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Driving in Siberia

Mud mud glorious mud! I read in a travel book that the best time to visit Siberia is during the winter Why Because the roads are frozen solid and able to be easily used Here is what they look like in the other three seasons It looks like everywhere is "offroad" driving, to such an extent they have land ferries below to take cars across the worst parts of the roads More photos on the link http://englishrussiacom/p=1668#more-1668

Exploding ordnance in Iraq

It's a spectacular photo of the controlled detonation of a cache of unexploded ordnance, in Iraq, by US Air Force airmen with the 447th Expeditionary Civil Engineering Squadron's explosive ordnance disposal Links to bigger pictures [url=http://chamorrobibleorg/images/photos/gpw-20050304-UnitedStatesArmy-061014-A-5493S-057-cache-unexploded-ordnance-detonated-near-Forward-Operating-Base-Falcon-Iraq-20061014-largejpg]BOOM!![/url] and http://chamorrobibleorg/gpw/gpw-20050304htm

British army training attack using plastic light sabres

According to the blurb its a training exercise, but what on earth are they training for being hit with nerf bats British soldiers arrive to take part in a joint training operation with Iraqi army soldiers at al-Shuaiba military base in the southern city of Basra, 27 November 2007 British troops are focusing on providing specialist backup and training to the Iraqi security forces, patrolling Iraq's border with Iran to prevent the smuggling of arms and giving support to the economic re

Who'se junk room is this, and what did they find in it?

Just who's junk room do you think this is It surprised me when I found out, it looks so ordinary [url=http://wonder-full-worldblogspotcom/2007/11/tutankhamun-mystery-solvedhtml] Answer here[/url]

Time to pat the turkey

Check out the expression on the guy on the right When asked to pat the turkey he doesn't know which one to go for :

Is the NFL trying to reduce sporting codes competition?

Is this sign an underhand attempt by the NFL to reduce the threat of football soccer in America posed by the publicity around Beckham The question that needs to be addressed is just who's side the archers are on

High definition video and photos of the moon

Beautiful stark photos of the moon taken by the Japanese KAGUYA lunar explorer Guess what, no domes or alien ruins The Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency JAXA and public broadcaster NHK have succeeded in capturing the world’s first high-definition video of the moon taken from lunar orbit The 8x time-lapse video was shot using an HDTV camera aboard the KAGUYA lunar explorer, aka SELENE SELenological and ENgineering Explorer, while in orbit 100 kilometers 62 miles above t

But its not like that in the movies

Have you ever seen in the movies where the heroes are hiding behind plywood doors and walls in perfect safety while bullets fire all around them Here is a good example why its baloney Just look at the walls around this room! Accuracy is paramount during live fire FIBUA training http://wwwmilitaryphotosnet/forums/showpostphpp=2852966&postcount=38

Chess boxing - coming to a ring near you

So you thought boxing was about people brainlessly beating each other up Well get ready for chess boxing, where chess players not only play chess but at the same time take out their frustrations in the ring on the other player Just imagine how this might have gone down during the chess battles between America and Russia in the 1970's Germany's Andreas Stoldt R and David "Double D" Depto of USA partake in a bout of 'Chess-Boxing' during the world championships in Berlin 03 No

How much space does it take to move people by car bike or bus?

This is a comparison of the amount of space, and resources it takes to move people by car, bus or bikes I never reailised just how inefficient in terms of use cars are However if you have a rainy day and live in the 'burb's probably nothing is easier than to jump in the car to go to work

Helicopter hits petrol tanker

Hows this for lucky I hope everyone bought themselves a lottery ticket afterwards Nobody was seriously hurt when a helicopter crashed into a tanker as it was attempting an emergency landing at Rudskogen near Rakkestad in the southeast of Norway on 29 October 2007 The three people onboard scrambled out after the crash without serious injuries The fire brigade arrived on the scene soon after the crash and covered the site in foam to prevent any possibilty of fire

The hand grenade alarm clock that you throw to turn off

Can you imagine the chaos that will ensure when one day someone throws their hand grenade alarm clock at the wall, only to miss and have the beeping grenade fly out into the street Rumi Nagai of Toyo Trading displays a hand grenade lookalike clock at the company's headquarters, in Tokyo, Japan, 29 October 2007 The 2000 yen 12 euro built-in digital alarm clock grenade is [b]designed to be thrown on a wall as it rings to be turned off[/b]

Da Vincis Last Supper has gone online

Officials have put online an image of the "Last Supper" at 16 billion pixels 1,600 times stronger than the images taken with the typical 10 million pixel digital camera[quote]You can see how Leonardo made the cups transparent, something you can't ordinarily see You can also note the state of degradation the painting is in[/quote] said Artioli http://wwwhaltadefinizionecom/en/cenacolo/lookasp You can't deny that the person to the left of Jesus is female Its got a female oval

The farmboy zombie - not a face to wake up beside in the morning

Rooms below the grandstand at Wellington's Basin Reserve were decorated for Halloween, for the annual Body Art Rocks event's fourth instalment on Saturday night Fourteen artists had from midday till 6pm to turn their model's body into art Karen Havican painted for six "gruelling" hours to create her farmboy zombie character - which netted her second in the body painting section http://stuffconz/4253592a10html

Pig racing!

Are they sprinters or just trotters I wonder what their names are The Flying Pork Makin Bacon Pigs race at Sriracha Tiger Zoo in Chon Buri province, southeast of Bangkok, Thailand The zoo has recently started training pigs to supplement its performing crocodiles and tiger breeding It can sure make hog-picking a cleaner ordeal!
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