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Orangutan in banana heaven

This is one happy Orangutan : Now he just has to eat like mad before they all go off From [url=http://blogs24com/ViewCommentsaspxmid=6b6f8d6c-5372-49a1-b26d-276c99e5ce85&blogid=757ebc7c-22f2-4894-8bf7-ff449f941fdb]here[/url] better quality image on the link

Guess the strange little animal...

OK, heres a contest, can you guess what this beast is answer in the other post

Beautiful color photographs from WW2

Not just the military side, which are fantastic, but also the workers behind the lines These photos are just amazing, well worth perusing http://wwwshorpycom/taxonomy/term/21 October 1942 P-51 "Mustang" fighter planes being prepared for test flight near the North American Aviation plant in Inglewood, California

Ohhh Arrrr me pirate ship is getting its barnacles blasted

The 'Black Pearl' sailing ship, used in the movie 'Pirates of the Caribbean' is being repaired in a shipyard in Ensenada, Mexico, 15 October 2007

Underground Wonders of the World: Lost Caverns and Cities

This article has a real "wow" factor, showing 7 of the most amazing man made underground caverns and cities http://weburbanistcom/2007/10/15/7-more-underground-wonders-of-the-world-lost-caverns-and-cities/ For example Tokyo, Japan is at the heart of a strange and gripping mystery involving seven riddles and a supposed secret underground city It all began when Japanese researcher Shun Akiba found an old map of the Tokyo tunnel system that didnít match current maps Sinc

What does 206 million dollars look like

Something about the size of a king size bed I wonder if so much money has its own smell Authorities confiscated more than $200 million in US currency from methamphetamine producers in one of this city's ritziest neighborhoods, they said Friday, calling it the largest drug cash seizure in history The seizure reflected the vast scope of an illegal drug trade linking Asia, Mexico and the United States, officials said Two of the seven people arrested Thursday at a faux Mediterranea

The cats house - within a humans house

Look at this neat design, a cats house within the humans house I don't know any more about the house apart from this one picture, but here is the link to the site http://wwwpixtv/indexhtm

Beautiful pictures from the last Shuttle mission

I am amazed at the clarity of these pictures, I guess a vacuum is a good medium for photography Well worth seeing They are far better than this stripped down image shows http://wwwtexasjimcom/NASApix/NASA%20pixhtm

The gummi bear chandelier

This chandelier is made up from gummi bears, those little jelly like sweets Making a chandelier out of gummi bears does seem problematic, what happens when the lightbulb heats them up Or after a few months and the dust gets on them, not to mention flies Still its a unique creation Another picture is on the link http://wwwyayachoucom/sculptures/gummi_chandelierhtm

Modernised famous pictures

Something Awful has a great series of subtle and obvious changes to famous masters to bring them up to date Funny http://wwwsomethingawfulcom/d/photoshop-phriday/modernized-art2phppage=1 I added the text to this picture

The most intense tattoo I have ever seen

Sorry, but the guy must be a real moron to do that to his face But its an amazing bit of work From http://modblogbmezinecom/2006/11/13/you-call-yourself-a-misfits-fan/ via Diggcom [img]http://modblogbmezinecom/wp-content/uploads/200611131458-pix1jpg[/img]

Is this woman real?

A facinating look at how someone reproduced from scratch a picture of a model in about 70 to 100 hours of work Click the link to see the process This painting started as an exercise for a portrait workshop I taught in 2005 In order to provide the best reference for my students, I took a digital photograph in my studio of a local model Tica with my Nikon Coolpix 8700, then printed copies for each student on my Epson 9600 printer The goal was to work from reference that provided

Anyone need a bed? - The Municipal Lodging House

This is a place where a snorer could wreck havoc on 100's of people at once Eugene de Salignac took this photo of the Municipal Lodging House - a 1909 Home for the Homeless on November 22, 1930 The six-story Municipal Lodging House was built from 1905 to 1909 on 25th Street between First Avenue and the East River The $400,000 structure had 964 beds -- 800 iron bunks for men on three floors; the rest were for women and children, the first time specific provision had been made for

Picture of a wild banana an ancestor of todays bananas

This photograph shows seed-packed fruit of Musa balbisiana, one of the ancestors of the edible bananas The banana may be one of the first crops to be domesticated by man They may have evolved along with the earliest settled agriculture and may therefore be some tens of thousands of years old Banana is now one of the most popular of all fruits Although it is viewed as only a dessert or an addition to breakfast cereal in most developed countries, it is actually a very important ag
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