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Get Firefox 4 web browser - it's awesome

Firefox 4 has been in development for a while yet with various betas appearing on the net Now however its in its final stage, and is released as the newest Firefox browser Its awesome http://wwwmozillacom/en-US/firefox/fx/ If you want to use your own web browser when on other machines, such as internet cafes, or at work, download Firefox portable and load it up on your flash drive Then you can plug your drive into a machine and have your own browser with your own bookmarks and

Want to buy some translucent concrete or rubber glass? - Great website

Inventables is a website that sells cutting edge technology Interested in luminescent thread, heat sensitive fabric or many other fascinating technologies This site is a must visit Inventables sell materials that designers, artists, and inventors use to develop new products and push the boundaries of what's possible http://wwwinventablescom/

Symantec video showing how the Stuxnet virus works - video

Symantec show how the Stuxnet virus can take over and control another computer called a Programmable Logic Controller PLC without the operator realizing whats happening PLC's don't look like typical computers,they are industrial programs used to control machinery Once Stuxnet finds a PLC it sends a message to its controller hacker, and then the controller tells Stuxnet how to change the programming code to do what he wants It might run machinery longer, or in a dangerous manner to

Have you ever wanted to find where a picture on the internet came from? Use Tineye.com

Recently I found this great website that takes an image, and finds copies of it on the net, which means you can track down its source For example On [url=http://wwwdelfiua/news/daily/foreign/na-bereg-novoj-zelandii-vybrosilis-73-kitadid=1177962]This site[/url] is supposedly an article about New Zealand whale standings, except the image is not one I have ever seen before So by uploading the url, of the image into http://wwwtineyecom/ I am able to see where else on the internet that

Why you need to keep your Adobe PDF reader up to date - hacker infected PDF's found

A security programmer gets sent a PDF only to find it was infected and tried to load a number of hacking programs such as a keylogger to his machine He pulls the PDF apart and finds a sophisticated injector program encoded inside Most of the exploits were for older versions of Adobe Reader, and he thinks he's OK, but even still his machine was infected as he didn't have the latest version Just a sobering reminder that even though you hate the "Update Now" actions of software such a

Traceroute - trace websites, email, and phone numbers from this easy to use website

This really handy site allows you to trace the origin of websites, and other personal details, giving a geographical origin of them Its a really handy tool with other features, such as finding which websites are on the same server http://wwwyougetsignalcom/tools/visual-tracert/

One of the most bizarre websites I have ever seen!

Check out Jim Carrey's website, its an incredibly creative effort, especially when the octopus tentacle takes over the screen http://jimcarreycom/

Wordpress templates from HireWordPressExperts.com have hidden code in an image

One of the most underhand ways of creating malware is to write code into an image itself, that runs when called on One example popped this week, regarding the themes from http://hirewordpressexpertscom/ They added some hidden code inside their wordpress themes to track which sites are using them and track the users as well However, their tracking server went offline and every site using it got this error on the sidebar: [quote]Surprisingly "this" string was found from image file wp

Google offers free webfonts that easily link into your site - great webdesign tool

Sick of using the usual arial, verdana or Times new Roman fonts on your website Google is about to unleash 18 new fonts that you can use on your site easily and free The state of the art in Web typography just a few years ago consisted of relying on a short list of "Web fonts" common to nearly every platform Anything fancier required replacing text with images, which looked great but hampered usability, especially for those with disabilities More advanced techniques came along,

Do your online videos stagger in Firefox? - You're not alone

Many users find that videos from the net have short staggers when you watch them in Firefox, it's not just you its Firefox, according to this useful Lifehacker article [quote]Ever since Firefox version 20 implemented the session restore function, when you are watching a video on YouTube, you may notice a tiny freeze-up of the video every 10 seconds or so This happens because the session restore is by default set to save all open tabs every 10 seconds This is especially noticeable if you

Google reveals requests by countries to block data - new tool

Google has launched an online tool which allows web users to see which countries have asked the company to hand over user data and to block access to specific sites The Government Requests Tool is Google’s latest effort to demonstrate its support for an uncensored Internet Its publication follows a highly publicized spat with China, where Google claims it had been under unacceptable pressure to censor web content Google said the number of governments censoring the Internet has risen

Windows 7 wake timers - a back door to your machine?

As I was trawling through the more obscure settings under advanced power options, I came across a setting called "Wake timers" Googling the words came up with this explanation [quote]Wake Timers are a component that programmers can use to wake an idle system and perform a routine function, when the system is in sleep mode Prior to Windows 7, the user had no control over this Windows 7 gives the user the option to disable or enable the sleep timers http://socialtechnetmicrosoftcom/

Kingston SD Memory cards have core components from Toshiba/Sandisk

An electronic manufacturer working in China gets a supply of bad Kingston SD Memory Cards After getting suspicious that they might be fakes, he dissembles a selection of SD cards and finds that despite the Kingston labels they all come from Toshiba/Sandisk and Samsung So Kingston don't actually make their own SD cards, with their own components, they are vendors that use others components Every Kingston card surprisingly had a Sandisk/Toshiba memory chip inside, and the only variance o

Popular News website charges for access - after 3 months has only 35 subscribers

The sound of doom for other news sites wanting to make money off the internet Three months ago Newsdaycom spent $4 million revamping their website and started charging readers $5 per week for access and some extra tools After 3 months or running they admit that only 35 people have joined the site http://wwwnewsdaycom [quote]That astoundingly low figure was revealed in a newsroom-wide meeting last week by publisher Terry Jimenez when a reporter asked how many people had signed up fo

CSS 3 - using the text-shadow property - can you see it?

If you are still using Internet Explorer, in any version , then you are missing out on the new CSS3 tools that are emerging on websites In particular the new text-shadow property is not supported If you are using another browser you will see a slight shadow around the forum title text on the index page http://xmbstuffucanusecom/xmb/indexphp This is just experimental at present, but it has the potential to look great Prior to using text-shadow all shadowed text had to be made with eith
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