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Is this possibly the worst plot device Michael Crichton has ever written?

I am currently reading "State of Fear" by Michael Crichton In the book the heroes find themselves trapped in an ice crevasse in Antarctica, in temperatures we are told where only minutes exposed to the air will kill them Heroically they struggle out of the doomed machine and climb out of the crevasse, only to collapse in the snow on the way back to base camp They are dying, there is nothing they can do, no one knows where they are or even that they are in trouble Then just on death,

Pear Cable sell Anjou audio cables for $7,250 a pair refuse to let them be tested

A Gizmodo article on the crazy price for a pair of audio cables led to Randi the magician offering $1 million dollars if anyone could tell the difference between them and cheap Monster cables Challanger comes forward, Pear cable pull out Gizmodo started the debate with this article [quote]You thought Monster Cable was bad with its $80 HDMI cables, check out these Pear Anjou Speaker Cables, ringing up the cash register at an astonishing $7,250 for a couple of 12-footers The mos

Famous Jewish Rabbi claims he met the messiah

Yitzhak Kaduri wrote the name of the messiah he met in a letter to be revealed a year after his death The opening of this letter has created consternation and confusion among his many followers Kaduri was not only highly esteemed because of his age of 108 He was charismatic and wise, and chief rabbis looked up to him as a Tsadik, a righteous man or saint He would give advice and blessings to everyone who asked Thousands visited him to ask for counsel or healing His followers sp

He killed her but didn't eat her, he says!

This guy admits to killing his girlfriend, even admits to frying up parts of her but draws the line at admitting to cannibalism [quote]Calva told prosecutors he killed Galeana after an argument, then cut an arm and a leg off of her body so that he could dispense of it in parts "He denies having tasted her flesh," Mexico City's chief homicide prosecutor Gustavo Salas told reporters "According to him, he thought it was better to cook the meat so he could feed it to the dogs"[/quote

Monkeys cause death of New Delhi Deputy Mayor

Talk about having a monkey on your back! [quote]NEW DELHI Wild monkeys attacked a senior government official who then fell from a balcony at his home and died Sunday, media reported New Delhi Deputy Mayor SS Bajwa was rushed to a hospital after the attack by a gang of Rhesus macaques, but succumbed to head injuries sustained in his fall, the Press Trust of India news agency and The Times of India reported Many government buildings, temples and residential neighborhoods in New

How small is America? Someone drove across it in 32 hours.

I once had a car that slow as well It would take me thirty two hours across New Zealand especially if it broke down along the way Thirty two hours across America I wonder how much Red Bull they drank to ride that long without a break Total distance: 2,792 mi Total time: 31 hours Average speed: 9006mph Here is the car [flash=425x350]http://wwwyoutubecom/v/JxRLyiBs3XA[/flash] Alex Roy says he and co-driver Dave Maher accomplished a transcontinental run in a record-breaking

Why did 3000 chickens cross the road?

Because their chicken truck crashed on the motorway The poor fowls were on their way to be killed when their truck jack knifed and rolled The very busy A80 heading towards Glasgow was shut for more than eight hours as the birds were rounded up by a specialist team drafted in by police The lorry carrying 3,000 live chickens jack-knifed near Castlecary at around 430am causing feathery mayhem for motorists travelling south and north The southbound carriageway was shut throughout th

XP hacks and easter eggs

Windows Xp has hidden messages or features in certain applications, games and operating system tools Here are a few of them: Minesweeper: How to reveal Mines in the game: 1 First Minimize or close all running applications 2 Start the Minesweeper game from the start menu 3 Type ‘xyzzy’ and hold down the shift key for one second 4 Now move the cursor over a Minesweeper square you will notice a tiny white pixel in the top left corner of your desktop screen This

For Sale - Robosaurus car eating robot -video

be the first on your block to own a fire breathing car eating giant robot! Robosaurus, the fire-breathing, car-crushing robot known for thrilling crowds across the globe, will be sold at No Reserve during the 37th Annual Barrett-Jackson Collector Car Event on Jan 12-20, 2008, in Scottsdale, Ariz The 31-ton mechanical dinosaur was constructed in 1990 and consigned by its original builders Hailed as "The World's Greatest Collector Car EventsTM," the Scottsdale auction will feature 100

Real flying Starwars Xwing fighter model

Now this is great however the words "it really flies" seems presumptive when the actual flight is on the 10th of October However its is an enginering marvel and would be amazing to see fly Andy Woerner and friends have built a 21-foot long X-Wing model that can actually fly Its powered by four solid-fuel rocket engines complete with radio-controlled moving wings At 21 feet long and with a wingspan of over 19 feet it is, in fact, big enough to fly a kid in Note the little R2

Kid gets into body building gains 50lbs ... but its mostly fat

Everyone is to polite to tell him he hasn't gained muscle, he's just got fat : Includes macho pictures of the rippling muscles, err fat http://wwwforumbodybuildingcom/showthreadphpt=3980303 It took him an entire year to get the figure Pathetically funny, one of those oh no groan situations :

Can you eat a tablespoon of cinnamon? -videos

Apparently not The internet is full of people who are trying to eat a tablespoon of cinnamon and failing, as all these videos attest [flash=640x505]http://wwwyoutubecom/v/QCiTbkFk9To&hl=en_US&fs=1&rel=0[/flash] [flash=640x505]http://wwwyoutubecom/v/nvGqRCT1Jok[/flash] [flash=464x376]http://embedbreakcom/Mzc5NTAw[/flash] So can YOU eat a tablespoon of Cinnamon It can't be that hard

Some fishermen made an unusual catch while offshore

One and half miles off the coast while fishing some people saw a deer swim passed They helped it into the boat, probably saving its life [img]http://wwwsonnyradiocom/dear3jpg[/img] More pictures on the link http://wwwsonnyradiocom/caughtoffshorehtml [quote]He was released when they got back to shore He was soooo tired and was glad to get into the boat and rest![/quote]

Giant car crushing robotic hand needs a new home

What fun this would be A giant mechanical hand sits amid a litter of destroyed automobiles awaiting its next victim At last month's Robodock festival, untrained volunteers used the complex technological work of art to pick up and crush shopping carts, cars and even a small van Soon, the huge robotic hand might be sold for scrap metal, a perfectly normal death for a piece brought to life at the annual Amsterdam art fest The hand in question is 25 feet long, weighs 5,000 pounds and was

Massive TV screen ceiling in mall with video

A huge suspended LED screen forms the centerpiece of The Place, a new retail development in Beijing's central business district The Skyscreen is 250 m long and 30 m wide, and was built with an investment of RMB 250 million $32 million The screen is suspended six stories high 80 feet above a plaza between two new retail centers and is actually five screens combined That's an impressive 7,500 square meters of viewable area, and comes with an impressive $32 million price tag to
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