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The worlds ugliest building?

The Ryugyong Hotel or Ryu-Gyong Hotel or Yu-Kyung Hotel or the 105 Building is a towering, empty concrete shell that was once intended for use as a hotel in Sojang-dong, in the Potong-gang District of Pyongyang, North Korea The hotel's name comes from one of the historic names for Pyongyang: Ryugyong, or "capital of willows" Its 105 stories rise to a height of 330 m 1,083 ft, and it boasts some 360,000 m 39 million ft of floor space, making it the most prominent feature of the

Kenyan riot photo

Yet again another African country self destructs because of the tribal systems that only divide and oppress Meanwhile some guy sits in a truck with a burning tyre on it A Sort of metaphor for Africa really KISUMU, KENYA - A man belonging to the Luo tribe, and supporters of Kenya's opposition leader Raila Odinga, sits inside a destroyed vehicle with a burning tyre on its roof during ethnic clashes in the Western Kenyan town of Kisumu 29 January 2008 Kofi Annan launced formal crisis

Hermit crab in a glass shell

Neat image of a hermit crab hiding in a glass shell Obviously the transparancy of the shell didn't bother the crab much from http://walloutcom/node/106

The Navy P-3 Orion planes that don't exist

A plane with no ID and a Side Looking Airborne Radar underneath, Just what you need to see through the clouds From the link [quote]Love Field's mystery aircraftno reg number or decalsrumored mission is drug interdiction along the Texas/Mexico border, but who knows I've been able to ask numerous officials at DAL about this aircraft and I get the same answer every time, "That aircraft doesn't exist" This photo says otherwise, but the government is doing a great job i

Useless Croatian passport

Yep its a shapeless person in a Burka When political correctness becomes farsical

Baseball Bat attack!

Great photo, look at the bat flying in from the right hand side, it seems to be hitting the guy in the green shirt Looks like the lady in the pink and black striped top hasn't even noticed whats happening

New Moscow bridge missing structual bolts

A disaster waiting to happen, a new bridge in Moscow shows that many of the construction bolts are actually missing on the structure Hey what bolts, who needs them, we already have plenty there Many more pictures, see the bridge before it collapses : http://englishrussiacom/p=1737

The woodpile tree - image

Some bored artistic wood stacker has made a tree out of a stack of firewood, even placing it beside a woodpile tree stump with an axe Very nice picture : from http://redditcom/info/65ted/comments/

Ford electric vehicle battery fire

Darn, the batteries caught fire in this little Ford electric vehicle, would be a bit nasty if you were driving it at the time An unwanted side effect of Lithium Ion electric vehicles http://wwwengadgetcom/

A selection of perfect adverts

These are great! Some of them may be very unPC but they are all worth seeing http://funtasticuscom/20080110/a-selection-of-perfect-ads/

A chemical weapons disposal suit with a heat seal

Wow, the operators of these chemical weapons suits are HEAT SEALED into them [quote]A chemical-weapons-disposal worker gives the thumbs-up sign as he is heat-sealed into his demilitarization-protective ensemble Use of these suits is routine for maintenance entries into agent-contaminated areas of chemical-demilitarization plants Despite supplied air, cooling packs and other devices, time in the suits is limited to about two hours [/quote]

The fake old bridge

Take a boring concrete bridge, seen below, and add one talented artist, and you get the illusion of a beautiful stone bridge Its a very good paint job Here is the "after" picture full size here http://wwwohiobarnscom/othersites/wallmurals/md/WM20-10bridge-01jpeg The illusion bridge website http://bridgeskylinenet/indexhtml The artwork is really intricate! Look at these 'fake' doors http://bridgeskylinenet/features/featureshtml [img]http://bridgeskylinenet/p

A fun Pool party always needs electricity to get the place hopping

Beer, water and electricity, what a great summer mix They still have some unused power outlets, they could move the stereo and fridge into the pool as well Obviously only an idiot would have his beer so close to the grill This pic may originate in Southern Germany They all managed to get out of the gene pool An After shot http://wwwlinuxnode/_data/gallery/nwl7/DSCN7854JPG they all survived http://wwwlinuxnode/_data/gallery/nwl7/DSCN7830JPG

The Russian boat ferry

Great pictures of a Russian boat ferry- that ferries boats on land How do you get a boat from the bottom of the dam to the top Load it on a boat ferry and take it for a drive on the land A series of photos on the link http://englishrussiacom/p=1676 See the boat ferry on the right below, taking the boat up a ramp to the lake above the dam

The strange little big eared hopping Jerboa

What hops like a kangaroo, has huge ears An "extraordinary" desert creature has been caught on camera for what scientists believe is the first time The long-eared jerboa, a tiny nocturnal mammal that is dwarfed by its enormous ears, can be found in deserts in Mongolia and China Zoological Society of London ZSL scientist Jonathan Baillie said the footage was helping researchers to learn more about the mysterious animal The species is classified as endangered on the IUCN Red
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