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Twisted toys - the God action figure

With AK47 and cloak of invulnerability! This must make him a stronger God than er other gods From http://wwwredditcom/info/6qgdm/comments/

Work this out if you have been drinking

Here are some subtle toilet doors : From http://dirtgetswetcom/pics-images/194/now-thats-is-subtle

The full truck

Do you think that any more could possibly be loaded on this vehicle Taken somewhere in Morocco I think

The sign that lies

A sign that is not a sign is still a sign isn't it from http://farm1staticflickrcom/9/143733824_477aff1e69jpg

Tragic earthquake images from Sichuan China

Images from the Chinese earthquake Husband takes wife to the funeral home True love [img]http://farm3staticflickrcom/2404/2498411324_6dbd221c59jpg[/img] From http://flickrcom/photos/26599733@N04/2498411324/ [img]http://farm3staticflickrcom/2229/2496815512_874a7c189bjpg[/img] http://flickrcom/photos/26599733@N04/2496815512/ Damaged road in qingchuan country [img]http://farm3staticflickrcom/2253/2496436920_b2cc07e450jpg[/img] http://flickrcom/photos/26599733@N

Photo of bird strike on plane wing

Not much left of the bird in this photo of a bird strike on the wing of a plane

Russias Prime Minister has a crazy looking gun

Now theres a crazy looking gun Russia Strong! Russia's First Deputy Prime Minister and president-elect Dmitry Medvedev visits a Nuclear Research Centre in the city of Dubna outside Moscow, 18 April 2008

First images from Nasas Phoenix Mars lander

The Mars Phoenix lander has landed and the first images are being streamed back Looks pretty flat and Mars seems to be all black and white [img]http://spaceflightnowcom/mars/phoenix/images/lg_313jpg[/img] More images http://miscellaneous-sonstigesblogspotcom/2008/05/first-photos-from-marshtml http://spaceflightnowcom/mars/phoenix/statushtml

747 cargo plane split in half on runway

There is nothing in the article about having passengers onboard I think its a cargo plane I don't see any windeos along the body But still that must be a very scary event What would happen if it was actually in the air It would resemble the opening scenes of LOST A US registered 747 operated by Kalitta Air spilt in to two pieces following a takeoff accident at the airport in Brussels, Belgium today The flight crew reportedly heard a loud noise just before the fuselage separated du

Racer hightails it over the water when boat flips

This picture has almost biblical allusions Joe Peroceschi, of Muskego, Wisc, is thrown from his boat, Smokin Joe, after losing control on a windy course at the Budweiser Drag Boat Nationals held at Wappapello Lake in Southeast Missouri Peroceschi, who reportedly suffered a shattered pelvis, was racing against Poppa's Toy, left, driven by Rick Conklin, of Ottawa, Ill AP/Daily American Republic, Paul Davis / May 18, 2008 From Orlandosentinalcom

Rush hour in North Korea

The crowds! the crowds! This photo proports to show rush hour in North Korea Maybe, but its a nice relaxing place anyway from http://wwwlinkinncom/static/_rush_hour_in_north_koreahtml

New playground for bears

Bears happy with new playground If bears wander around the house so freely, just how safe would it be letting the kids play on the equipment in the first place A family living on the outskirts of Anchorage decided to build a sturdy, colorful playground for their 3 and 4 year old sons, with smooth-stone gravel all around it to avoid knee scrapes and other injuries They finished building it on Saturday evening, and the following morning, as mom was about to wake up the boys and have them

When custom plates go wrong

Read this clever plate from Virginia Great to see that they are putting kids first from http://wwwphotobasementcom/virginia-puts-kids-first/

Amazing National Geographic pictures

Here are some amazing images from National Geographic The one below is just a small version of the full image, well worth visiting the link before the bandwidth issues kill it : http://timepassonlyfanpicscom/nationalgeographicchannelstrikesagainmin

A most unflattering picture

What is this person eating Whats the matter with this persons hair What gender is this person What on earth is the guy behind her thinking So many questions so few answers From http://wwwdirtybuttoncom/pictures/84-cookie-monster/
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