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Kissing, an evolving social function

This is an interesting article, kissing has evolved throughout european history and in some cultures is really not an issue [quote]Look at these people! They suck each other! They eat each other's saliva and dirt! Tsonga people of southern Africa on the European practice of kissing, 1927 The subject also has a medical dimension For the attitude to kissing can change when breath and saliva are regarded as potential instruments of infection The Roman Emperor Tiberius

Why did bog bodies always die violently?

Interesting article on bog bodies in Germany [url=http://servicespiegelde/cache/international/spiegel/0,1518,363123,00html]De Spiegal[/url] A 2,600-year-old corpse has been discovered in the moors of northern Germany It's not the only one Such finds are frequent, but have posed an increasingly large riddle: Why were so many of the bodies victims of violence and dismemberment But why It's known that the Germanic tribes offered human sacrifices to their supreme deity, Wotan They

Two pilots earn Darwin award for stupid deaths

Just goes to show stupidity crosses all occupations Pilots' joke flight ended in death Two airline pilots joked and laughed as they flew an empty commercial jet to its limits, switched seats in mid-air and ignored automated warnings before crashing into a residential area, a cockpit voice recorder has revealed Captain Jesse Rhodes and First Officer Peter Cesarz were both killed after they decided to "have a little fun" and take the 50-seat Pinnacle Airlines jet they were flying

Near Death experiences.

Having just finished a book on near death experiences NDE of children by a doctor who interviewed 100's of kids, I thought this article was interesting There really is a large body of evidence that such events do occur and that they are not drug indices, or biologically based but spiritual encounters The silence from the medical establishment, despite their own members writing about the topic, seems to come from a fear of entering a spiritual debate http://wwwdailybreezecom/to

Sunk Japanese sub may contain gold, opium, and surrender plea.

This is interesting, but the 115 bodies must still be in the wreck, and it will be gruesome to try and work out which bones go with which people Japanese subs seem to be popping up frequently : http://wwwguardiancouk/japan/story/0,7369,1460993,00htmlgusrc=rss An American Vietnam veteran could be about to answer one of the most intriguing questions arising from the second world war: was Japan preparing to seek peace with the allies more than a year before the war ended Paul

Schnappi the little crocodile

Germans have gone crocodile-crazy after a children's song about the reptile took the charts by storm The song, like the reptile, struck before the likes of Kylie Minogue or Robbie Williams even knew what was happening A children's song by a little girl has raced to the top of the German singles charts in just a few weeks The song Schnappi, das kleine Krokodil or "Snappy, the little crocodile" has relegated hits by Linkin Park, Snoop Dogg and Kylie Minogue to the lower echelons of the

The Chinesse DID discover the world! They left a fortress!

If this is true it doesn't change anything "real" just bruises a lot of historians egos http://thestarcommy/lifestyle/storyaspfile=/2005/2/1/features/10044399&sec=features Gavin Menzies's book, 1421: The Year China Discovered the World stirred a hornets nest among historians and academics Now, further new evidence that Menzies says was recently uncovered is sure to ruffle even more feathers Menzies, 66, a former Royal Navy submarine commander, first made internationa

British UFO files revealed

Hmm sounds like lots of meteorites, and military equipment Except for the last one Details of Britain's most recent UFO sightings are revealed in previously secret documents disclosed to The Independent The files, released under the Freedom of Information Act, show that, last year, the Ministry of Defence's UFO unit received 88 reports from military staff and members of the public worried about unexplained objects in our skies The classified files help to complete a pictu

4000 year old ruler accurate to 1/2 a millimeter...

After finding this how can we say they were "primitive" http://wwwmehrnewsir/en/NewsDetailaspxNewsID=153729 TEHRAN, Jan 31 MNA -- Archaeologists recently discovered a 10-centimeter ruler with an accuracy of half a millimeter in the ruins of the 5200-year-old Burnt City, the director of the archaeological team announced on Monday [quote]During the recent excavation, we found a piece of ebony wood 10 centimeters in length with regular furrows which seemed to be created by a

Were Neanderthals opera singers?

Is it April 1st already http://wwwtimesonlinecouk/article/0,,2087-1462226,00html NEANDERTHALS have been misunderstood The early humanoids traditionally characterised as ape-like brutes were deeply emotional beings with high-pitched voices They may even have sung to each other, writes Jonathan Leake The new image has emerged from two studies of the vocal apparatus and anatomy of the creatures that occupied Europe between 200,000 and 35,000 years ago [b]Neanderthal voices

Man peed way out of avalanche

OK just how real is this Its a nice story but http://wwwananovacom/news/story/sm_1261997htmlmenu A Slovak man trapped in his car under an avalanche freed himself by drinking 60 bottles of beer and urinating on the snow to melt it Rescue teams found Richard Kral drunk and staggering along a mountain path four days after his Audi car was buried in the Slovak Tatra mountains He told them that after the avalanche, he had opened his car window and tried to dig his way out B

OMG! Did ducks and chickens wipe out the dinosaurs?

Could it be There were ducks and chickens back then, and they are still here now Is there an evil duck conspiracy afoot Are the chickens really super intelligent and plotting aginst us I always thought they were too stupid to be true http://newsbbccouk/1/hi/sci/tech/4187287stm [b]Ducks may have been paddling about in primeval swamps when T rex was king of the dinosaurs, scientists have announced in the journal Nature Fossil remains of a bird that lived 70 million year

"helicopter" sized shark lunches on old lady...

CAPE TOWN, South Africa -- A great white shark estimated to be at least 18 feet long attacked and presumably killed an elderly South African woman Monday off a beach near Cape Town, officials said Tyna Webb, 77, who lived in the area, was swimming Monday off Sunny Cove in Fish Hoek when the massive shark circled her and then attacked, witnesses and officials said About 15 people witnessed the attack "All that was left was a little red bathing cap," said Paul Dennett, who witnessed t

The call of God?

Sometimes coincidences are so amazing you just have to ask yourself how it can be I think her angel was working hard that day SUMMERFORD, Ohio -- A woman says her life was likely saved when she answered a hang-up phone call Mary Dhume of Summerford was watching television Monday night when the phone in the next room rang She got up to answer it, but there was no one at the other end of the line Then she heard breaking glass and saw her living room wall collapse onto the chair

New pub meals in Australia! - mice and cups of maggots...

http://smhcomau/articles/2004/08/18/1092764966829html A man who bit off the tail of a live mouse in a Brisbane pub competition was so drunk he was in shock when later told what he'd done, a court was told Apprentice chef Tony McGee, 22, pleaded guilty to being cruel to an animal at a hearing in Brisbane Magistrates Court and was fined $750 Defence lawyer Ben Power said McGee had also set off a mouse trap with his tongue, eaten a bird seed cup full of maggots, sucked up three chew
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