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Android App #4 - Quick Movie Review

Sometimes I want to see quickly how good is a movie and am I just wasting my time with it when its coming on, or when renting a video yeah from a shop To that end I created Quick Movie Review, it is a small program that connects to RottenTomatoescom, a fantastic movie review site, and shows the Rating, Summary and Synopsis of the movie You can search for movies, and save your favorites for later Here is a link to it :- https://marketandroidcom/detailsid=commoviereview

Android App #3 - A GPS location finder now with GPS Messaging!!

Updates at the end New Messaging system New Weather and Search I had fun making this app Basically its a compass that points in the direction of a chosen latitude and longitude and gives a distance You can save the place you are at to a database and find your way back to it and view it on google maps I realized that it might be good to log in places ahead of time, so will develop that shortly I can see a lot of extra things I can make with this program that might be fun so I hope to

Google - Do a barrel Roll

Go to Google search, type in Do a barrel roll and watch the fun You can also click on the link https://wwwgooglecom/searchq=do%20a%20barrel%20roll Thats some fine coding!!!

My first Android App - Grocery Shopping App

Updates at the bottom Well I have done it, created and uploaded my first android app Its not a biggie, and it will probably get lost in a mass of other shopping lists, but its a start Its SQLite Database driven and runs through a Scrolling view window It works like this Update: Now with file uploads see later post Clicking the Buy/Not Buy resets the green progress bar and the small day counter number back to 0 each time you buy an item The green bar goes up to 30 d

My Android App #2 - A bike fitting calculator

When you get into cycling, even at a light recreational level, its important to get your bike fitted for your body size Not just the " can you stand over the top tube" type fitting, but the length of your torso, the length of your inner leg, and arms etc This simple app uses the Lemond system of calculations to best fit your seat height, handlebar length, and bike size to you It set up for road bikes, as the body is lower over the length of the bike, but will also work with commuters

How to update Firefox Portable with Adobe Flash

If you have Firefox Portable, which runs off your flash drive, you will have found, as I have, that Adobe doesn't want to update Apparently the most recent versions of Adobe flash are compiled in such a way as not to be installable on portable drives They also have prevented Firefox plugins from using a portable installation as well This seems to have upset legions of Firefox Portable users including myself I finally found a simple workaround from http://portableappscom/node/15501 An

Want to learn Android? Here are some resources

I am starting to learn Android, its the platform of the future, the open source version of the PC vrs Mac battle of the 1990's Eventually the inferior IBM, PC based computers won out, because of the greater programs and cheaper hardware In the same way Android will win out, as more phones and people can use them So how do we learn to program on Android There appears to be a number of programs out there before now I have tried few platforms http://xmbstuffucanusecom/xmb/viewthread

Stuffucanuse has an Android App!

Recently I bought a new cell phone advancing from an ordinary brick to a nice smartphone mobile One of the reasons for getting the machine is to learn how to program mobile apps To this end I have started working on the site There is now a dedicated mobile version fo the last 40+ topics published on the site at http://stuffucanusecom/mindexphp which is linked back on the top of the screen As there is limited space on a mobile screen it all flows down the page Then I looked at how

Google has 900,000 servers uses 0.01% of worldwide electricity use

Have Google watchers been overestimating the number of servers in the company’s data center network Recent guesstimates have placed Google’s server count at more than 1 million But new data on Google’s energy use suggests that the company is probably running about 900,000 servers Google never says how many servers are running in its data centers The new estimate is based on information the company shared with Stanford professor Jonathan Koomey, who has just released an updated report on

Survey finding: People who use the Internet Explorer browser have lower IQs

A survey of 100,000 people who completed an online IQ test found people who used Internet Explorer had lower IQ's A Vancouver based Psychometric Consulting company, AptiQuant, has released a report on a trial it conducted to measure the effects of cognitive ability on the choice of web browser AptiQuant offered free online IQ tests to over a 100,000 people and then plotted the average IQ scores based on the browser on which the test was taken And the results are really not that surpri

Backup your gmail account with this free program

In an age where you just can't seem to trust Google any more, after gmail account have been deleted or locked, its prudent to back up your contacts and details This free program loads up on your machine and connects into your gmail account and creates a backup Worth doing http://wwwtechspotcom/downloads/5153-gmail-backuphtml

Annoying Windows Error Messages are used in research - one study had 1 billion computers

Windows Error Messages go into a giant database that then gets mined by some clever software, and thousands of bugs get fixed based on those reports As well some studies are conducted on 1 billion machines and 1 million consumer machines 3rd party developers can even sign up to get access to the database so they can fix their bugs, too [quote][b]Windows Error Reporting WER is a distributed system that automates the processing of error reports coming from an installed base of a billion

Google introduces the +1 button - a LIKE system for the internet - video

Google has just made live a system where people can vote up a page that they like on the internet Its called +1, and the purpose is to create a Facebook type Like system for the net Good points Tries to get a visual ranking of good sites and content by users Its a good idea Bad points Your vote is public, well it can be Even just the aspect of having your account visible to all people on the net is problematic If its successful it will be an internet changer, however I fear

How We'll Layout Websites in 2016 - a guide for the future of web development

Peter @stopsatgreen delivered a lightning talk on the various CSS3 layout methods being developed by the W3C and his opinion on their potential future [flash=651x366]http://vimeocom/moogaloopswfclip_id=18999428[/flash]

Someone steal your camera? Submit an image from it here and find it

If someone has stolen your camera and posts an image on the internet then this site can match your camera photo with the stolen one Modern cameras have an exif code that lists the serial number of the camera in the photo After extracting that serial number from a picture you have taken with your camera it will search the internet and look for pictures with the same serial number http://wwwstolencamerafindercom/
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