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Toby the butterfly catcher never hurts his catch - he's a 'catch and release' hunter

Toby the cat is a proficient monarch butterfly catcher The amazing thing is he never hurts them He carries them around in his lips, and even brings them in through the cat door without harm After he has given them to us we can pick them up and throw them out the door and they fly away, older but wiser

258 concrete truck slab pour

A condo in San Diego is getting its slab poured with 258 concrete trucks Looks like a gathering of insects with long proboscis Except they are blowing instead of sucking : They must have closed off the entire road, look at all the trucks lined up at the lights in the top left From the site [quote]This was a 258 truck-ballet in which the contractor placed 11,500 yards of concrete in one monolithic pour that got started at five in the morning and finished by three in the afternoon"

Just what is holding that truck to the bridge? - image

Apart from divine intervention This truck in china, somewhere, nearly goes over the edge of the bridge There is no indication as to the fate of the driver The cab door is still closed Images from [url=http://photomediadaumnet/photogallery/foreign/0822_Worldacci/viewhtmlphotoid=3468&newsid=20110103155235185&p=mk]Daurmnet[/url]

Lost car found in snow

Supposedly this car was dug out in Latvia Its amazing that the snow hasn't compressed the car at all Here is the original picture http://iimgurcom/nBuzqjpg and here are some creative comments on it http://wwwredditcom/r/pics/comments/as40a/prehistoric_car_uncovered_in_latvia_pic/

31 foot super snowman - image

This 31-foot behemoth - dubbed 'Milocinek' - is casting a long, frigid shadow over Trzebnica, Poland A group of 'bored' Poles started building him one day - and then decided they would just keep going Six days later, they hunted down a barrel for a hat and a traffic cone for a nose, and their work was done The resulting Goliath of a snowman stands on eye-level with surrounding two-storey homes, and dwarfs passing cars The snowman was completed Friday near the town of Trzebnica in sou

How cranes refuel themselves - image

Something you may never have thought of, just how cranes get refueled The big question is what happens if the crane runs out of fuel before it gets a fresh tank Do they have to build another crane beside it More comments [url=http://wwwredditcom/r/todayilearned/comments/ejvql/til_how_construction_cranes_are_refueled/]Here[/url] My favorite comment OH MY GOD THEY'VE LEARNED TO FEED THEMSELVES!

Arrested man has half a head - image

Apparently a true image, and he seems happy enough This mugshot of inmate #100087196 looks like a fake but a guard at a Florida criminal booking facility swears it's for real "Yeah, I saw him," a woman who answered the telephone at the Miami-Dade County Pre-Trial Detention Center said "I just looked at him I see a lot of stuff It didn't really bother me" The woman, who didn't identify herself, said the man who appears to be missing the top of his head "seemed fine" when

Please help me - soppy pic of the day - image

In 2008 a couple of hikers from Bristol were making their way across China when they happened upon this little creature His girlfriend took the shot They took him they named him Xang with them for the next 10 days of their journey They had grown so attached that they couldn't leave him and did the mountain of paperwork to bring Xang back to Bristol with them He's doing well and was turned a near brilliant white When his wife who was his girlfriend in China became pregnant the

Irish Star newspaper tells leaders what it thinks of them - image

In the middle of the Irish financial crisis the Irish Star newspaper subjects its national government to some detailed analysis

Slow news day - here's a kitten - image

Not much happening today, so here is a kitten looking as bored to death Someone give him a toy

The amazing Excalibur climbing wall - image

This is the Excalibur climbing wall at Klimcentrum Bjoeks, in the town of Groningen, The Netherlands It has the largest climbing wall in the world, which measures at 121 feet 37 meters with an overhang of 36 feet 11 meters The curve means that people can choose the difficulty of the climb they would like to do The photographer took the images from a kite There are more on the link http://wwwflickrcom/photos/kapturer/3012346599/

Family portrait from 1863 - which person is dead?

This wonderful family portrait was rescued from the rubbish and has gone on to evoke debate over which, if any of them, are dead in the photo Once someone dies they used to take a portrait of the person to remember them by The dead person would be posed with the rest of the family, after all the process was really expensive so you might as well get everyone in the photo, and the body was held in place with the use of hidden clamps In this case debate is around which, if any of the family

Unusual Rainbow pictures - images

This great picture can show that the light in the tunnel is not the end but an oncoming train

Hey, want to go for a walk? - friends out for some fun - image

Whats more natural than two friends off for a walk, great to see companionship between cats and dogs

Terrible scene as pilot in low level crash avoids crowd but slams into occupied buildings - image

There was a shocking scene at an air show recently with a low level accident as a pilot desperately avoided a crowd but slammed into four buildings presumably occupied Horrified onlookers couldn't watch as the survivors were dragged from the structures From: [url=http://wwwredditcom/r/offbeat/comments/dg45y/not_for_the_faint_of_heart_a_pilot_at_low_level/]Redditcom[/url]
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