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Plane and truck have a close shave - image

Pictures that people think are "intense" Of course that definition is in the eye of the beholder but here goes "Buffeted by crosswinds, a rescue plane crashes into a truck, while trying to land on a mountain highway near Sanarate Miraculously no one suffered serious injury" More "intense" pics [url=http://wwwredditcom/r/pics/comments/g7l6p/this_is_the_most_intense_photo_ever_taken/] Here[/url]

Bike left chained to tree in 1914 - when he went to war - look at it now

A boy left his bike up against the tree when he went away to War in 1914 and he never came back Makes the picture more poignant really On Vashon Island near Seattle, Washington, a tree grows carrying a rather unusual passenger - an old bike Apparently some kid chained a bike to the tree decades ago and never picked it up, leaving the tree no choice but to grow around the bike The tree and island gained some level of notoriety when Berkeley Breathed, creator of Bloom County, w

American Gothic - A doctor and his sister and a house - image

American Gothic is a painting by Grant Wood, in the collection of the Art Institute of Chicago Wood's inspiration came from a cottage designed in the Gothic Revival style with a distinctive upper window and a decision to paint the house along with "the kind of people I fancied should live in that house" The painting shows a farmer standing beside his spinster daughter not his wife, as so many parodies and references assume The figures were modeled by the artist's dentist and sister

Look what they have done to the Volvo, Ma ...

This unusual Volvo not only has been chopped to bits, but it has a different front on it Why I don't know but I expect to see some little bumps in the roof from when they try to take it over a speed bump I'd like to see the passengers getting in and out It is towing the caravan, so its really runs From: http://blogcardomaincom/blog/2008/12/what-the-hell-ihtml

Psycho bean picture and other optical illusions

This pic is not animated, its the strongest optical illusion I have ever seen of these types of pictures Goodness knows why such an innocuous shape is so powerful

The giant isopod from 8500 feet

A Sub-sea Survey Company recently fount this sea beast attached to one of their ROVs It measures over 25 feet head to tail, and latched onto the ROV at roughly 8500ft depth Unfortunately the location where it was found is unknown, as it was sent in by a contractor Lots of ideas and people who don't have a clue on the entertaining link of the original post below http://wwwredditcom/comments/biub6/my_god_its_a_monster/ [quote]A giant isopod may be one of approximately nine species o

Images taken from Google Streetview

The ubiquitous Google streetview travels the world taking images of the streets we all live in This website harvests those images and picks out some slices of life in the world http://9-eyescom/

Car transporter ship develops a list (leans to one side)

Look at the angle of the list on this ship, packed full of cars The Cougar Ace was en route from Japan to Vancouver, British Columbia, Tacoma, Washington, and Port Hueneme, California, with a cargo of 4,812 vehicles During a transfer of ballast water, she lost stability and developed an 80-degree list to port There were reports of a large wave striking the vessel during the ballast transfer, but it is unknown what effect this had on her loss of stability On July 24, the US Coast Guard s

Bridges that change the side of the road you drive on - image

This first bridge is part of a proposal to connect Hong Kong with mainland China To do that, they had to solve the problem of driving on the other side of the road In Hong Kong, people drive on the left side of the road In mainland China, they drive on the right side Here's the solution: A road flipper that physically twists the roads over each other An existing bridge that achieves that goal is the Lotus Bridge The Lotus Bridge is a cross border bridge linking Macau with Hengqin

New Airbus 380-600 crashed without ever leaving the ground - image

The employees of Abu Dhabi Aircraft Technologies who crashed this brand new Airbus A380-600 on the ground might be looking for new jobs The brand spanking new Airbus 340-600, the largest passenger airplane ever built, sat in its hangar in Toulouse, France without a single hour of airtime Enter the flight crew of Abu Dhabi Aircraft Technologies ADAT to conduct pre-delivery tests on the ground, such as engine runups, prior to delivery to Etihad Airways in Abu Dhabi The ADAT crew ta

Its a slow news day - here is a cat with bunnies - image

Cat and bunnies, a scene of still art Wouldn't be still for very long however You have to admire the patience of the cat

What is going on in this picture?

Is this the worst case of man arms ever seen, or some really poor photoshopping Or possibly the phantom arm is from a 3rd person Here is a great video from Seinfield on [url=http://wwwyoutubecom/watchv=bSL4cmFW_GU]Man hands[/url] embedding is disabled

Inca children found in Argentinian glacier - image

Five hundred years ago, three Inca children were left to freeze high in the cold Argentinian Andes as a religious sacrifice In time, their bodies mummified, having been swallowed in snow and entombed within the glacier, lost to time But centuries later, in a warmer world, their perfectly-preserved corpses were discovered beneath the melting snow When the three Inca children were discovered thanks to melting in the Andes, their well-preserved, mummified remains helped advance archeological

48 year old guy with a great physique - image

Herschel Walker was so poor that as a kid he couldn't afford weights, or to use a gym So he used his own body weight to exercise As a result he created a perfectly sculptured body without steroids Walker stated in an in-studio interview during BaD Radio on August 23, 2010 that he still performs 3,500 sit-ups and 1,000 push ups every day He has been going through this same routine since high school Read more about this amazingly talented athlete http://enwikipediaorg/wiki/Hers
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