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One-third Russian fighter jets old and unsafe

One third of Russian Mig fighters grounded because they are unfit to fly Russia has to repair Migs just to give them away for free! About one-third of all Russian fighter jets should be written off as obsolete because they are unable to fly, the Kommersant business daily reported on Friday, quoting defense ministry and military officials Russia grounded all of its MiG-29 fighter jets last December after two of the aircraft crashed near the same airfield in eastern Siberia in just as man

America Is Broke, And Here We Are Funding Fantasy Wars at the Pentagon

An interesting article on how the Pentagon is spending money on preparations for wars that will never eventuate, and that military equipment is produced as a way to create jobs rather than for real world specified applications There's no great mystery about the causes of the deep dysfunction that has long characterized the Pentagon's weapons procurement system In 2006, Thomas Christie, former head of Operational Test and Evaluation, the most senior official at the Department of Defen

Mitex military spy satellites spy on each other

SPY satellites have a new role: as well as watching us they are now spying on each other Its an obvious conclusion yet one that the military has been silent on till now The Pentagon admitted last week that it is using two covert inspection satellites developed for the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency to assess damage to a failed geostationary satellite - something no one suspected the US could do If such satellites can get that close to a target, they could probably attack it

The pilot who shot himself down

Pete Purvis talks about the day he shot himself down in an F14 with a malfunctioning sparrow missile Hey, I’d like you to meet the guy who shot himself down” Quite often, that’s how my friends have introduced me This unique honor belongs to me and another Grumman test pilot, Tommy Attridge, who did it in an F-11F-1 fighter that he flew into a hail of 20mm rounds he had just fired during a supersonic gunnery test Several years later, as a test pilot for Grumman Aerospace flying out o

Humvee mounted laser kills UAVs

Welcome to the future, Laser weapons are entering the battle field with a Humvee mounted laser taking out spy drones The Laser Avenger is an infrared laser with power levels somewhere in the tens of kilowatts range mounted on a Humvee off-road vehicle It is designed to take down the smaller variety of UAV, which are hardest for conventional air-defence weapons to target The power of its laser has been doubled since 2007, when it was shown off destroying a stationary improvised bomb No

Airborne Hologram projectors..

Airborne Holographic Projector Brief Description The holographic projector displays a three-dimensional visual image in a desired location, removed from the display generator The projector can be used for psychological operations and strategic perception management It is also useful for optical deception and cloaking, providing a momentary distraction when engaging an unsophisticated adversary Capabilities Precision projection of 3-D visual images into a selected area Supports PSYOP

Insight as to Light Projecting Devices

Hello, check out the illustration I've provided The clusters of light being projected was seen as I viewed it through a night vision monocular This light/wavelength was not seen with the naked eye I could only feel it hitting my eye I checked out the scientific light spectrum and bought UV glasses and when the projected light was sensed, I put the UV glasses on and low and behold the projected clusters of light could not penetrate through the UV glasses I've talked to some light

US military to develop bomblets that chase you

The military want to be able to drop a bomb on a moving target, like a car, and it chases after it like a scene from a B grade movie THE US air force is seeking to develop a cluster weapon that releases a swarm of bomblets that could each pursue and destroy targets many kilometres away, New Scientist has learned The US Department of Defense revealed its requirements for the weapon in an online research request In it, the air force asked American aerospace firms to submit proposals by 2

US police and military may soon get Pain Guns

The US Department of Justice is working on two portable guns that inflict pain from a distance using beams of laser light or microwaves, with the intention of putting them into the hands of police to subdue suspects With a clunky acronym of PHaSR get ready for situations of people getting blinded The two devices build on knowledge gained from the Pentagon's controversial Active Denial System ADS - first demonstrated in public last year, which uses a 2-metre beam of short microwaves

The creation of a military sniper - the story of Sgt Noel Rodriguez

As soon as the rifle touched Sgt Rodriguez's shoulder, he knew he was going to be a sniper At 20, he became a guiltless killing machine This is his story of learning to kill and the challenge of how to stop He hated the person he had become, a killing machine where once he literally killed someone with a knife while sleeping and went back to sleep afterwards, awaking to see the body beside him and unable to remember killing him Isn't it interesting how people in the west come from

Jeremy Clarkson goes flying in an F15E

Wonderful video from the amazing Jeremy Clarkson as he investigates the performance of the F15 From his TV series 'Extreme Machines', Jeremy Clarkson is taken for a spin in an F15E, with predictable results Throws up twice : Mind you he was allowed to fly it,which would be amazing [flash=425x344]http://wwwyoutubecom/v/KwTXPQfGCpQ&hl=en&fs=1[/flash]

The Minefield: An Australian Tragedy in the Vietnam War

The greatest Australian military blunder post WW2 occurred during the Vietnam war when 20,000 powerful mines were basically given to the enemy and used against Australian forces A fascinating article In 1967, Brigadier Stuart Graham issued the calamitous order: First Australian Task Force would construct an 11 kilometre barrier fence minefield containing 20,292 powerful M16 landmines in southern Vietnam's Phuoc Tuy Province As work on the laying of the minefield went on through Ma

Video of Multiple Kill Vehicle Test - amazing

Here's a video of the first test of Lockheed Martin's Multiple Kill Vehicle, hovering and moving in 3D space with deadly precision The Lockheed Martin's Multiple Kill Vehicle will be the first anti-ballistic missile system designed to search and destroy multiple warheads and countermeasures using a single launcher First, the MKV-L will fly to encounter the cloud of multiple warheads and decoys being deployed by the enemy missile Then, instead of exploding, the MKV will maneuver thr

Israel installs automated kill towers on its borders

Now here is a way to protect your borders, automated kill towers that can be remotely operated Handy for the Mexican border Israel's Rafael Advanced Defense Systems Ltd has developed a networked remotely operated weapon system already guarding the 'hot borderline' along the Gaza strip The Israeli Army is already operating the Sentry-Tech pillbox towers, mounting remote controlled weapon stations from an operational command center, which is manned by observers, mainly female soldiers

Next secret weapon sniper bullets that chase you

Imagine if you were a sniper and once fired at your target could guide the bullet to hit Welcome to smart munitions Darpa, the Defense Department's far-out research arm, announced a pair of contracts last Tuesday, to start designing a super, 50-caliber sniper rifle that fires guided bullets Lockheed Martin received $123 million for the "Exacto," or Extreme Accuracy Tasked Ordnance, project, while Teledyne Scientific & Imaging got another $95 million If the system works,
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