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Family photos with dead family - girl in the middle is dead

The girl in the middle is not alive Look at the position of her hands If a child or other loved one died it was a common practice to have a photo taken either alone or as in this case with the family especially if there was not yet a living likeness If you look closely you can see a base behind the girls feet and a post would go up from that with clamps at the waist and neck and the clothing would be open at the back The arms would have stiff wires running at the back to hold the

Tiny Kingbird takes on Hawk

This great photo shows a small Kingbird riding the back of a Hawk and pecking its head, while the hawk tries to flee There is probably a moral in here somewhere, however I wouldn't take it too far There is a high degree of stupid as well Pat Gaines actually felt sorry for the red-tailed hawks at Bonny Lake State Park this summer Despite their aggressive reputation, loud screams and fierce, piercing looks, the red-tailed hawks at the park north of Burlington, just west of the Colorad

OK what is this being? An orangutan?

Is it an orangutan At least it looks happy One person notes that "it looks like it has transcended ugliness and gone back into cuteness" More baffled comments here [url=http://wwwredditcom/r/pics/comments/9hczb/i_dont_know_what_this_is_but_its_awesome/]Reddit[/url]

Cats encounter squirrel pic

You're not from around here are you A great little pic of an "oh oh" moment for a squirrel encountering some house cats

Arnold Schwarzenegger keeps the Conan sword in his office

According to his twitter page Arnie still has the Conan The Barbarian sword , and he keeps it in his office http://twittercom/Schwarzenegger/status/3541702366

Star trek Trekkie dog

Going where no dog has gone before the Star Trek Trekkie dog The living quarters on the Enterprise would make a great sun shade as well : The problem with a trekkie dog is that he is more interested in Uranus Comments here http://wwwredditcom/r/pics/comments/9e5d9/uss_dog_pic/

Low flying B52 planes

Check out these photos of low flying bombers I think both photos are of the same plane, note the second plane behind the bomber in the first photo, from which the second photo would have been taken

Surprise! - someone gatecrashes a photo op

Melissa Brandts and her husband were exploring Lake Minnewanka in Banff National Park, Canada, when they stopped to take a timed photograph of themselves They had their camera set up on some rocks and were getting ready to take the picture when this curious little ground squirrel appeared, became intrigued with the sound of the focusing camera and popped right into the shot http://ngmnationalgeographiccom/your-shot/daily-dozenimage=9

Drug runner boat sunk by navy

It looks like a drug running boat has been caught and sunk by the navy In this image made available by the MoD in London, Wednesday July 22, 2009, a narcotics trafficking "Go Fast" speed boat burns after being destroyed by the upper deck guns of the Royal Navy frigate HMS Iron Duke, in the Caribbean sea off the coast of South America, on Thursday July 16, 2009 Three quarters of a tonne of cocaine, with a wholesale value of 33 million pounds US$ 54,182,795 euro 38,168,447 was captu

Famous replica ship Prins Williem burns

A sad end to a beautiful creation A replica of the Prins Willem vessel has been destroyed by a fire in the historical museum harbor at Willemsoord in Den Helder, The Netherlands, 30 July 2009 The ship was built in 1985 at the Amels shipyard at Makkum and was 68 meters long and the highest mast was 54 meters The replica of the VOC ship Prins Willem dating from 1651 was the showpiece of the maritime theme park in Den Helder The park, based in the former Willemsoord state shipyard, is called

Swimming pigs live it up in the Bahamas

On the beaches of Big Major Spot Island, the Bahamas, a family of brown and pink boars and piglets live freely on the sandy white beaches and swim in the tropical surf Underwater photographer Eric Cheng stumbled across the unusual residents during a diving expedition to the area [quote]We were in the southern Bahamas to photograph oceanic white-tip sharks Our captain, Jim Abernethy, had heard that there were pigs on Big Major so we decided to go and check it out I'm not sure how the

HD images from the new animated movie - 9

Once upon a time, the human race learned to create intelligent war machines The machines rebelled and began to manufacture an army to wipe out humanity So, before his death a scientist creates a group of 9 rag dolls putting into them his own soul, and they survived the destruction The Scientist transferred his life force into them via an invention 9 convinces the others that hiding will do them no good They must take the offensive if they are to survive, and they must discover why the

Ruins of the economic collapse - pictures of abandoned and uncompleted buildings

Abandoned and stalled buildings litter the America landscape as signs of the end of the golden age of prosperity These photos show some of the new yet abandoned buildings This project in downtown Phoenix was supposed to include nearly two dozen luxury homes, priced from $28 million to $45 million But by early 2007, the city's high-end condominium market — which was among the country’s hottest — had become oversaturated Prices started to fall, and Chateaux on Central’s developer, Cent

The new Hoover Dam Bypass Bridge

Imagine walking over this bridge, what an amazing view The bridge and the new sections of US Highway 93 will be four lanes wide Total length of the bridge is 1,900 feet 579 m with a 1,080-foot 329 m main span The roadway will be 840 feet 256 m above the river When completed, it will be the first so-called concrete-steel composite arch bridge built in the United States All concrete arch bridges are reinforced with steel on the inside, and thus are all made of composites of

New apartment buiding in China collapses - pictures

A new unoccupied building under construction at Lianhuanan Road in the Minxing district of Shanghai city toppled over One worker was killed It might be related t the collapse of a retaining wall on the site Regardless of that, just what sort of foundations did they have for the building Looking at the images, there seemed to be none with the pipes going directly in soil I wouldn't trust my life in the rest of the complex More pictures on the link http://wwwzonaeuropacom/200906
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