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Slow news day - Bird? What bird? - image

Nope, I haven't seen the bird

Some days being a cat is just too exhausting - image

Its a hard life as a cat, all that sleeping, playing, eating and sleeping Every now and then you just have to collapse over the stress of it all

Salvage tug connecting to the tanker Shinyo Sawako - amazing picture

The salvage tug is trying to get close enough to the tanker Shinyo Sawako in order to bring it under tow THis photo may have been taken after this accident A collision between two Chinese vessels has left three people dead and 13 others missing, said reports from the southern port city of Kagoshima on Japan's Kyushu island Freighter Shinyo Sawako, a vessel from China's Hong Kong Special Administration Region, and the fishing boat Lurongyu 2177 from the Chinese mainland collided l

The Mirror Man - A street performer dressed in mirrors

The Mirror Man is a street performer totally covered in mirrors He was photographed at Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles The costume not only must have taken intricate planning, just look at the design of every mirror around the face, but must also be hard to wear and keep clean It must also be quite heavy to wear and require more than one person to get set up in All in all an impressive piece of work http://wwwflickrcom/photos/silverskysolutions/4091497399/in/set-7215762264923

The not so man eating Giant Clams- image

The giant clam, Tridacna gigas, or traditionally, pa’ua, is the largest living bivalve mollusk T gigas is one of the most endangered clam species It was mentioned as early as 1825 in scientific reports One of a number of large clam species native to the shallow coral reefs of the South Pacific and Indian oceans, they can weigh more than 200 kilograms 441 lb measure as much as 12 meters 4 ft across, and have an average lifespan in the wild of 100 years or more What's more, Nati

Amazing 3d building murals

Check out these great 3D murals on the sides of buildings The incredibly lifelike scenes are actually huge works of art, painted on the side of perfectly intact buildings Even that woman peering into the ruin above is not real Pugh paints people into the mural to heighten the 3D effect Another work, featuring a colossal wave about to crash on to a pavement in Honolulu, Hawaii, took two months of studio work to plan and a further six months to execute with the help of 11 other artists

Photo of camel thorn trees in Namibia - image

This looks like a painting, but it is a photograph Photographer Frans Lanting took this picture of camel thorn trees in Namib-Naukluft Park in Namibia The orange is a sand dune rising in the background It was chosen as the photo of the day for today, but it is also a part of the National Geographic feature story Namibia’s Coastal Parks, about how a newly-independent nation set aside large tracts of land to be protected for posterity http://photographynationalgeographiccom/photograp

Replace your boring garage door with a custom billboard

The days of boring garage doors are numbered because there are now photo tarpaulins for garage doors Garage doors have until now mostly been mouse gray and ugly – and often spoil the appearance of well-maintained homes Photo tarpaulins can give monochrome up-and-over garage doors a whole new look Jets, boats, animals, classic cars, graffiti, gates, brands, all manner of stuff Please note that the garage billboards are essentially designed for up-and-over garage doors With a little

Bear gets his own back - attacks ranger - image

A ranger who is trying to release a bear gets mauled by the bear The cage falls off the truck because the driver is trying to drive off Good comments http://wwwredditcom/r/pics/comments/haiym/just_letting_the_bear_out/

Hey there is a spider on the ceiling .. oh oh

Someone found a few spiders on their ceiling, I wonder if they are breeding Fly spray or flame thrower needed A thread about spider encounters [img]http://stuffucanusecom/thumbnail-pictures/Spider-breedingjpg[/img] http://wwwdiggcom/odd_stuff/What_s_that_on_the_ceiling_Look_closely

How to get to heaven - funny - image

Nothing like a nice sign laying out the way to get to heaven

Feel like a little mountainbiking?

From somewhere in the Italian Alps I imagine Somewhere called Passo dello Stelvio, the highest pass in italy http://wwwberteversnl/

Man watches a bunch of kooks walking over a pedestrian crossing - its the Beatles - image

Back in 1969 a man was watching a bunch of kooks walking back and forth over a pedestrian crossing A year later he saw an album cover called Abbey Road, by chance and recognized the four kooks he had seen To his surprise he was also on the cover He still doesn't like their music [quote]The old man pictured in the background on the Beatles’ Abbey Road record sleeve is now 92 years old, lives in Florida and has never listened to the album While on a London vacation with his wife in 1

Bobcats on a cactus - image

Apparently these are lynx, or bobcats, living wild and seemingly happy on top of cactus Who would have thought that cats could climb to the top and also be comfortable on top of a cactus Here is another cat on a cactus [img]http://amolifecom/image/images/stories/Animals/Cats/cat_cactus_4jpg[/img] From: http://amolifecom/image/animals/cat-and-cactushtml More: http://wwwredditcom/r/redditcom/comments/f7slv/cats_do_not_give_a_fuck_about_your_cactus/

Funny demotivational pictures

(  1  2) We have all seen those funny demotivational posters Here are some new ones, enjoy them!
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