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Amazing sound and light show

Watch this presentation, its really neat and absorbing There is a real pattern to it Every time the outer orange ball crosses the line they all hit at once Facinating http://wwwcoverpopcom/whitney/whitneyChromaticswf Stereo version http://wwwcoverpopcom/whitney/whitneyStereoswf More of them here http://wwwcoverpopcom/whitney/indexphpvar=v17

When old bikers go soft

Get your motor running Get out on the highway Looking for adventure But don't forget to take the kitchen sink The bikers RV - when old bikers go soft From http://redditcom/info/6d1a7/comments/

Pictures of cats getting washed

These are really funny! This is one of a selection of pictures of cats being washed with witty commentary Click on the link to see the rest, they are worth it http://emailfromgrandmacom/2008/03/17/washing-cats/ [b]"No, no, no, no…NOOOO!!!!"[/b]

Is this wolf picture real or photoshopped?

A big debate at present is over the photo of a wolf stalking a family The arguments run betwen it being real, because of the picture exif settings, or photoshopped because of the unnatural eyes and the composition being so 'lucky' The version here has been changed by me, being cropped, reduced and lightened, the original being much more darker Here is the claimed original picture http://socialtechca/ade/misc/wolf_full_sizejpg This is the original webpage on the image

Car gets unwanted air conditioning

It was a convertable as well, so didn't need it I wonder what the background is to this image, I guess it blew off a roof Here is the original picture http://s262photobucketcom/albums/ii94/TheWalkingDude/action=view&current=1201691680261jpg

Its the running of the cows

In Amsterdam 100 women compete in Stiletto's to win a $15000 frst prize The shoes would have to be reinforced, not to mention the difficulty in actually running in them Women tested their speed -- and sense of balance -- in the third Stiletto Run, in Amsterdam More than 100 competitors ran 300 meters, and the winner received 10,000 euros, equivalent to about $15,000 Photo: Toussaint Kluiters/Reuters

Massive 12 mile freight truck jam in England

A strike by French workers has caused a backlog of trucks waiting to get over the Channel, with a 12 mile queue of parked vehicles I wonder if perishable goods are being transported, its a real mess Operation Stack, Kent Police's emergency plan to deal with the back log of freight from the port of Dover has now been running for 9 days as the result of a strike by Sea France workers Large sections of the highway are turned into truck parks Over 12 miles of the M20 motorway the main fr

If Internet phrases were used in the real world

If you can read this then you have been on the net for too long What does that small message at the bottom mean

Amazing pictures of the space shuttle preparation

Normally you just see the shuttle when it is flying, but check out these amazing pictures of the preparation work needed to get it airborne Just the scale of the equipment is astounding, such as the giant sling that lifts the shuttle itself and the size of the external fuel tank its images like this that show that the shuttle is not just a 'space bus' but incredably complex and demanding All pictures here http://wwwdarkroastedblendcom/2007/03/rarely-seen-shuttle-activitieshtml

Wacko of the day - woman with really long fingernails

You have to wonder how she feeds hersef, sleeps or does anything like dress with nails like that In the background must be some poor sod giving her 24/7 personal attention What on earth goes round in her mind that she even got into such a situation, this must have taken years in the growing More pictures on the link http://wwwcomic-freakscom/comic-pictures/longest-nailshtml

The amazing Black Bear road

Black Bear Road is a notorious jeep trail that starts from 11,018 foot summit of Red Mountain Pass on US Highway 550 between Ouray and Silverton to Telluride, Colorado Black Bear Road is a difficult, dangerous trail even for four-wheel drive vehicles If you have to be rescued, expect a towing bill in four figures In 1975 two New Jerseyans successfully completed the entire 4 wheel drive road from Red Mountain Pass to Telluride following this route while driving a 1970 Ford F-250 f

Salvadorean prisoner demonstates lethal injection room

A salvadorean inmate demonstrates the new lethal injection faciilities The inmate is sentanced to 50 years for kidnapping and plagiarism Serves him right for breaching copywrite Darn plagarists should all be executed This may be the future of all illegal music downloaders as well Salvadorean inmate Walter Rivera, 42, who is sentenced to 50 years under the charges of plagiarism and kidnapping, participates in a lethal injection death penalty demonstration at PAVON jail in Fraijanes, 26

The tiny muscle builder

You have to admire this little guy, however I wonder if they couldn't find him something better to wear than childs clothes At just 2ft 9in, Indian muscleman Aditya 'Romeo' Dev is the world's smallest bodybuilder Pint-sized Romeo is well-known in his hometown of Phagwara, India - for his ability to lift 15kg dumbbells - despite his overall 9kg body weight Every day, crowds flock to the local gym to the see the mini-muscleman in training Unlike many dwarfs, Romeo is well

The rolling bench

Don't you hate sitting on a wet bench, just use the handle to roll the slats over to get some dry ones This has wonderful potential for getting drunks off the bench at night Just sneak up and roll them off If it was mains powered it could be done automatically every 2 hours or so at night After a rainstorm most of us would like to move out of our houses, into the clean air This is the time when the mood is just right, however, benches do act spoilt sports None of really want to si

Kiwi on motorbike photographed carrying BBQ

Another creative kiwi! A New Zealander photographed riding a motorcycle along Melbourne's Eastern Freeway with a barbecue strapped to his body has admitted it wasn't a bright idea And the man known only as "Stuart" is also having second thoughts about an earlier incident when he carried a two-seater couch on his motorbike "I do think it was dangerous," he told the Herald Sun newspaper yesterday "I don't think I'll carry anything but a pillion passenger from now on"
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