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Two trainers spend 6 months getting fat and unfit - images

Its scary how transient fitness and health can be, a mere 6 months after looking like the pic on the left a trainer ate himself into the blob on the right and found out that food can be addictive Maybe underneath the layer of fat residual muscles still exist Since May, Drew Manning has gained about 70 pounds on purpose And he’s not done yet Drew is a personal trainer and has always been the “fit guy” He’s now on a journey he calls Fit 2 Fat 2 Fit where he spends six months he has ab

Can transplanted organs pass on their owners personalities?

Can transplanted organs pass on their owners personalities There is a view that memories are not just stored in the brain, or in one part of the brain, but throughout the body If they are scattered at a base level over the entire body, then maybe a part of that body also holds part of the personality Alternatively, does a multi limb removed person actually lose part of their personality http://wwwdailystarcom/dailystar/dailystar/63240php For most of her life, the young woman

Student drinking game - climb a tree drink until you fall out

Authorities in New Zealand have raised concerns about a student drinking game called "possum", in which participants sit in trees downing alcohol until they fall to the ground in a drunken stupor The craze has reportedly swept the South Island city of Dunedin, which has a large student population, leaving public parks strewn with glass, litter and vomit "It's been occurring fairly regularly for the last two or three years," Dunedin City Council's parks manager Alan Matchett said Mat

Ab Implants - plastic surgery for the lazy

Instead of doing some exercise and getting fit, why not just pay for plastic surgery and get Ab Implants It doesn't even look realistic, the rest of the body is still flabby and unfit I wonder what you will look like when in a few years you have a pot belly

Cadets find a herd of frozen cows in a cabin - image

It may take explosives to dislodge the frozen carcasses of a small herd of cows found in an old ranger's cabin high in the Rocky Mountains Rangers believe the animals sought shelter during a snowstorm and got stuck and weren't smart enough to find their way out The Forest Service said Tuesday the animals came from a herd of 29 cows that went missing last fall from the nearby Gunnison National Forest where the rancher had a permit The carcasses were discovered by two Air Force Academy

People amazed to find that the Titanic was real and not just a movie - image

The Titanic tragedy will turn 100 years old this week and the media coverage seems to have shocked some people who never knew the Titanic was anything more than a movie Sigh What do they teach people now days From: http://gothamistcom/2012/04/09/psa_the_titanic_was_real_and_not_juphp

Why are the words for 11 and 12 in some languages so different?

Someone wondered by eleven and twelve don't fit the pattern in counting Its an interesting question as similar questions arise in other languages like French and German Why Because according to one person some languages were originally base 12 and counted on the finger knuckles of one hand, of which there are 12 excluding the knuckles As one person notes [quote]It is because of differences in number base In modern times, we are accustomed to using a decimal base 10 system In

Fox News upset over the liberal bias in traditional children stories such as The Borrowers - video

Fox Business Network host Lou Dobbs “exposes” the despicable pro-being-nice-to-others-and-caring-about-the-world agenda of Studio Ghibli’s The Secret World of Arrietty and Illumination Entertainment’s adaptation of Dr Seuss’ The Lorax It looks like Arrietty is based on the old British book [url=http://enwikipediaorg/wiki/The_Borrowers]The Borrowers [/url] from 1952 Rarely do I make political posts, but paranoia like this does nothing for the perceived intelligence of Fox viewers [fl

When true love goes wrong - image

Girl gets face of her boyfriend tattooed on her arm Its so sweet, except she has been only going out with him for one week Read this amazing exchange of true love extinguished or crazy woman dumped Click the link for another image [url=http://xmbstuffucanusecom/xmb/imagephp&aid=3371&crazy-woman-gets-tattoojpg]Girl gets tattoo of boyfriend[/url]

Man with gun tries to hold up bar gets ignored - funny video

An armed man tried to hold up a bar and got laughed at, until he lost his nerve and tried to leave, then the entire bar chased him down [flash=640x360]http://wwwyoutubecom/v/8WhvJDnxw-U[/flash]

Coca Cola claim their product doesn't make you fat, rot teeth, or packed with caffeine - told to stop telling lies

Coca Cola made some advertisements claiming that their product was safe for babies and children However the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission said they were telling lies and had to stop the adverts and tell the truth The publicity from this ruling is worse than if Coca Cola had never made the claims at all People who never realized the effect of Coca Cola on their children have now become aware of it, its a bad backfire On 11 October 2008, Coca-Cola published an advertis

Real-life Papa Smurf - a living blue man - video

Man turns blue from drinking Colloidal Silver Moves to California to be "accepted" First story on the "Blue Man" He's since appeared everywhere including Oprah [flash=640x480]http://wwwyoutubecom/v/Gq8C0GknwAM[/flash]

A clean heart comes from a clean room - lemon scent makes people nicer

People are unconsciously fairer and more generous when they are in clean-smelling environments, according to a soon-to-be published study led by a Brigham Young University professor The research found a dramatic improvement in ethical behavior with just a few spritzes of citrus-scented Windex Katie Liljenquist, assistant professor of organizational leadership at BYU's Marriott School of Management, is the lead author on the piece in a forthcoming issue of Psychological Science Co-auth

Try something new drill a hole in your head

Drilling a hole in your head is said to restore the brain to childhood levels of blood and fluid making you more adventurous, spiritual and positive Utter bunk say others Today, Cole, a student at City College in New York City, has had a 14-millimeter hole in his skull for four years, and he says he would not have it any other way Cole, 33, is one of 15 people--11 men and four women--who participated in a pilot study from 2000 to 2002 of this ancient practice, called trepanation, cond

The luckiest or unluckiest man alive

Now this is a great read, Frane Selak has excaped death at regular intervals in his life, I think if he was on a bus with me I would wait for another The article comes from http://wwwneatoramacom/ who have it from a book called Uncle John’s Slightly Irregular Bathroom Reader On a cold January day in 1962, a Croatian music teacher named Frane Selak was traveling from Sarajevo to Dubrovnik by train Well, that’s where he thought he was going Little did he know wh
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