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Monkey and dog form unique bond in China

What a heart warming story : Keepers at Jiaozuo City Zoo have given an orphan monkey its own guard dog, because the other primates in the cage were bullying it After being forced to intervene to save its life several times, they settled upon the trained canine, named Sai Hu, and are happy to report that it has been very successful [quote]Whenever the baby monkey gets bullied, he dashes up and drives the others away And the baby monkey is also very smart Each time he smells danger

Fortress of Solitude found

Two brothers were drilling in the Naica lead and silver mine below the Chihuahua Desert in Mexico when they happened upon a crystal cave 1,000 feet below the surface Doesn't sound all that interesting, until you see the pictures of their discovery and realize that they stumbled upon the real life version of Superman's Fortress of Solitude http://wwwg4tvcom/thefeed/blog/post/690583/Fortress_of_Solitude_Found_In_Mexicohtml

Elderly tourists visiting Iraq on guided tours

Some peoples stupidity knows no bounds These guys would be sitting ducks for any extremist jihadi group Apparently the Iraqi Kurds are building Amusement parks as well! The potential for explosive fun is huge AN Australian travel company is planning to take a group of wealthy Australian retirees to northern Iraq on a luxury holiday, despite federal Government warnings to stay away Far Horizons specialises in taking older, well-to-do Australians to remote, exotic and sometimes dangero

Lets go deer hunting - with a howitzer

Deer hunting time again, why bother taking a rifle when you can have more fun and go deer hunting with a replica Civil war howitzer Choosing an area where you can see all around the howitzer is a very good idea For example, set-up the mountain howitzer on a deer crossing that runs through the center of an open 100 acre marsh keep in mind, however, that marsh grass may be easily ignited in dry weather and mountain howitzers shoot a lot of flames http://wwwbuckstixcom/howitzerh

Welsh translation of English road sign fail

You expect strange translations from Asian languages, where native English speakers might be scarce, but from English to Welsh in Wales When officials asked for the Welsh translation of a road sign, they thought the reply was what they needed Unfortunately, the e-mail response to Swansea council said in Welsh:[b] "I am not in the office at the moment Please send any work to be translated"[/b] So that was what went up under the English version which barred lorries from a road nea

Bad mommy! - get a better laxative for your child

How on earth did people get along in the past without a nice laxative to give their child After all its so necessarily now days This is a real advert from the wonderful http://wwwneatoramacom/ Why did kids back then need such drugs

Super stretch limousines

These super stretch limos are certainly showstopping yet the practicalities of such huge vehicles must see them carefully plot where they drive One tight corner could stop them, yet surely there must be restrictions on them if they can't negotiate normal corners, or T junctions The limousine below also has a helipad with helicopter at the end The long bonnet would suggest there are a number of engines under that bonnet More stretched limousines on the link http://wwwlimoheadcou

Oct 14th will see a "huge spacecraft of light" appear in our sky

Such a normal looking motherly figure to be so nutty Apparently a giant spacecraft will visit the earth in October 14th It might be appearing in Alabama where some rednecks will shoot it down with hunting rifles I suspect Will McCain suspend his campaign to deal with it [flash=425x344]http://wwwyoutubecom/v/SFyK2N4RG_o[/flash] Her wacky site http://wwwblossomgoodchildcom/

Family cremated mother on home barbecue

A family cremated their mother on the barbecue to collect her pension check No word of what marinate they used CORNING, Calif - Authorities said relatives of a deceased Tehama County woman cremated her remains on a makeshift barbecue and continued collecting her retirement checks Sheriff's Capt Paul Hosler says the 84-year-old Allmond likely had died of natural causes, though investigators are still trying to determine the cause of death Hosler says her daughter, 50-year-old Ka

After being arrested for stealing beer man find out his girlfriend is actually male

This guy was NOT having a good day! WHEN constable Tyrone Stacey heard that a man in custody, Garrick Jacobson, was romantically involved with a woman known by police to be transgender, he assumed Jacobson was aware his girlfriend used to be male, a court heard yesterday "Oh, you mean the tranny" Stacey asked after Jacobson said his girlfriend's name was Brigitte Fell But Jacobson was confused "What do you mean" he asked This was the crucial moment on September 24, 200

German magazine to hold Muhammad look alike contest

What could ever go wrong with a contest like this Indeed it might be seen as a blast : A Muhammad look-a-like competition is slated to take place during the Frankfurt Book Fair, and it has already offended and outraged people far beyond Germany But Titanic, the monthly satirical magazine behind the inflamatory event, insists: "It will be a blast" Titanic, the German satire magazine, is never far from polemics, but its latest action takes its reputation for controversy to new heights

Heartwarming story of elephants and humans

In 1986, Mikele Mebembe was on holiday in Kenya after graduating from Northwestern University On a hike through the bush, he came across a young bull elephant standing with one leg raised in the air The elephant seemed distressed, so Mikele approached it very carefully He got down on one knee and inspected the elephant's foot and found a large piece of wood deeply embedded in it As carefully and as gently as he could, Mikele worked the wood out with his hunting knife, after which the el

Lodge built on elephant path - so they walk through the lobby

Great to see how humans and animals can coexist together Mfuwe Lodge in Zambia happens to have been built next to a mango tree that one family of pachyderms have always visited when the fruit ripens When they returned one year and found the luxury accommodation in the way, they simply walked through reception Now the family group, headed by matriarch Wonky Tusk, return every November to gorge on mangos - up to four times a day Andy Hogg, 44, director at the Bushcamp Company that ru

The suicide forest at Aokigahara on Mt Fuji

Aokigahara would be the place to go for a bet Spend a night in the suicide forest to win In 2002, 78 bodies were found within it, replacing the previous record of 73 in 1998 By May of 2006, at least 16 new suicides had already been found More than a few of them were even carrying copies of Tsurumui's book No one knows how many bodies go undiscovered Signs emblazoned with messages such as "Please reconsider" and "Please consult the police before you decide to die!" are nailed

Woman calls police to shoo away kitty cat

At least it wasn't stuck up a tree : Officer Mike Ableman says he ran for cover inside Hood's home when he saw the cougar Hood says she was inside when she first saw the mountain lion lying on her porch Monday Hood says the lion hissed at her, but she wasn't scared She called 911, animal control and the Wyoming Game and Fish Department Hood reported that she had a bothersome "big cat" A dispatcher told Ableman that it was a house cat A game warden tranquilized the moun
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