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Snake causes havoc during discussion - video

So some Arabic guys are sitting around talking when a snake decides to join in Watch the main speaker faint Funny [flash=640x390]http://wwwyoutubecom/v/VY9T3wFZbOM[/flash]

The knight in chess can reach every square on the board - eventually - image

In Chess the knight move can eventually cover every square on the chess board This animation shows one way of achieving that Fascinating

The hungriest man in the world ate anything he coud get his hands on - human limbs, cats, rats, grass ...

Charles Domery was a Polish soldier, noted for his unusually large appetite While serving in the Prussian Army against France during the War of the First Coalition, he found that the rations of the Prussians were insufficient and deserted to the French Revolutionary Army in return for food While generally healthy, he was voraciously hungry during his time in the French army, and ate any available food While stationed near Paris he was recorded as having eaten 174 cats in a year leavi

True crazy kids name - Wanton Coward, Pat Fenis and Ben Dover to name a few

Russell Ash has trawled mountains of official records to find the world's most comical names - and found thousands including Ima Gay, Ada Poo and Fanny E C Lay His new book lists 3,000 of the most unfortunate titles including: Ben Dover, Anna Sassin, Pete Sake, Rusty Pipes, Rhoda Broom, Joy Rider, Justin Case, John Thomas Willy and Sandy Beach Pat Fenis is a just a spoonerism away from vulgarity Eva Faithful, Bonk Register, Booby Ogle, Wiggy Piggy and one Lancash

80 year old monk body exhumed and found to be still intact

Here is an interesting case of a monk who died in 1927 and who's body still looks fresh and undecayed Despite the claims of the article that this is the only case there are others where the body does not decay Exhumation of the body of Hambo Lama Itigelov took place September 10 th, 2002 on the territory of cemetery near the city of Ulan Ude Russian Federation He died and was buried in 1927 and the exhumation was performed in presence of relatives, officials, and specialists&#8221

Dead man wakes up in morgue - undertakers go in with guns in case he's a monster

A South African man awoke to find himself in a morgue fridge - nearly a day after his family thought he had died, a health official has said Health department spokesman Sizwe Kupelo said the man awoke Sunday afternoon, 21 hours after his family called in an undertaker who sent him to the morgue after an asthma attack Morgue owner Ayanda Maqolo said he sent his driver to collect the body shortly after the family reported the death Maqolo said he thought the man was around 80 years old

Living with the worlds biggest dog - image

The first time we saw George, our beloved Great Dane, he was no more than a tiny, cowering ball of fuzzy fur As my wife Christie opened the door of the crate heíd travelled in, he teetered to a standing position and looked out at us, moving his head slowly from side to side, taking in the wonder of it all Finally, as if weighing us up and deciding we were acceptable, he tentatively pushed his little nose forward and gave Christie her first lick Though it didnít really register, Georgeís p

Worst driver in Holland tested on a TV show - goes predictably wrong - video

The driver was supposed to speed up to 70kph then look over his right and left shoulder at signs half-way down the track, and choose which direction to navigate around the obstacle wall according to whichever sign had an arrow Unfortunately, out of panic he hit the gas instead of the brakes hitting the presenter and a camera guy Fortunately, nobody was seriously injured- the presenter only suffered from shoulder and foot pain The guy who caused it was known to take his hands of the

Man tries to excape prison in a suitcase - image

A man serving a 20-year-sentence on the island of Quintana Roo for illegal weapons possession was caught attempting to escape with the aid of his wife and her black wheeled suitcase Guards at the Chetumal prison stopped 19-year-old Maria del Mar Arjona as she was attempting leave after a conjugal visit with the bulky bag in tow Inside they found Juan Ramirez Tijerina curled up in the fetal position Arjona was promptly arrested, and Ramirez was returned to his cell http://wwwtelegr

Your friendly neighborhood Toby Maquire sued for winning millions in illegal poker

Tobey Maguire is at the center of a lawsuit alleging that the actor won millions of dollars in an elaborate ring of underground poker games attended to by the likes of Leonardo DiCaprio, Ben Affleck, Matt Damon and a doofus named Bradley Ruderman more on him in a bit These games took place at revolving locations around Los Angeles, were protected by kevlar-wearing, gun-toting guards and required passwords to get into Now with all of that in mind, does the innocent-looking gent to your

Mazda 626 wedged into a van - image

Police who stopped a white van veering from side to side on a busy road were surprised when they opened the back doors of the vehicle to find a car wedged in on its side The white van men from Kazakhstan decided to save on a trailer cost after snapping up a silver Mazda 626 that they wanted to ship back home When the car didn't fit in the white van the proper way up - the two men called a few pals and loaded it in on its side - putting a mattress underneath to stop the doors getting sc

34 year old mother goes to sleep, wakes up as a 15 year old teenager with Transient Global Amnesia

Like the beginning of a science fiction movie, a mother goes to sleep and the next morning wakes up 19 years younger, believing she is 15 years old An interesting study in how adolescent dreams and ambitions are unrealized in the adult and just how much the world has changed in the last 20 years I opened my eyes with a start, breathing heavily, my pyjamas drenched in sweat I must have had a nightmare, I told myself But as my eyes came into focus, cold fear gripped my belly Ė I realised I

Kids painting accidentally wins and shown in world famous Saatchi Gallery - image

Leilah Poulainís mom isnít super-handy with Facebook In an attempt to showcase her daughterís painting of a penguin, she mistakenly uploaded the file to a public folder meant for entrants to a contest The winner of that contest would have their artwork showcased in the Saatchi Gallery, a world-famous contemporary art gallery [quote]A year later Iíd forgotten about it, and then I got an email saying Leilah was a Saatchi winner I called them and said, ďThank you, but I donít know what you

75 people watch a man for an hour as he committed suicide by drowning - no one helped

An apparently suicidal man waded into San Francisco Bay on Monday, stood up to his neck, and waited As the man drowned, police, fire crews, and others watched idly from the shore Why Officials blamed a departmental policy, stemming from budget cuts, that prevented them from jumping in to save him Fifty-year-old Raymond Zack spent nearly an hour in the water before drowning A crowd of about 75 people, in addition to first responders, watched from the beach in Alameda across the bay fr

Global Happiness Index rate North Korea as the happiest and America as dead last

According to a global happiness index released in North Korea, the country and its allies are the most cheerful countries in the world Naturally, the "American Empire" strikes Pyongyang as just plain sad Shanghaiist reports that North Korea's Chosun Central Television recently came out with a happiness index compiled by local researchers Their findings China is the happiest place on the planet, earning 100 points a perfect score! At number two is none other than North Korea itself
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