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Rescue dog jumps out of helicopter

Thats some dog! Did he jump, or was he pushed [quote]A rescue dog jumps from a helicopter to join its master R during a rescue simulation in Pisogne, northern Italy, September 15 2007 The event was part of a training session for water rescue situations which involved a jump from a helicopter The training is organised by a school in Lombardia which provides rescue training for volunteers and dogs REUTERS/Alessandro Garofalo ITALY[/quote] From[url=http://wwwmilitaryphotosn

Armed Forces Recruiting Center campaign

Looks for suicidal teens to enlist :tongue:tongue Could be a hoax, but you never know http://redditcom/info/2q1jt/comments

No George, the OTHER right arm

Check out George : Obviously his minder was busy at the time : From http://bartcopnationcom/dc/dcboardphpaz=show_mesg&forum=2&topic_id=418653&mesg_id=418653&page=

The Giant floating banana of Texas and song

A giant floating banana is being constructed in texas to do something Indeed everything is bigger in Texas Argentinian-born artist Cesar Saez is building a giant banana, to be filled with helium and floated in a geostationary orbit over Texas Basically, the banana will be constructed like a blimp Filled with helium, it will float between 30 and 50 km up in the sky It will have a semi-rigid structure made of bamboo and a skin made with synthetic paper Thanks to extra lo

When the neighbours above you have a leak

Look at this amazing ceiling, whatever the product is that made it, its holding a massive amount of water leaked from a room above More amazing pictures of the room http://englishrussiacom/p=1410

Winch your car into the garage picture

Some dumb contracter build a house with a driveway so steep it would require a winch or a military vehicle to get into Even if it could get up its going to bottom out on the ends I wonder what they can do, you can't lower the angle without going out into the road

Pirates picture and CGI

This is amazing a before and after picture from a Pirates movie, showing how much has been added electronically afterwards Interesting comments here http://redditcom/info/2lfky/comments

Unusual machines

Pictures of unusual machinery These pictures of unusual machines are worthy of a thread by themselves! The biggest ship in the world The Knock Nevis is a Norwegian owned supertanker, formerly known as Seawise Giant, Happy Giant, and Jahre Viking She is 458 metres 1504 feet in length and 69 m 226 ft in width, making her the largest ship in the world She was built between 1979 and 1981, damaged during the Iran-Iraq War, and refloated in 1991, but is now used as an immobile off

How not to park your engine

If all else fails, immortality can always be assured by spectacular error" — John Kenneth Galbraith I wonder where this amazing pic was taken From [url=http://wwwfutilityclosetcom/]here[/url]

Ducklings in a cup picture

This makes a cute photo, but they can't really do much A pair of tiny abandoned ducklings found battling against waves after being washed out to sea are being nursed back to health - in a teacup The fluffy birds were saved from a watery grave when they were found by passing canoeist Chris Murray http://wwwdailymailcouk/pages/live/articles/news/newshtmlin_article_id=471537&in_page_id=1770&in_page_id=1770

Look at this beautiful Norwegian picture

Maciek Duczynski is the photographer of these amazing pictures This seems to be his site with another amazing photo http://photonet/photodb/photophoto_id=5004461&size=lg Lots of debate on the image, its creationa nd the photographer http://redditcom/info/2fo31/comments

I don't think these people like losing their parking spaces.

Certainly this is a not to be missed sign if you dare try to steal a park

Chocolate wrestling

If you lose you still get to lick yourself clean Revellers wrestle in chocolate during the one-week, round-the-clock Sziget 'Island' Music Festival on an island in the Danube river, in Budapest http://wwwstuffconz/0a23997html

Australian soldiers in Afghanstan

What a great photo, its an unrelenting landscape, no vegetation and no humans all the way to the mountains Soldiers find refuge in the shade of their vehicle The Afghan environment can be unforgiving for the soldiers in combat gear, reaching mid 40s during the summer Date taken: 12 August 2007 From http://wwwmilitaryphotosnet/forums/showpostphpp=2708867&postcount=18

Dont tread on me - First Navy Jack

This is a flag I have never seen before The oldest comissioned active ship in the USN has the exclusive privledge of flying this First Navy Jack Here is some more information on this flag http://wwwnavyjackinfo/ In the fall of 1775, as the first ships of the Continental Navy readied in the Delaware River, Commodore Esek Hopkins issued a set of fleet signals Among these signals was an instruction directing his vessels to fly a striped Jack and Ensign at their proper places
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