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Container stack collapse on ship

It must have hit a wave, but thats going to be a mess to remove There are 5 containers on the left column, I wonder if the 5 that would have been on the right all fell overboard

BBC gets unflattering picture of Bush on its home page - funny

The BBC used a funny picture of George Bush acting confused on its front page I think Bush must have been fooling around to make a face like this You can't underestimate his humor WMD Are they under the chair Comments and rants on the picture http://redditcom/info/6g4ng/comments/ Apparently some people thought it was disrespectful! Others saw the humorous side of it [quote]Interestingly, that's also commercial use of a press image, and using the likeness of a person for promotin

Million dollar yacht falls into water

The new boat slipped out of its sling while being lowered into the water Look at the top right and see the tiny figure of a guy hanging on as it nosedives into the ocean The brand-new 55-foot Carver Marquis- baseline price $12 million, and closer to $2 million out the door - was being off-loaded for delivery to its new owner in Dubai's Port Jbel Ali on March 7, Nocenti said An insurance representative was on hand snapping pictures and two Carver representatives were aboard, ready to

Mouse steals food from Leopard

A mouse with real balls diced with death when it stole some food from under the nose of a leopard at the Santago Rare Leopard Project in Hertfordshire Instead of pouncing on the mouse, the 12-year-old African leopard, called Sheena, simply watched as it fed on scraps of meat thrown into its enclosure At one stage she tried to nudge the mouse away with her nose, but the mouse carried on eating regardless The extraordinary scene was captured by Casey Gutteridge, a photography studen

Danger! Cats!

These pictures just go to show how careful you have to be around cats From http://joannecaseyblogspotcom/

24 Impressive Dark And Light Photos


Clark Littles amazing surf pictures

These incredible images of waves were taken by the number one photographer of surf: Clark Little He has dedicated his life to photographing the waves and has published a selection of the the best images of his career He captures magical moments inside the "tube", as surfers say His website http://wwwclarklittlephotographycom/ Here is an article on him http://wwwhanahoucom/pages/MagazineaspAction=DrawArticle&ArticleID=751&MagazineID=47 [img]http://imgurcom/diww2jp

Television, ain't this the truth

Ever wonder what the benefits are of getting High definition TV Sometimes I do as well Mind you a better view of the garbage might make your decisions clearer :

What does this ancient Graffiti mean?

A few years back when I was visiting the Temple Of Apollo in Didyma, Turkey, I took this photo of some graffiti carved into the flagstones in front of the temple Does anyone know what it means It looks to me like a soldier, with a spear and a shield and a duck A sacrifice A game From [url=http://go-cycle-touringcom/9-Didyma-to-Miletushtml]Here[/url]

Smallest man in the world and his cat

Henry Behrens, the smallest man in the world dances with his pet cat in the doorway of his Worthing home Measuring only 30 inches high, Mr Behrens has made a living by travelling the world with Burton Lester's midget troupe 26th October 1956 From http://picturesandboxcom/browse/free-stock-photos/3215204941/html

Satanism FAIL

Some idiot decides to cut a satanic symbol into his arm Gets the amount of points on it wrong From http://wwwredditcom/r/funny/comments/8cyal/satanism_fail/

The Hotelicopter - a flying hotel and helicopter - is a hoax

The Hotelicopter is the world's first flying hotel made from a huge Soviet-made Mil V-12 helicopter Why see MG's entry for the hoax Designed with the sophisticated, affluent traveler in mind, the Hotelicopter has 18 lavish rooms for people on the hunt for a truly unique inimitable travel experience Each soundproofed room comes with a queen-sized bed, fine linens, a mini-bar, coffee machine, wireless internet access, flatscreen TVs and a range of amenities you’d look for in a flying fi

Road crash: Hummer H3 vs Suzuki Ignis

It looks like the crumple zone on the Hummer is the other vehicle Which is worse, driving a Hummer which might be a death sentence for other drivers, or driving a small car which is a death sentence when hit by a Hummer More pictures of the crash http://izismilecom/2009/03/31/road_crash_hummer_h3_vs_suzuki_ignis_7_picshtml Interesting comments http://wwwredditcom/r/pics/comments/88tsf/rearended_by_a_hummer_pics/

Things that don't happen in Australia

Don't ask me I just stick the pics up : From http://diggcom/odd_stuff/This_doesn_t_happen_in_Australia

The Homer Simpson beer clock

Something strangely hypnotic watching Homer as he watches the Duff beer circle around his head A great little animation Buy it [url=http://wwwdrinkstuffcom/products/productaspID=5300&catID=-1&name=Homer+Simpson+Rotating+Eyes+Wall+Clock&recursive=true&newin=true]here[/url]
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