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The most fearless animal on earth

According to National Geographic The honey badger takes on anything and everything Most badass The honey badger takes the snakes food, eats it in front of him then attacks the snake He kills the snake, gets poisoned in the process and passes out for a while, THEN gets back up and continues to eat the snake Amazing [flash=425x355]http://wwwyoutubecom/v/c81bcjyfn6U[/flash] The British have been accused of releasing man eating Badgers into Iraq as well http://enwikipediaorg/

Cavers find new cave and dig through a small hole to explore it - wierd things happen

This is a great story how true it is I can't say, there are photos about the strange experiences verging on supernatural, of 2 cavers when they discover a new cave http://wwwstorylogcom/mystery-cave/ Original - harder to read http://wwwangelfirecom/trek/caver/page1html [quote]As we were rigging up the rope to descend into the cave I felt something for the first time I DID NOT WANT TO GO INTO THE CAVE It was not a feeling of foreboding I was not receiving some premon

Pack of kittens chase bear up tree

Never underestimate a pack of kittens to create fear video shows 6 month old kittens Fuzzy and Hardy who chased a 200lb bear up a tree They are a pair of mean looking kittens to me The bear is still there [flash=420x339]http://wwwdailymotioncom/swf/x4vmpy[/flash] http://wwwbreitbarttv/html/69773html Picture below of the frightening Hardy, the bear chasing kitten

Guy falls in love with a girl finds out she is an assassin

What do you do when your girlfriend confesses she's an assassin, with over 26 kills They met on a train and fell in love Then Jason P Howe discovered that his girlfriend Marylin was leading a secret double life as an assassin for right-wing death squads in Colombia's brutal civil war With their story set to become a major Hollywood film, he recalls an extraordinary, doomed romance Its a great read http://wwwindependentcouk/news/world/americas/i-fell-in-love-with-a-femal

Tasteless question of the day - do babies drink blood?

This question was asked on the Yahoo Answers board [url=http://answersyahoocom/question/indexqid=20080312155635AANwCW8]Here[/url] But was deleted when it became famous Its still held in the cache link and more comments http://redditcom/info/6cs70/comments/ There are numerous answers to this bizarre question : [quote]My girlfriend hasn't had period since she got pregnant ok im kinda worried an all my g/f hasn't had her period she she got pregnant do you think the baby

Russian Rambo dies in shootout

This really is a Russian version of Rambo Event o the extent of outwitting the hunters and living off the land A great read A heavily armed recluse nicknamed Russia's Rambo of the Forest has been gunned down in a shoot-out with police Alexander Bichkov, had lived a semi-feral existence in the woods for 20 years, terrorising locals and the police if they ventured near him A giant at 6ft 7in with a wild straggly beard, the man lived in an old shack and self-made camps, hunted ani

Where has that Shark gone now?

Great story Alone in his tiny plastic sea kayak, marine biologist Trey Snow had hoped to stealthily track a great white shark But he had the shock of his life when he spotted a giant fin and realised it was he who was being stalked - by surely one of the most feared killers in the world The magnificent creature initially dived to the seabed, inspecting the kayak from below, before rising menacingly to the surface Luckily for Trey, the 13ft-long shark was more inquisitive than hungr

Wife throws husbands Mac Air laptop out with the rubbish by mistake

Heh, guy buys thin Mac Air laptop, leaves it on the table, throws newspapers on it, and wife, in an industrious tidying up period throws the whole lot out to the trash : http://wwwnewsweekcom/id/120052 When something is thin enough to fit into an envelope, light enough to sit on your lap for a couple of hours without discomfort and so compact that it doesn't even bulge in an airline seat-back pocket, wouldn't it make sense that one could lose track of such a thing Even if it is a co

Husband goes to sleep in cinema wife leaves him there

Hey at least he didn't snore and disturb the other viewers, it must have been a boring movie I once fell asleep during a classical music concert, and got elbowed awake when I started to snore There is a poll on the same page to the right on the subject of sleeping during a "chick flick" I voted that "Chick flicks are a cruel and unusual punishment" A Christchurch man paid the price for dozing off while on a date with his wife last night Radio reports say a husband and

17 month old baby reads as 7 year old

A facinating story, she learned to read at 17 months, the parents read to her since she was born and she watches sign language programs on TV, the kid must be a genius Watch the video on the link at the bottom, its really good Elizabeth Barrett is now 17 months old She looks and acts like most babies her age, but Elizabeth can read Her mother Katy, a speech pathologist who is married to Michael, another speech pathologist, said that most people don't believe their infant is a

Idiot professor thinks Moses was on drugs

Professor Benny Shanon doesn't believe Moses had a divine event when he was on Mt Sinai getting the 10 commandments So he decides that if its not 'real' then it must be psychological, therefore Moses must have been on drugs Why not believe that he was visited by little blue aliens, or that the entire story has no factual basis When you impose your own beliefs on the situation then any conclusions you draw are merely figments of your own imagination Show me one person who, wh

Giant centipedes - make good pets?

Imagine one of these giant centipedes crawling around your room at night Wasn't something similar used in a Star Wars scene [flash=640x505]http://wwwyoutubecom/v/Ps82VSoLQY4[/flash]

Tour bus stopped packed with millions of dollars of drug money

Troopers pulled over a bus swerving down the highway to find it packed with over a million dollars and suspected of having been used to carry cocaine from Mexico to America Thats one bus driver who's life won't be worth much, after his bosses find out how he lost their cash What is neat is that the drug taskforce is 100% supported by the proceeds of the drug dealers, so the drug taskforce get the cash to use for thier operating expenses I wonder then if they are tempted to let

Only in America - truck nuts get banned

How do you make your truck stand out and look more masculine Buy some truck nuts to stick on the rear I wonder if they are meant to hang either side of the exhaust pipe errr in the video a woman has a pair of PINK nuts on her truck, what does this mean, does she have a gay truck [flash=425x339]http://wwwmsnbcmsncom/id/22425001/vp/23298966#23298966[/flash] This fire engine is ultra masculine!

Dead huge shark gives up wallet

Fishermen catch humongoous 2000lb, 16 foot shark When they hoisted it up a wallet dropped out The wallet has a 1972 date on it but nothing else just a card in English and Japanese Video of the larconic fisherman and the wallet http://wwwbreitbarttv/p=51904
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