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Indian nomads killed by meteorite

Talk about unlucky, here you are sitting in a desert, no one around, then BAM! you get hit by a meteorite When your time is up, its up A suspected meteorite killed two nomads and injured five others on Thursday in the northern Indian desert state of Rajasthan, a report said Police told the Press Trust of India news agency that the group of nomads were sitting in a field in Rajasthan's Bundi district when an "unknown flying object", thought to be a meteorite, hit the ground and expl

The most famous scream in the world video

Way back in 1951 an obscure cowboy in an obscure movie was killed by an indian The scream the sound engineers used in that scene went on to over 200 other movies, some you will have seen The scream even gained a name, "Wilhelm scream" in honour of that first 2 bit part Here is it in a compilation of movie scenes [flash=425x350]http://wwwyoutubecom/v/cdbYsoEasio[/flash] Much more on this scream, and the presumed "screamer" Sheb Wooley can be found in this great article http://

Pick a number between 1 and 20

You picked 17 didn't you All is not random in the random picking of numbers It seems that humans prefer picking odd numbers to even numbers, and prime numbers to ordinary numbers Number 7 also ranked high, I wonder if its to do with the familarity of '7' in our life with 7 days in a week So why not 19 Dunno, read the article and see the charts http://scienceblogscom/cognitivedaily/2007/02/is_17_the_most_random_numberphp [img]http://scienceblogscom/cognitivedaily/uploa

Sunken wreck may wipe out London in massive explosion

This is one of those articles that read like the plot from a B grade movie A sunken WW2 shipwreck in the London estuary may explode at any time and destroy a large part of London In the Thames estuary, 60 kilometres from central London, lies the 60-year-old ship of the American liberty ship Richard Montgomery It still carries 1400 tonnes of TNT, and according to a report commissioned by the UK government, an explosion is "increasingly probable with the passing of time" Which makes

Kid copies Jackass - father wants it banned

Some kid watches Jackass and sees that if you spray yourself with deodorant and set it on fire it burns So he is suprised when he does it to himself and it burns Sounds like a Darwin award nomination Maybe the whole family should be removed from the gene pool as well A FATHER has described the horror of seeing his son turn into a human fireball after copying a stunt from a film Stuart Harrison, 11, was rushed to hospital with severe burns following an incident on Sunday afternoo

Pit Bull Dog attacks man, man kills it with his hands.

Man 1 Dog 0 Nice going A Conroe man wasn't about to let a neighbor's pit bull attack him He courageously fought back and now that dog is dead Von Pardue bears the scars of a frightening attack His hands and wrists are heavily bandaged, the result of the early morning attack It all started when Pardue went for his morning walk He encountered the dog along the street With the dog attacking him, what happened next is amazing Pardue was able to drag the dog all the way down

Lost warehouse opened reveals 180 classic cars

A long-forgotten warehouse in Portugal was opened last week to reveal a stunning collection of 180 classic european cars Although some of the Jags, Porsches, Lancias, Alfas, Lotuses, Austin Minis, Renaults and open-wheel formula cars are rusting, many appear to be in what looks to be salvageable condition What a neat find English article [url=http://jalopnikcom/cars/retro/open-sesame-warehouse-opening-in-portugal-reveals-forgotten-collection-231918php]here[/url] Original photos [

Idiot runs through window and falls 17 floors - survives.

An American man has survived after falling 17 floors from the window of a hotel in the US city of Minneapolis Arn't those huge windows meant to be made of stronger glass, if you can break one by running into it its not very safe at all Joshua Hanson, 29, landed on a roof awning and suffered multiple broken bones with some internal injuries, but is expected to recover Mr Hanson crashed through the floor-to-ceiling window at the end of a corridor after returning to the Hyatt Regen

Seven meter long Python eats 11 dogs

Darn handy pet, I can think of a few neighbourhoods where he could be released for a good feed Ali Yusof, 35, who had lost 11 dogs in the past three months, found the python coiled at the edge of a swampy area near his orchard at Kampung Pogoh here It took six men and three hours to capture the 70kg snake which measured 71 metres in length and 60cm in diameter They tied it to a tree did they use a bow knot How do you tie a python to a tree Ali said he had four dogs to gu

Man invents HALO suit - scares the crap out of people

Now this is amazing a fully armoured and equiped suit for protection in war I would buy one just to wear it to a mall : Troy Hurtubise, the Hamilton-born inventor has now created a suit that he hopes will soon be protecting Canadian soldiers in Afghanistan and US soldiers in Iraq He has spent two years and $15,000 in the lab out back of his house in North Bay, designing and building a practical, lightweight and affordable shell to stave off bullets, explosives, knives and clubs He

What does Aish-Ke-Vo-Go-Zhe mean

In an interesting blog a researcher operating with a huge geographical database found an anomally that seems to be a message, and he wants help in solving it [quote]Everything starts with the official US database of National Geographic Names I download this file and started importing it into my database, but the import would stop midway I tried a couple of configuration changes and nothing, but it always failed at the same line, record number 882213 An ordinary line on this database c

Boeing 767 runs out of fuel becomes a giant glider

Amazing true story about a Boeing 767 that ran out of fuel in mid flight and the miraculous landing ensuring no injuries Well worth the read, really gripping Question: If a Boeing 767 runs out of fuel at 41,000 feet what do you have Answer: A 132 ton glider with a sink rate of over 2000 feet-per-minute and marginally enough hydraulic pressure to control the ailerons, elevator, and rudder Put veteran pilots Bob Pearson and cool-as-a-cucumber Maurice Quintal in the in the cockpit and

The Pope grows horns

Isn't it amazing how easily people can be offended [img]http://stuffucanusecom/Odds_and_Sods/Blogpics/popehornsjpg[/img]

Stupid concept cars - the Suzuki Flix

Talk about useless A car that doubles as a movie theatre The sort of thing Monster Garage or Pimp My Car would make The seats swivel to the rear and a screen rises out of the back of the car, with a projecter pointing out the roof like a weird scoop thing I think the designers at Suzuki have too much time on their hands Built by the Carlab of Orange, Calif, and based on the all-new 2007 XL7, the Flix concept offers film and entertainment enthusiasts the ultimate mobile movie exp

Fat chick gets stuck in the Tunnel of Love

Some titles you just can't resist An overweight woman who got stuck in a South African cave trapped 22 fellow tourists for more than 10 hours and had to be prised free with liquid paraffin The woman became trapped in the Tunnel of Love obstacle in the Cango Caves in Western Cape on New Year's Day The caves' manager said the woman had been warned she might not be suitable but she insisted on trying One of those trapped was a diabetic who had to be brought insulin The w
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