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Smoking ban reveals British pubs dirty secrets

Seems that smoking in pubs served a secondary purpose, they hid the stink of the patrons and establishment Maybe the Brits need to wash before they venture out, this is like a throwback to the 19th Century Artificial scents are set to be pumped into British pubs to mask the smell of stale beer, sweat and other odours previously camouflaged by cigarette smoke, a newspaper reports Mitchells and Butlers, which runs about 2,000 pubs across Britain, is testing leather, freshly cut grass,

American woman has a brain injury and begins to speak in British accent

This is like the beginning to a bad joke What happens to an American who has a brain injury They become British! An American woman has been left with a British accent after having a stroke This is despite the fact that Tiffany Roberts, 61, has never been to Britain Her accent is a mixture of English cockney and West Country Doctors say Mrs Roberts, who was born and bred in Indiana, has a condition called foreign accent syndrome This rare condition occurs when part of the br

No armed, one legged driver outruns police

Got to admire this guy He drives a car with the stumps of his shoulders He is also charged with kicking an officer With one leg NEW PORT RICHEY - For about eight minutes on Tuesday, through the streets near downtown, police chased a driver who had no arms and one good leg He got away He is used to this sort of thing Authorities say the driver was Michael Francis Wiley, 40, who overcame three amputations, taught himself to drive with stumps and proceeded to become one of Pasco

Worlds first rolling road for cars

Amazing, like a treadmill for vehicles, it can go up to 180mph I wonder if the car has to have a driver, or if they can automate it as well Haas CNC Racing NASCAR team owner Gene Haas in conjunction with Jacobs Engineering has created the first rolling road testing facility in the United States known as WindShear Inc The one-millimeter thick continuous steel belt will roll at over 180mph, and features sensors under the bed that can take readings at each wheel The facility will b

Sooty the sex crazed guinea pig is totally shagged out - BBC lapse into trivia

The Beeb, having been exposed for biasness, and misrepresentation of their programs and reports, have moved to reporting safer more inane events in England Take for example this riveting story of a sex crazed guinea pig A guinea pig called Sooty enjoyed a night of passion with 24 females after fooling his way into their cage in south Wales Sooty wooed the lady guinea pigs, one by one, and has now become the proud father of 42 baby guinea pigs from his two nights of passion

Guess when this gas turbined fly by wire car was made...

Its a two-passenger, [b]gas turbine-powered[/b] car It was the first to feature a [b]single stick control system[/b] which replaced the conventional steering wheel, brake pedal and accelerator This [b]drive- by-wire system[/b] was used in the first experiments with automated highways Just goes to show there is nothing new under the sun

The great blue dive hole at Lighthouse Reef

About 60 miles from Belize City, there is a perfectly circular 1,000 305 m feet across and 400 feet 123 m wide "Blue Hole" The hole, part of the Lighthouse Reef system, was once an opening to a cave system during the Ice Age - it is now a magnet for extreme divers: [quote]For all the practical purposes the over 400-foot depth makes the Blue Hole a bottomless pit The walls are sheer from the surface until a depth of approximately 110 feet where you will begin to encounter stalacti

Cat predicts patient deaths - visits them in hospital

Curls up beside those about to die Now this is a bit gruesome, you can imagine all the patients say "No! go away!" when the cat came visiting What they don't know is that he sits on their face when the doctor is out : Oscar the cat seems to have an uncanny knack for predicting when nursing home patients are going to die, by curling up next to them during their final hours Oscar the cat doesn't like to be put out in the hall when a patient is dying His accuracy, obs

McDonalds menu's from around the globe

And I thought the US was special ! http://wwwtriftercom/Practical-Travel/Budget-Travel/McDonalds-Strange-Menu-Around-the-World35517 Germany has the right idea :dbguy

Grandmother dumped on rubbish heap to die

Sad Authorities in India's southern Tamil Nadu state plan legal action against the relatives of an elderly woman who was found abandoned on a rubbish tip Chinnammal Palaniappan, who is thought to be 75, told locals who found her she was driven miles from home in a cattle feed cart and dumped by family members She is in the care of local officials while they try to trace her relatives Tamil Nadu state Social Welfare Minister Dr Poongothai told the BBC she was "horrified"

California spends $17 million on E-85 biofuel vehicles but have no biofuel depots

Hows this for pandering to greenies and the politically correct without a coherent plan of what they are doing In 2005, California bought a fleet of 1,138 Chevrolet Impalas and Silverado trucks designed to run on E-85, a blend of 85 percent ethanol and 15 percent gasoline for $17 million The trouble is, California has no filling stations that sell E-85 No such stations were scheduled to open until 2009 In the interim, according to the San Jose Mercury News, the "flex-fuel" vehi

Unusual facts you may not have known

That the tongue of a whale weighs as much as an elephant By 2003, the number of people who lived together before marriage was a little over 70% as against 5% in the 1960's According to a recent study, people who talk on cell phones while driving are as impaired as drunk drivers, even when they use hands-free devices The number of people with diabetes worldwide rose from about 30 million to over 230 million The three richest men in the world are worth as much as the 40 most poo

Chinese Villagers Eat Dinosaur Bones

I don't get it I thought fossils were made of stone, how can they contain enough calcium to be cooked and eaten BEIJING AP -- Villagers in central China spent decades digging up bones they believed belonged to flying dragons and using them in traditional medicines Turns out the bones belonged to dinosaurs, and now scientists are doing the digging Until last year, the fossils were being sold in Henan province as "dragon bones" at about 25 cents a pound, scientist Dong Zhiming said

Keep your neighbourhood tidy, get a people scooper

Got any unwanted people lying around taking up space Get one of these people scoopers to remove them Hopefully your person is lying with their arms by their sides, in a place where the machine can navigate, and without any broken bones or other physical injuries Otherwise its in trouble I wonder what the purpose of such a machine is, considering its limitations Rumours that the robot is able to ‘digest’ those who don’t make it and has been bought in

Why I don't do coke

even if I wanted to The street price of cocaine varies hugely across the world No surprise that it is cheapest in Colombia, the world's biggest producer of coca: at $2, a gram costs less than a Big Mac Geography is an obvious price factor The farther away a country from the main producers in South and Central America, and the more isolated it is, the higher the cost to traffick there In far-flung New Zealand, a gram costs a wallet-busting $71430 But there are some prici
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