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Portable Submachine gun fits in back pocket - video

Check out this video of a portable submachine gun Its a slight exageration to say it fits in the back pocket, but people sure won't be able to tell what you are packing if they see you with it Also has a handy torch for taking out the rubbish [flash=450x370]http://wwwliveleakcom/e/216_1207685799[/flash]

Chinese military practice for Olympics in unusual vehicle

Unusual looking vehicle used by the Chinese military during a practice for the Olympic games It looks like a boarding ramp is attached to the front Maybe its meant to quickly reach building floors Chinese paramilitary policemen take part in a counter-terrorism drill in Qingdao, Shandong province, eastern China on 17 April 2008 China announced earlier in April it would tighten public security measures ahead of the Olympic Games in the wake of alleged terror plots and unrest in Tibet

Can someone ID this dodad on the front of the Huumvee?

I have seen this on other humvees in Iraq pictures, but what its it there for I thought it might be a device to see around corners like a mirror instead of exposinig the vehicle at intersections But it doesn't seem to fit Soldiers from the mortar platoon, Company D, 1st Battalion, 15th Infantry Regiment, currently assigned to the 3rd Squadron, 1st Cavalry Regiment, return fire during a gun battle in Jisr Diyala, Iraq, on March 26 Photographer: Spc Ben Hutto: 3rd Brigade Combat

British Army's Land Rover replacement - Jackal

If they are the fuel tanks on the back of the Jackal, shouldn't they be armored One attack could kill their vehicle by draining the fuel Jackal, the UK military's latest vehicle is put through its paces at Camp Bastion, southern Afghanistan The new vehicles will give front line forces a much improved capability over the current weapons platform, the Land Rover based Weapons Mount Installation Kit, or WIMIK With improved armour, off-road mobility and load-carrying ability the Jacka

A-10 crash lands with landing gear retracted - still OK

The A-10 was designed to land with its undercarriage retracted in case of battle damage Note that the wheels are still 'out' even though retracted What a great idea, other planes could easily have this ability, with minimal loss in flight ability Comments below from http://wwwmilitaryphotosnet An A-10 sits on the runway after making an emergency landing March 25 at Edwards Air Force Base, Calif The A-10 touched down with its landing gear in the up position after declaring an in-flig

If you're a 22yr old masseur then you are perfect to handle a $300 million dollar munition contract for the US Military

Looks like a gravy train or pork barrel anyone can get in on The US government gave a $300 million dollar contract to provide munitions to Afghanistan to a small unknown company that sold obsolete Chinese munitions from the 1960's and condemned munitions from NATO To arm the Afghan forces that it hopes will lead this fight, the American military has relied since early last year on a fledgling company led by a 22-year-old man whose vice president was a licensed masseur With the award

Future weapons from Israel - video

Video on future weapon technologies in Israel Its an interesting if long video [flash=425x355]http://wwwyoutubecom/v/DY7r45D1mjk[/flash]

Mine Resistant Ambush Protected vehicle gets hit by IED

This was a new Mine Resistant Ambush Protected MRAP vehicle This one was hit by an IED 500 lb bomb and not only did the crew survive, they walked away The engine is to the right of the frame about 10 yards away Amazing From http://forumih8mudcom/2665241-post373html and [url=http://enwikipediaorg/wiki/MRAP_armored_vehicle]Wikipedia[/url]

Camouflage at work in Afghanistan

Its interesting seeing how well the Camouflage words in this Photo of a patrol in Afghanistan Soldiers of 3rd squad, 2nd platoon, Chosen Company, 2nd Battalion, 503rd Infantry Regiment, make their navigate their way through very rocky terrain during a patrol of the Jamchgal Khwar Valley on March 1 [img]http://aycu02webshotscom/image/47481/2001672866115099198_rsjpg[/img] From http://wwwmilitaryphotosnet/forums/showpostphpp=3102084&postcount=24

Barrett M107 .50 Caliber sniper rifle

This massive sniper rifle takes out targets, including vehicles, at over a mile away Described as the most cost effective weapon on the battle field [flash=640x505]http://wwwyoutubecom/v/TWJp14tkBlU[/flash]

The Crusher - The automated driverless battle truck

The technology now might be primitive but in 10 years this may be a major force on the battlefield The Crusher is a fully automated battle truck, designed to plow over the hardest terrain without any help from puny human drivers Imagine Knight Rider’s self-driving, self-thinking KITT, but with fewer wisecracks and a lot more ramming power The robotics project, the culmination of almost four years of work by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency DARPA, is designed to

Satellite shoot down a clear message to other countries about Americas abilities

The successful hitting of the disabled satellite was an amazing logistical feat, not just that they hit an object traveling at more than 17,000 mph, but that they actually hit it right near the fuel tank, their primary target Apparently there were [url=http://wwwmilitaryphotosnet/forums/showthreadphpt=129230]no hardware changes[/url] and just software modifications to look for a satellite instead of a missile Thats pretty amazing and must concern China and Russia, if stock equipment ca

US military used weather modification in Vietnam in the 1960's and 1970's

A classified rainmaking program was conducted in South East Asia from 1967 to 1972 which employed air dropped silver and lead oxide seeding units to increase normal monsoon rainfall The purpose was to make it difficult for North Vietnamese infiltration through the Laotian panhandle and plain Des Jarres The program was successful in breaking lines of communication in the primitive roading conditions of the time The study said that the nature of the program meant that it was still co

Micro drone used for riots

This looks a stable platform to record people I can imagine how handy it would be during riots Thorsten Kanand of the company microdrones GmbH steers a so called SensoCopter via radio control, in Dresden, Germany, 15 February 2008 The police of German state Saxony will use this camera starting today to identify and to collect evidence against Soccer hooligans The drone can also be used against the taking of hostages and during mass rallies

South Korea's new XK-2 MBT submersible tank

Are these people insane What happens if they meet a hole deeper than the turret Or a sniper or RPG takes out the Commander He would be a sitting duck in the middle of the river in that tower I wouldn't like to be the driver in the bottom of the tank South Korea's new XK-2 MBT submersible tank crosses a river during a test run coinciding with a military drill in Yeoju on February 14, 2008 South Korea and US troops are due to stage on March 2 to 7 a joint military exercise codena
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