-4 Phantom II at the moment it broke the sound barrier at the Annual Point Mugu Naval Air Station Air Show From http://facultyrandolphcollegeedu/tmichalik/images/Phantomjpg

Special Forces may fly into battle in Gryphon flightsuits

Forget parachutes, the latest technology is the Gryphon Flightsuit, allowing the soldier to travel up to 60 miles, silently and undetected However at around $190,000 each, they won't want to abandon them after one flight, and the images don't look very aerodynamic Yves Rossy, aka “Jet man” and “Fusion Man,” has grabbed headlines with his jet-powered flights with an 8-foot wing strapped to his back But he could be joined sometime soon by commandos on an airborne assault The Special

Video of the German bombing of two fuel tankers released

A German newspaper released a secret military video of the bombings of two fuel-trucks that caused more than 140 dead Taliban and civilians Germany's top general quit on Thursday over an air strike in Afghanistan on two fuel tankers hijacked by the Taliban in which dozens of civilians are believed to have died in the resulting inferno The resignation, announced in parliament by Defence Minister Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg together with that of a senior ministry official, followed press

A lucky escape, bullet grazes back and exits out helmet - Afghanistan

Lt Paddy Rice of 1 Grenadier Guards shows where a bullet penetrated his helmet while in Afghanistan The bullet struck the officer just beneath his left shoulder blade, then travelled inside his back and up to his neck, where it left his body, passed his right ear before blasting a hole through his helmet After being injured, Lt Rice, who was serving with the battalion's Inkerman Company, was flown by a Medical Emergency Response Team Chinook helicopter from his base to Camp Bastion, wh

Fully laden tank gets destroyed - amazing explosions

A Swedish tank is hit with a RBS 57 BILL Anti-Tank missile The secondary explosions are spectacular This was during a demonstration movie The Tank was empty The missile's shaped charge warhead shoots a high speed rod of molten metal through the armor Once this jet penetrates the armor it expands outwards inside the tank damaging and igniting things From the outside this doesn't look like much at all Perhaps like shooting an elephant with a small caliber bullet But on the inside

A biped walking robot - a Terminator ancestor?

This biped robotic humanoid is being built by Boston Dynamics to test military suits used to protect soldiers in chemical warfare As an evolutionary advance from its four-legged BigDog platform, PETMAN does the ol' heel-toe at a healthy 32 MPH 514 KPH and packs enough balancing intelligence to remain upright even when given a shove from the side Not long until they work out how to weaponize it : [flash=640x385]http://wwwyoutubecom/v/67CUudkjEG4&hl=en&fs=1&[/flas

U.S. Air Force's secret X-37B unmanned Space Plane close to test launch - April 2010

A secret unmanned Space Plane, the US Air Force X-37B, may rocket spaceward from Florida atop an Atlas booster, circle the planet for an extended time, then land on autopilot in April 2010 The vehicle itself is about 29 feet long with a roughly 15-foot wingspan and weighs in at over five tons at liftoff As a mini-space plane, this Boeing Phantom Works craft has been under development for years Several agencies have been involved in the effort, NASA as well as the Defense Advanced Resea

WW2 Combat Hell - Amazing color footage of WW2 - video

This video color footage of WW2 is indeed amazing to watch, however some scenes may be disturbing [flash=450x370]http://wwwliveleakcom/e/c71_1255659284[/flash]

Iran attacking a ship during the Iran Iraq war video

Iranian attackers in small boats take on a huge ship firing rockets at it Amazing It looks like there is no one on the ship, or if there is they are certainly keeping out of sight It looks like they need a lot of rockets to sink the ship [flash=640x505]http://wwwyoutubecom/v/PYCAmBtHMBo&hl=en&fs=1&[/flash]

Low passes by a Spitfire - video

Magnificent video of a Spitfire doing low passes, the roar of the engine and the whistle as it passes over is great, color in video is poor however [flash=640x505]http://wwwyoutubecom/v/52IqDlCikrQ&hl=en&fs=1&[/flash]

The only woman ever to be in the French Foreign Legion

A British tennis-playing socialite became the only woman in the French Foreign Legion, leading a daring, wartime, desert escape She would have been 100 this week and her story remains inspirational, writes biographer and friend Wendy Holden When I first met Susan Travers in a Paris nursing home in 1999, she was a papery-skinned 90-year-old who spoke with a cut-glass English accent Unable to walk, she insisted that before we began I wheel her to a local restaurant for lunch There can h

Iranian soldiers in Ghillie suits parading

Camouflaged Iranian Army soldiers march during a military parade marking the beginning of the 1980-1988 Iran-Iraq war in Tehran, Iran, 22 September 2009 EPA / Abedin Taherkenareh Now thats something you don't often see [img]http://img401imageshackus/img401/2064/610xetjpg[/img]

Robot vehicle can jump over 7 foot fences

Like some toy from the 1980's this small robot using a piston-actuated "leg" can bounce itself over fences Doesn't seem to me to be a very practical machine, it has to roll on either side meaning it has no 'top' Also any equipment on it will be easily damaged Much easier to make a small hole in the fence for it to pass through Put it on the "great idea needing a purpose" list I would like to see it drive between the legs of a Taliban instead and then jump : [flash=640x50

British troops using bayonets - still going strong

In May 2004, approximately 20 British troops in Basra were ambushed and forced out of their vehicles by about 100 Shiite militia fighters When ammunition ran low, the British troops fixed bayonets and charged the enemy About 20 militiamen were killed in the assault without any British deaths The bayonet charge appeared to succeed for three main reasons First, the attack was the first of its kind in that region and captured the element of surprise Second, enemy fighters probably beli

Military Toyotas in Afghanistan - pics

Toyota USA gave a 100 tacomas to the military to use without covering the badges Sales of Toyota Tacomas surged as a result : I think we call them Hilux or Surf in our part of the world Not much sense calling them Surf in Afghanistan because of a lack of water, but everywhere is the beach : From [url=http://wwwmilitaryphotosnet/forums/showthreadphpt=57724]here[/url] and [url=http://wwwbrian894x4com/MILITARYTOYOTAShtml]here[/url]
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