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Fire a bullet through colored chalk

Line up some colored chalk and fire a bullet through them What do you get A technocolor explosion Some people have too much time on their hands and too many weapons More photos from the authors website http://photonet/photodb/folderfolder_id=488067

20 famous doctored photos

Here is a list of 20 of the most famous doctored photos, some of which will be familiar to us all Whats interesting is how some hoaxes were sometimes not just for fun, but had real political aims behind them, and done by government agencies http://wwwtelegraphcouk/connected/mainjhtmlxml=/connected/2008/09/04/nosplit/dlhoaxes104xml Antelopes and trains in harmony This image of a herd of Tibetan antelopes running undisturbed beneath a train on the new Qinghai–Tibet railway was

Fox news the disinformation channel

I thought these pics were quite appropriate : [img]http://farm4staticflickrcom/3230/2790950732_f8c0c01554jpg[/img] From http://flickrcom/photos/djbriane/2790950732/ [img]http://lh5ggphtcom/intelproof/SLTGsywxXEI/AAAAAAAAAK8/I6QdSgSnLdI/2246jpgimgmax=640[/img] Even the Mexicans are getting it with Fox http://pacocalderonnet/modules/myalbum/photophplid=2246&cid=122

The greatest geek tombstone

This tombstone is the greatest geek epitaph I have seen

Google Maps - Map of the World 5500 BC

Amazing Google map image showing world human habitation on April 23 5,500BC Its great to see just how far we have come in such a short time From http://blameitonthevoicesblogspotcom/2008/08/google-maps-map-of-world-cca-5500-bchtml

Unfortunate sign in Yass Australia

Did no one actually pick up the unfortunate placement of words in the McDonald's sign in Yass Australia Or is it a form of subversive advertising

Cook Island Airport sign

Well at least they have a sense of humor, this Cook Island airport sign is a nice lighthearted approach to security

The best Chinese restaurant sign ever

Never trust an online translator to to give you an accurate translation of your Chinese name From http://adweekblogscom/adfreak/2008/07/then-well-grabhtml

Crazy church signs

After the last strange church sign with the crazy reverend, here are some more 'unusual' signs that have been photographed From: http://wwwholytacocom/2008/08/04/church-signs-that-wont-make-you-go-to-church/ [img]http://cdnholytacocom/www/wp-content/uploads/2008/08/passtheammojpg[/img] [img]http://cdnholytacocom/www/wp-content/uploads/2008/08/gpsjpg[/img] [img]http://cdnholytacocom/www/wp-content/uploads/2008/08/hannukahjpg[/img] [img]http://wwwholytacocom/details/i

Obama had one McCain had two

Anyone need another crazy Reverend http://wwwredditcom/comments/6utay/obama_had_one_mccain_had_two_pic/

Who is this woman?

Guess who this famous woman is A model A film star nope read down

Just how fresh is that salad?

Its froggy fresh : Nothing like some free protein with your meal

Two stowways hide in ships rudder for 3 days

Two African illegal immigrants traveled during three days in the rudder of a cargo ship They were arrested at the arrival of Cape Verde 17 July 2008 This has to be an insanely dangerous place to hide

Terminator Salvation - the next Terminator movie

This is a still from Terminator Salvation with Christian Bale taking out a Terminator The big question being, how the heck did a puny helicopter stop a Terminator This leaves worrying thoughts about the plot Full image of the picture http://gizmodocom/5026732/batmanuh-i-mean-john-connor-is-about-to-waste-this-terminator This flash-happy Terminator 4 — ahem, Terminator Salvation — teaser trailer teaches us the film will have skull crushing, robots running around everywhere, explosion

Police break womans leg on protest march

Protesters in a rally against businesses that abuse workers rights, were assaulted by police The woman in this photo had her leg broken by police removing the protesters from the road Roughly 30-40 protesters were marching towards a restaurant in North Providence when the police began following them en mass They told the marches to move to the sidewalk, while this was initially ignored, the marchers listened to the police and began slowly moving to the sidewalk The police then sur
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