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Plastic duck armada is heading for Britain

awwwww : after 15-year global voyage :o A flotilla of plastic ducks is heading for Britainís beaches, according to an American oceanographer For the past 15 years Curtis Ebbesmeyer has been tracking nearly 30,000 plastic bath toys that were released into the Pacific Ocean when a container was washed off a cargo ship Some of the ducks, known as Friendly Floatees, are expected to reach Britain after a journey of nearly 17,000 miles, having crossed the Arctic Ocean frozen int

Inmates refuse to leave prison because the food is so good

Now this is a telling indictment on a society, prison is better than their society Bangalore, India AHN -- Inmates at an Indian prison are refusing to leave because the food is so good Filled at more than twice its capacity, the Parappana Agrahara prison in Bangalore is serving food prepared by ISKCON, or the International Society for Krishna Consciousness, a Hindu evangelist organization Small-time crooks are refusing to apply for bail, swelling the ranks of the prison to 4,700 Als

The Ripley Believe it Or Not freak show opening

Tona Lewis, left, of Brick, NJ, shakes hands with conjoined twins Lori and George Schappell during the grand opening celebration of Ripley's Believe It Or Not Odditorium Thursday, June 21, 2007 in New York's Times Square Kathleen Buffington,13, of Atlanta, Ga, shows off her oddity, touching her feet to her face while laying on her stomach, during the grand opening celebration of Ripley's Believe It Or Not Odditorium Thursday, June 21, 2007 in New York's Times Square [IMG]http://img

Jessica the hippo - a most unusual pet

Want a pet that drinks 10 liters of coffee a day, weighs 3/4 of a ton, and destroys your bed when it jumps on it Meet Jessica the hippo, imagine cleaning up the poos!! When a newborn baby hippo was washed up by a flood onto the lawn of his riverside home, the game ranger who found the dying animal lovingly nursed her back to health The weakened female survived, put on weight, and grew and g-r-e-w and GREW! Now the hippo that thinks it's a family pet has become a giant-

Ex-Marine kills bear with log

Thats the last cooler that bear stole : Still was the attack justifed if the bear was just fleeing with the goods I guess it was just a lucky, or unlucky for the bear, throw HELEN, Ga - A camping trip to Low Gap Camp Grounds turned into a harrowing experience for Chris Everhart and his three sons when they tangled with a 300-pound black bear But the encounter last weekend proved fatal for the bear The bear had taken the Everharts' cooler and was heading back to the woods w

Driver shoots cop in self defence

Three shots, three limbs, thats pretty good shooting as well Looks like self defence Video interviewing the guy on the site Anoka County authorities have released without charges a man suspected of shooting and wounding an undercover Robbinsdale police officer Martin Treptow,35, says he fired to protect his wife and two toddlers inside the family SUV The Anoka County attorney's office says Treptow was released after Thursday's incident in Coon Rapids, but the investigation was on

Paris Hilton bizarro news of the day

Here is Paris Hilton, who has basically sold her body for fame and notoriety suddenly afraid of being snapped on the toilet! My goodness is there anything she has not done and videoed that could be less obsecene I'd feel more sorry for her if she had a spine Paris Hilton was so terrified guards would snap a cell-phone picture of her on the toilet that she didn't eat or drink for three days, which left her facing a life-threatening collapse, a source told the Daily News She also

Strange skeleton found in iceberg

People noticed a strange skeleton embedded in a iceberg in Canada I wonder how long it had been there, if the ice is old it might be as well ST JOHN'S – Marine scientists in Canada and abroad are puzzled by bizarre photographs that appear to show the skeleton of a large mammal jutting out of an iceberg that recently drifted past Newfoundland's east coast The six pictures show what looks like a brown rib cage and spinal column, slightly bent, sticking out of a crust of ice

Movie director told LA airport immigration he was there to shoot a pilot

Spent the next 5 hours in interrogation : Director Mike Figgis spent longer at LAX airport than intended He'd arrived in Los Angeles, along with half the acting and directing world, for what is known as 'pilot season', when the big studios try out new scripts, directors and actors in a two-week frenzy of auditions and career make-or-breaks When Figgis was being grilled by airport immigration, he was asked the purpose of his visit Unthinking and tired after a long flight, Mike

Guy suffers a noisy nightmare for 2 years discovers he has mites in his ear

A Cambridge man is relishing the sound of silence after years of living with a mass of mites on his eardrum Paul Balvert's "noisy nightmare" went undiagnosed for two years, the New Zealand Herald reported today The infestation has stunned ear therapists and a clinical microbiologist who are unaware of any other documented cases of mites thriving and reproducing in a human ear Entomologists believe the eight-legged inhabitants were flour or grain mites known as Acarus siro Mr Balv

Trafalgar Square with grass

A girl enjoys the sunshine in London's Trafalgar Square, which has been grassed over for two days to promote the city as one of the greenest capitals in the world Is this the beginning or a revolution - after the school also in this forum We welcome our new fake grass overlords! http://newsbbccouk/2/shared/spl/hi/pop_ups/07/uk_enl_1180004402/html/1stm

School replaces road with fake grass and trees

This is great In "walk to school week" a primary school put fake grass on their road and added trees to make it look more park like I had wondered what a city would be like if all the roads were grassed It would be a great place Walk to School Week in Brighton & Hove England took things over the edge as the road outside their Rudyard Kipling Primary School was closed to traffic and covered with plants, flowers and artificial grass so kids could walk on the roadway as though it w

Granny grows horn in forehead

The horn curves downward and looks like the stalk of a pumpkin, reports the Yangcheng Evening Post Granny Zhao, 95, of Zhanjiang city, Guangdong province, says it first appeared three years ago "At first, it was only a mole, but it gradually grew and became like a horn," she said Zhao says the horn causes her little trouble except to affect her vision slightly: "It causes me no discomfort, but blocks part of my view" But her family are hoping that medical experts can explain

U.S. F-16s unleash "shock and awe" on New Jersey

F16's dropping flares during a military exercise, set fire to 12000 acres and have to evacuate 2000 homes [quote]The fire, fueled by dry conditions and gusty winds, has already consumed more than 12,000 acres, almost 19 square miles, along the border of Ocean and Burlington counties Several highways were closed and as many as 2,000 homes in Stafford and Barnegat townships, including several retirement communities, had been evacuated [/quote] The military are paying out people who lose

Man playing golf drives golf cart off cliff - dies

Maybe he made a really bad drive and wanted to end it all Or he was just following his ball FALLBROOK, Calif - A golfer died Tuesday after his golf cart plunged 75 feet off a cliff and crashed onto a road below, authorities said The 65-year-old man teed off with three friends on the second hole of the Pala Mesa Resort Golf Course about 50 miles north of San Diego at around 10 am and then got into his cart The vehicle veered off the concrete pathway, traveled down a 25-foot e
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