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Electric armour' vaporises anti-tank grenades and shells

http://wwwtelegraphcouk/news/mainjhtmlxml=%2Fnews%2F2002%2F08%2F19%2Fnmod19xml An electric "force field" for armoured vehicles that vaporises anti-tank grenades and shells on impact has been developed by scientists at the Ministry of Defence The "electric armour" has been developed in an attempt to make tanks and other armoured vehicles lighter and less vulnerable to anti-tank grenade launchers such as those used by the Taliban and al-Qa'eda fighters in Af

New grenade machine gun

SACO A weapons manufacturer is nearing production on a high-tech grenade machine gun that uses a video control system and programmable ammunition to help detect and hit targets General Dynamics Armament and Technical Products will soon start making the Striker 40, a new generation of lightweight weapons for the US military The weapon weighs a relatively light 38 pounds and can fire 40-millimeter grenades at the rate of more than 225 a minute The grenades can be detonated at set d

Saudis are the enemy ... a military assessment

http://wwwwashingtonpostcom/wp-dyn/articles/A47913-2002Aug5html A briefing given last month to a top Pentagon advisory board described Saudi Arabia as an enemy of the United States, and recommended that US officials give it an ultimatum to stop backing terrorism or face seizure of its oil fields and its financial assets invested in the United States "The Saudis are active at every level of the terror chain, from planners to financiers, from cadre to foot-soldier, from ideolog

New drones with particle beam weapons....

The US military is currently investing in the development of even more sophisticated drones and remotely operated weapons The Pentagon reportedly plans to spend $2 billion on research into smart bombs and unmanned planes over the coming year In early October 2002, the US army tested a new type of anti-tank missile designed for use with Predators This BAT missile uses acoustic and infrared sensors to home in on moving tanks and armoured vehicles At the end of October, the aerospace com
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