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Chinese restaurant menu translation - oh oh...

Poor translation or is someone really having fun with their food

Pictures of extreme bodybuilders

When bodybuilders have too much time and drugs Some pictures of extreme bodybuilders, when does beauty just become so much meat Obviously one guy is annoyed that knees don't have muscles Images from http://englishpravdaru/photo/report/extreme_bodybuilders-2103/0/ Extreme female bodybuilders! From http://wwwone80com/articles/1764/extreme-female-bodybuildershtml [img]http://wwwone80com/articles/wp-content/uploads/2009/04/exm_w_001jpg[/img] More extreme bodybuilders Fr

Weapons of war ... The Cactus

Sometimes in times of trouble when you need a weapon, you just have to use what comes to hand In this case someone uses a cactus Maybe he should be wearing gloves

How to organize your cat collection - display methods for your cats

Stacked, shelved, individual containers, just how do you organize your cat collection This perplexing question greets every cat collector at one time or another Some sort their cats by tail length, others by color, and even others by temperament, but the biggest dilemma is what sort of storage containers best shows off your collection of cats to visitors Here are some ways that might help answer your conundrum From [url=http://wwwthedailytailcom/pictures/how-to-store-organize-

Two sand cat kittens born by IVF

The mother and litter are in good health in the Al Ain Wildlife Park and Resort AWPR The litter was produced by in-vitro fertilisation and embryo transfer at AWPR, which is home to almost 20 per cent of the world's captive sand cats The 34 sand cats at AWPR make up the largest and most genetically significant captive population of sand cats in any zoological institution Sand cats are true desert dwellers, with colouring that blends in with their environment The coat is soft and dense,

Woman has a tooth window in her face

The boundary between style and bizarre has been crossed in this accessory any well dressed woman would want to be without A tooth window through the lower lip Is it real or a fake Looks real to me From http://wwwafrojackscom/tooth-window/

How do you stop police from firing their guns on new Years Eve?

A police officer wraps tape around the muzzle of firearms during a ceremony at a police headquarters in Taguig City, Metro Manila December 29, 2009 Police have been taping the muzzles of their guns to monitor who discharges their firearms during revelry as New Year's Day celebrations approach and stray bullets are often the cause of a number of deaths

Body scan of fat and skinny person

Interesting to see the difference between people from the inside That overweight person really is mostly stomach As someone notes the fat persons's legs are distorted from carrying the extra weight [quote]That's osteoarthritis from carrying the extra weight and from the bowing of the legs Look at the knees, and the fact that they are bowed inwards Happens from the weight strain as well as the extra tissue forcing her thighs further apart Fat people get arthritis in those two joints m

Ice wall winter wonderland

This amazing wall of ice in Teesdale, County Durham, has left walkers venturing out across the fields for some fresh air stunned Icicles cling from the overhanging shrubbery and stretch around 15ft to the floor into freezing water below Two weeks of heavy snowfall and freezing temperatures have left much of the North of England and Scotland looking like a winter wonderland Read more: http://wwwdailymailcouk/news/article-1240067/Big-freeze-The-amazing-wall-ice-makes-Britain-look-like

Having fun while rioting - football riot in Mozambique

Happiness is: Taking time out during a riot to make faces at the camera and wear funny masks These guys on the left are enjoying themselves Original image: http://inapcachebostoncom/universal/site_graphics/blogs/bigpicture/2009_1_12_14/913_21294521jpg

Obese passenger on American Airlines

How acceptable is this The airline passenger not only blocks the aisle, he has to sit on the armrest of the seat This is a genuine picture taken by a flight attendant at American Airlines The Flight Attendant took it to show her manager what was happening on the aircraft and why she was unhappy about it Seems the guy paid for only one seat and the gate staff let him board You can see the Flight Attendant's point of view Sympathize with the guy or not, he's a major safety hazard i

Amazing Great Wall of China picture

The Great Wall of China is a series of stone and earthen fortifications in northern China, built, rebuilt, and maintained between the 5th century BC and the 16th century to protect the northern borders of the Chinese Empire from Xiongnu attacks during various successive dynasties The Great Wall stretches from Shanhaiguan in the east to Lop Nur in the west, along an arc that roughly delineates the southern edge of Inner Mongolia The most comprehensive archaeological survey, using advanced

Nissan GTR has small ding, cost 11,000 ($18,341 US) repair bill

Guy has a small ding in a Nissan GTR from a low speed crash, the damage cost 11,000 to repair - amazing read [quote]I had a low speed crash into the back of a white van, it was a badly surfaced road, we were stopped, pulled away and the person in front of the van stopped for no reason, causing the van to tap the tow bar of the car in front and me in sympathy to do the same to the van I bumped into tho the white vans tow bar causing this small crack in my bumper Unfortunately

A Toyota Prius and a Tesla gang up on a VW Tuareg The Tuareg wins - image

A VW Tuareg is stopped on a small road due to construction works Behind it stops a Tesla Nobody was seriously hurt Proving truth is indeed stranger than fiction, this actually happened in Denmark on October 9th It is likely the only accident of its kind in the world This is not a photoshop What a rare accident http://wwwwiredcom/autopia/2009/10/tesla-totalled/ http://ekstrabladetdk/biler/bil_nyheder/article1243890ece http://wattsupwiththatcom/2009/11/01/prius-and

Its the space car! - the car with really everything - pictures

Do you want a car with everything Turn on all the lights and beast will drain its battery instantly Original pictures here http://wwwfueltopiacouk/profiles/blog/showid=2735193%3ABlogPost%3A21494&page=1#comment-2735193_Comment_26666 [img]http://i282photobucketcom/albums/kk255/JimmyDrama_photos/WTF_Space_Car_06jpg[/img] [img]http://i282photobucketcom/albums/kk255/JimmyDrama_photos/WTF_Space_Car_07jpg[/img]
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