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How to reset your printer ink meter

Tired of your printer telling you it has run out of ink where there is still some left Then use this simple trick to reset your ink memory to get more from your cartridge However although this looks good and easy on the video, read some of these comments as to peoples experiences of doing this trick There are warnings there http://wwwredditcom/r/DIY/comments/aivjb/how_to_reset_the_memory_on_your_inkjet_cartridge/ [flash=640x505]http://wwwyoutubecom/v/WJQ1FQ68lU8&hl=en_US&fs

Download Popular Mechanics Oct 09 issue, no longer on the stands, is all about self-sufficiency and survival. In pdf format

Download the latest October 2009 issue of Popular Mechanics, apparently it no longer for sale off the shelf If the link no longer works I have a copy I can post as well http://omploaderorg/vMmo0cA/Popular%20Mechanics%202009-10pdf From: http://wwwredditcom/r/collapse/comments/9tatg/popular_mechanics_oct_09_issue_no_longer_on_the/

Looking for free antivirus software?

Then check out Microsofts new product Microsoft's new antimalware solution, Microsoft Security Essentials, is now available for Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7 Ars puts MSE through its paces and finds an unobtrusive app with a clean interface that protected us in the dark corners of the Internet When MSE detects that a file is making suspicious actions such as unexpected network connections, attempting to modify privileged parts of the system, or downloading known malicious

Exercise and training websites - click on the muscle groups to see the exercises

These great websites show you the exercises for each muscle group Just click on the part of the body you want to exercise and see videos, and training information about each one http://askthetrainercom/exercise-informationhtml http://wwwexrxnet/Lists/WtMalehtml

Speed up Firefox startup by optimizing the Firefox Databases - new addon

Since Firefox 30, bookmarks, history and most storage are kept in SQLite databases, so depending on your browsing habits it could represent some pretty large databases Firefox's databases become fragmented over time and I found the recent versions of FF to be slow when loading up Since there are no managing processes checking and optimizing the database, these factors eventually result in a performance hit So, a good way to improve startup and some other bookmarks and history relate

Domain tasting is finally banned - its safe to go back to trying out domain names

The sneaky scam of Domain Tasting is over Historically when searching for a new domain name, if you type it into a domain provider and then don't register it immediately, you might find that the domain provider would pick it up for themselves and hold it for at least a week If during that time you wanted to buy the domain you have to pay a higher rate, basically the domain provider was allowed to "taste" the domain and keep it for free for a short period Another way Domain tasters

New search engine - Spezify - very different!

Check out this new search engine, its a novel way of delivering content As you scroll down the page it adds more entries Click and drag around the screen to see more entries I am not too sure if it has a future beyond its novelty value however It does a really good job with images however, click on one to see it full http://spezifycom/#/stuffucanusecom

Download and install WinXP on your flash drive

You can run Windows XP from your flash drive if you want There must be a reason for it, maybe to run old programs when you are using Windows7 Still even without a reason it has the potential to be a neat toy : Just go to the link and download the files http://wwwtaranfxcom/blog/p=1692

Clever PNG Optimization Techniques

This great article not only tells you why the PNG format is better than the GIF, it gives some great examples on just how images are saved and displayed I particularly like the downloadable tool that allows you to see whats behind the transparent areas of a GIF Now that would be great fun looking at what webmasters have cut out of an image http://wwwsmashingmagazinecom/2009/07/15/clever-png-optimization-techniques/ Here is a similar article on JPG optimization http://wwwsmas

Website of travel horror stories - funny

When the travel brochure and reality don't match, this site has stories about peoples experiences on holiday Funny 1 Worst Bus Ride Toronto Transit Commission’s route 33A, which I rode every day to school The bus was so slow and dependable that it helped drive me away from Canada and out into the wild, unpredictable and ever-surprising wider world 2 Worst Decision on the Road In rural Burma while researching Under the Dragon, I accepted the offer of a ride into the Shan

The next big thing - your laptop has a built in TV that works anywhere in the world

Sure you can buy TV receivers for your computer, but imagine one that's just built into the motherboard, or comes built into your computer, and can be used anywhere in the world It can also be recorded to your computer for watching at any time I'd buy it AMD launched a chip in ATI TheaterTM HD 750, which allows to add to your laptop or desktop PCs feature high-definition television reception This chip provides a reception around the world, using analog signals and digital broadcast

The new Wolfram Alpha search engine is running, and its fun

Wolfram Alpha is not just a typical search engine, you don't get a list of websites when you ask a question, instead you get an answer to a question that you ask Its not a Google killer because its fundamentally different, but its fun non the less [url=http://wwwwolframalphacom/input/i=how+many+roads+must+a+man+walk+down%3F]How many roads must a man walk down[/url] [url=http://www62wolframalphacom/input/i=how+much+wood+would+a+woodchuck+chuck%3F]how much wood would a woodchuck c

Hacking the Time.com top 100 poll - Time still accepts it

The Timecom 100 Poll is voted by millions on who are the world’s most influential people in government, science, technology and the arts Yet looking close you can see a message embedded in the results of this poll In the first letters of each of the top 21 leading names in the poll we find the message “marblecake, also the game” The poll announces perhaps subtly to the world, that the most influential are not the Obamas, Britneys or the Rick Warrens of the world, the most influent

Make your web browser run faster with OPenDNS

OpenDNS is a replacement DNS server for your computer or router Generally, this DNS server is faster and more stable than the one provided by your ISP Since it allows for faster web browsing, this is a good tweak to perform on your computer Depending on the operating system you are using, OpenDNS may have a different setup For the purpose of this guide, we are going to assume that you are using Windows Vista However, you can find the other setup guides http://wwwopendnscom/ Ins

Why you will never make much Adsense money with blogs

I have been down on the blog type structure for years Its an inherently inefficient way of producing content for your website, and creates what I call the "Hamster Effect", where you run on the spot continually creating content without seeing old content being utilized Now someone else has had an epiphany on the topic and notes how impractical the format is with real world examples However to be fair, he doesn't seem to realize that spikes in traffic are not reflected in spikes in
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