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Saudi woman wants divorce after husband looks at her face

What can you say about this Some societies are really screwed up A 50-year-old Saudi woman asked for divorce after her husband lifted her face veil while she was sleeping, local press reported For 30 years, the wife said she never showed her face to her husband in conformity with the tradition of her native village near the south western Saudi city of Khamis Mushayt "After all these years, he tries to commit such a big mistake," the wife told Saudi newspaper Al-Riyadh, after she

Guy killed by helicopter while getting the mail

People use it as an argument against listening to Ipods! Moral: Don't listen to your Ipod when walking to check the mailbox, just in case you are the target for a crashing helicopter VANCOUVER -- The death of a pedestrian in Cranbrook, BC, on Tuesday has raised the question of how loud is too loud when it comes to listening to iPods and other personal music players Isaiah Otieno, a 23-year-old student, was killed when he was struck and dragged by a helicopter that crashed to the g

Australian buckles in beer, but not child

Some Aussie with a warped sense of priorities made sure their box of beer was buckled in a car seat, but their child rode on the floor of the car You gotta protect the beer mate! Kids just keep on coming anyway its only 9 months till you get another one DARWIN, Australia AP — An Australian man has been fined after buckling in a case of beer with a seat belt but leaving a 5-year-old child to sit on the car's floor, police said Tuesday Constable Wayne Burnett said he was

Equal rights for vegetables - the revolution is here

For too long the vegetables of this world have been abused consumed and oppressed Switzerland has now decided to take a stand claiming that vegetables should have 'plant rights I expect the Swiss will soon elect a vegetable to power as their leader at this rate You just knew it was coming: At the request of the Swiss government, an ethics panel has weighed in on the "dignity" of plants and opined that the arbitrary killing of flora is morally wrong This is no hoax The concept of

Babies get dropped off a high building as a cultural event

Watch this, they are throwing babies off the top of a building to a catching pad below Its a 500 year old ritual that makes 'lucky babies' Another bizarre cultural ritual in the big world Here is another video of it with a more bouncy ending [flash=640x505]http://wwwyoutubecom/v/YisVcbFflWU&hl=en_GB&fs=1&[/flash] Considering how fragile babies are, with their limbs and brains this is appalling I wonder what the error rate is with broken limbs and bruised brains

Amazing sportsmanship at softball match

Here is a team with a wonderful sense of sportsmanship PORTLAND, Ore - With two runners on base and a strike against her, Sara Tucholsky of Western Oregon University uncorked her best swing and did something she had never done, in high school or college Her first home run cleared the center-field fence But it appeared to be the shortest of dreams come true when she missed first base, started back to tag it and collapsed with a knee injury She crawled back to first but could do no

The seven donts in Shanghai - stop expectorating!

This list of 7 things that you can't do in Shanghai is quite accurate I had to look up expectoration and found it means "To eject from the mouth; spit To cough up and eject by spitting" So stop experctorating everywhere! Virescence is the "The state or process of becoming green, especially the abnormal development of green coloration in plant parts normally not green" Stop killing the plants! Attaint is "A mark of discredit or disgrace" So stop disgracing public p

Male appendage theft panic in the Congo

A time comes when not even whats in your pants is safe with an epidemic of male appendage thefts happening to men in the Congo I love the net you can't make up stories as bad as this Could it be an explanation for male support for Clinton KINSHASA Reuters - Police in Congo have arrested 13 suspected sorcerers accused of using black magic to steal or shrink men's penises after a wave of panic and attempted lynchings triggered by the alleged witchcraft Reports of so-calle

STD's rampant in Seniors Communities

I supposs it was only a matter of time At "The Villages", one of the fastest growing premier communities in Florida, Gynecologists are reporting seeing more cases of STD's then when they worked in Miami [quote] "I have had a better dating life since I have been here than I have ever had," Franklin said "I know there are things going around" A doctor blamed Viagra, a lack of sex education and no risk for pregnancy for the spike in sexually transmitted diseases at The Villages

Cnn sells shirts with news headlines on them - write your own

However its easy to hack the code and write your own CNN headline Unfortunately you can't print it out Just change the code at the top in the address bar %20 gives a space So just write something like this Stuffucanusecom%20Tells%20it%20like%20it%20is Hacked version [url=http://wwwcnncom/tshirt/headline=Stuffucanusecom%20Tells%20it%20like%20it%20is&date=1208772622000&hash=4f2e03baf9a0cc4ed25c0dee1d0a56d3&return_uri=http://wwwcnncom/video/%23/video/world/2008/04/20

Live carp put in Polar bears pool - shocked people see him eat them all

What you get when you put carp fish in a polar bears pond to eat the weed Yes a free meal for the polar bear Berlin Zoo's Knut has made headlines by eating 10 carp which were placed in his moat to clean it of algae Animal welfare campaigners are aghast at what one newspaper is calling a "carp scandal" But Knut has proven that even hand-reared polar bears are good predators German celebrity polar bear Knut has swiped 10 fish out of the moat around his enclosure at Berlin Zoo and wo

India gives us the worlds smallest girl

http://wwwdailymailcouk/pages/live/articles/news/worldnewshtmlin_article_id=557762&in_page_id=1811 Tiny teenager from India is smallest girl in the world [quote]She has a form of dwarfism called achondroplasia and won't grow any taller than her current height Due to her size, Jyoti has to have clothes and jewellery made for her She sleeps in a tiny bed and uses special plates and cutlery to eat, as normal-sized utensils are too big Despite this, she goes to a regular

Guy gets harrassed by debt collectors calling his number - funny

So he decides to have fun with them on the phone A great read : Debitas: Can I speak to Mr X Me: singing He's, In the jungle Debitas: Eh Me: The mighty jungle, the lion sleeps tonight Debitas: Hello Me: In the jungle, the mighty jungle, the lion sleeps tonight Debitas: Is that Mr X Me: silence Debitas: after a couple of mins Mr X Me: loud as can be a-weema-weh, a-weema-weh, a-weema-weh, a-weema-weh Debitas: hangs up[/quote] http://forumsmoneysavingexpertcom

Man keeps money in bank locker - gets eaten by termites

Forget the sub prime crisis, or the crashing investment institutions, watch out for termites eating your cash Dwarika Prasad, a ghee trader, had kept all his savings, cash and kind, in the bank locker of Central Bank of India's Naya Tola branch here On January 29 this year, when he opened the locker, he found to his horror that all his cash and fixed deposit documents had been destroyed by termites In fact, even the gold and silver ornaments had been attacked by the pests and have lo

In Korea dogs will soon be livestock - to be farmed

Dog meat is soon on the menu in South Korea along with dog farms I wonder what they use to round up the farmed dogs Other dogs The Seoul city government is seeking to classify man's best friend as livestock in order to set food safety standards for South Korean lovers of dogmeat, officials say [b]Somewhere between two and four million dogs are estimated to be consumed in South Korea every year[/b], but the slaughtering and processing is carried out in dirty environments and poses a r
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