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Recovery Diver in the Mississippi river

Now here is a facinating helmet, with a camera and light I think MINNEAPOLIS, Minn Aug 11, 2007 - Chief Navy Diver, Scott Maynard attached to Mobile Diving and Salvage Unit MDSU 2, readies for a dive into the Mississippi river in support of ongoing search and recovery operations of the I-35W bridge collapse From http://wwwmilitaryphotosnet/forums/showpostphpp=2701667&postcount=24

One tough old boat - The USS Buchanan

On June 13, 2000 the USS Buchanan became a target ship at Pacific Missile Range Facility Canadian and Australian forces tried to sink her for more than 24 hours She took Three hits from Hellfire missiles fired from SH-60 LAMPS helos; Three Harpoon Missiles fired from RAAF F-111 & US P-3 aircraft and several allied ships; and a GBU-24 2400 lb laser guided bomb The USS Buffalo's MK-48 torpedo that was to have delivered the coup de grace malfunctioned Buchanan stayed afloat all n

Get this Zombie protection for every home

Do you lie awake at night wondering what your excape plan will be when your neighbours become zombies The you need one of these From http://wwwtecheblogcom/indexphp/tech-gadget/in-case-of-zombies-break-glass

An amazing picture of a hurricane approaching...

off the Atlantic seaboard - snap shot from a ship [url]http://wwwvumecom/photos/view/43404[/url]

Serial seagull shoplifts Doritos from shop, shares with feathered gang

Criminal bird gang robs doritos from shop Not this fellow He simply pops to the shops And his tastes, it seems, are rather particular It has to be tortilla chips But not just any kind Only Chilli Heatwave flavour Doritos will do Luckily for him, they are always in the same place in his favourite corner shop Pics and article on link http://wwwdailymailcouk/pages/live/articles/news/newshtmlin_article_id=469620&in_page_id=1770

Photoshop or caption this ...

This guy has an amazing expression, all it needs is some suitable words [b]Attacking giant green jelly bean!!! RUN!!!![/b]

Cyclist gets distracted - ouch

Maybe he was looking at the photographer From http://wwwfudidoemeiobloggercombr/

How about a dog carrier for your motorbike

He seems quite happy sitting there on the back :

Frozen baby mammoth

Researchers at Japans Jikei University will soon be checking the mailbox for a cool package from Siberia the recently discovered frozen body of an ancient baby mammoth The nearly complete body of the female calf, said to be one of the best-preserved specimens of frozen mammoth ever discovered, is estimated to have been less than one year old before it was preserved in ice about 10,000 years ago According to the Russian Tass news agency, a reindeer herder stumbled upon the 130 cm 4 ft 3

Grated kid anyone?

This child has grater things in his future! He is about to become a slice above the rest and is just going to pieces over this slide!

Goats in trees

I never knew goats could climb trees, but I suppose they are very agile and up for the challange Heres a site showing more goats in trees! [url=http://wwwthe-treeorguk/SpecialBranch/InTree/goatshtm]the-treeorguk[/url] In drought-ridden conditions when there is little else to eat, goats will climb up a variety of trees in many of the warmer countries in the world It is an unusual sight here in Britain where we have plenty of grazing at a lower level and fewer goats Some holi

Wacky pets

Cat and mouse The mouse seems to have the upper hand :

Confusing street signs

Somewhere in deepest suburbia in New Zealand

George and Putin having fun

Out for a days fishing with George Senior Good old George is having a joke on Pooty

Hamas get owned

Officially this picture is of Hamas showing off their guns again But the Russian graffitti on the wall owns them Take a look at the strings on the wall It's Russian, in English phrase sounds like: [b]"Arabs ass All Arabs will die/fall in the future" [/b][/quote] http://wwwmilitaryphotosnet/forums/showpostphpp=2610064&postcount=73
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