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If Michaelangelo had lived today - the fat Statue of David - image

Imagine if Michelangelo was a sculptor today, he would have to use a heck of a lot more marble! This is for sale on Amazon, and worth buying for the sarcastic social commentary alone http://wwwamazoncom/exec/obidos/ASIN/B003M0GGCG/02-26-20/

Cleaning Lenin - every good corpse needs a wash

Even the corpse of Lenin, preserved and permanently on show in Moscow, needs some cleaning and service a few times a year He sure scrubs up well [img]http://englishrussiacom/images/lenins_thomb/12jpg[/img] More pictures of Lenin at bath time on the link http://englishrussiacom/p=659

How many circles can you see? - crazy image

This little picture really got me, for a while I couldn't see any circles at all and thought it was an elaborate joke like "How many elephants are in the picture" However commentators in the thread http://conflusionscom/2007/07/03/how-many-circles-can-you-see/ talked about seeing 16 circles, and sure enough after a while they all popped into existance

The 3 barrels, 18 shots, 3 firing pins, 6.35mm pistol cartridge Spanish revolver - image

A revolver made in Spain probably as a single piece To adapt the 635 pistol cartridge the cylinder has two connected rings in which one can insert the cartridges and closing the second ring, the cartridges are safely stored - similar today's speed-loader On the back of the strap is a switch, center position will hit the inner circle, left position six hits skipping one in the outer circle and after pushing to the right the firing pin will hit the remaining six cartridges Under the

Attack!! - funny image

Slow news day, here's a kitten launching itself on a human

The shot that nearly killed me - war photographers talk about their photos

War photographers show the photos that represents their most dangerous experiences A sobering and eye opening read The situation was very tense – people were drunk and aggressive I was with two other photographers most of the time, but at this moment I went back to the road alone I saw three soldiers smoking, playing with their guns, and felt safe – I don't know why Then I saw a man with a knife in his mouth, coming out of the bush – he was holding up a hand like a trophy The sol

Happy Christmas unpack your Lamborghini - image

Imagine Fed Ex dropping this on your front lawn Some lucky person got a Lamborghini delivered for Christmas, here is the unpacking I am disappointed at the lack of bubble wrap or polystyrene beads But imagine the joy of rolling back that white cloth From: http://wwwredditcom/r/pics/comments/nz0ed/lamborghini_unboxing/

Truck full of printer ink rolls - must have missed the cyan - image

A tractor trailer hauling printer ink rolled spewing its contents across the highway and forcing the closure during this morning's rush hour of the ramp linking Route 128 and Interstate 95 in Peabody More: http://wwwbostoncom/yourtown/news/peabody/2011/03/truck_crash_spills_ink_and_shuhtml

Lions looking to dine out. The door must be here somewhere ... image

Nothing worse than having meals on wheels delivered and not finding where the door is The dinner just looks so tasty

Strong Scottish winds take out wind turbine - image

Amazing photo of a wind turbine self destructing during strong winds in Scotland Stuart McMahon sent in this stunning image of a turbine at Ardrossan Windfarm bursting into flames during severe weather From: http://wwwbbccouk/news/uk-scotland-16094360

Driver blocks the street people get their revenge by tipping the car over - image

A driver in Greece left his Audi parked in the street, inconveniencing the other drivers They got their revenge by tipping it over Someone will be upset when they come back to their nice car More: http://wwwredditcom/r/Autos/comments/mtflb/be_careful_when_you_block_the_street_with_your/

Now here is a great party trick - seat savers - image

Sit it on someone's favorite fabric, a car seat, anywhere basically Its a great idea for a prank

Ginger seal outcast from colony saved by photographer - image

Born with rare brownish-red fur and wonky blue eyes, he was rescued from a beach on an island off Russia, in the Caspian Sea, after it was abandoned by its mother The pup's colour is the result of an accumulation of iron in its fur Oh and he's almost completely blind Photographer Anatoly Strakhov found the baby on Tyuleniy Island, away from the other seals on the beach The photographer, 61, said: ‘He was hiding and waiting for his mother to come and feed him He had a very strange c

Helicopter trims pole in accident - images

SEVEN people were hurt when a helicopter hit a metal light pole at a remote airport yesterday, which flipped the craft, crushed the pilot's cabin, and sent off a deadly explosion of fibreglass and splintered rotor blades One man in a nearby Troopie was lucky to escape serious injury after debris punched though the windscreen like bullets, scratching his arm A baggage handler loading one of two nearby metroliners is believed to have suffered cuts and a broken hand Eyewitness - contractor

Bodies on Everest .. image

Mt Everest has around 200 dead bodies on the mountain It is nearly impossible for recovery of a body off the mountain Most of the bodies are in the same exact position they were when they died Perfectly preserved in time because of the cold Along the route up to the summit climbers will pass all these bodies There are bodies over 50 years old that look like they were placed there yesterday The "death zone" is 26,000 feet Air is so thin that there is no margin for error Immediate f
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