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Watch TV on Firefox with the new TV extension

This great Firefox extension allows you to choose and watch TV directly from your Firefox Browser There are 2780 Live TV Channels sorted by country & category, according to the link and its easy and fascinating to use https://addonsmozillaorg/en-US/firefox/addon/11200 NOTE: TV-FOX Windows users needs the Windows Media Player, if you don't have the WMP plugin you can get it here: https://addonsmozillaorg/en-US/firefox/browse/type:7

View foreclosed homes in America

This interesting site has lists of foreclosed homes for sale Its fascinating to trawl through and see the pictures of the homes What surprises me is how cheap they are! Its amazing to think that people can't make the mortgages on $50-$100K homes http://wwwfreeforeclosuredatabasecom/

Nearly everyone on Stuffucanuse.com is on a form of broadband!

What were the connection speeds to Stuffucanusecom over the last month Amazingly only 2% of users are on dialup! I am surprised at such a small number It might be self selected as I haven't optimized the site for dialup users so they might not find it easily to load and use Unknown users still make up 30% but I would imagine that the same % of dialup would be among them as well However still the low number of users means that the future of universal broadband users is here

Has your hard drive died? Try freezing it!

This handy hint is a way to get your data off a dead hard drive Freeze it for 24 hours and then quickly plug it into your computer when cold Who know, it might be worth trying one day Disc freezing works mostly if your disc is broken and you hear a strange clicking sound in it In most cases, the head of the disc moves from the center so you can hear strange noises, and in case you freeze it, it will fix the head for a while The first thing you need to do is take the disc out and put

Lovely listing - a website on appalling houses for sale

This great little site focuses on quirky homes for sale, and the way they are marketed, well worth reading for the fascinating images and comments http://wwwlovelylistingcom/ Someone tries to pretty up the house for sale with their fantastic photoshop skills Can you pick the fake images

Make Firefox portable run faster

Firefox portable running off the flash drive can be a very slow program Apparently the data can't run in both directions at once so its like a one way bridge in the middle of a highway I found a way around it that works for me and realized that others are having trouble when I foolishly allowed Firefox portable to be updated automatically, against the explicit instructions of the people who made it Theoretically all of firefox can run totally from the flash drive But when you are lo

Stop those annoying Logon, Logoff, Startup and Shutdown Status messages

When I close my computer down I just hit the usual Turnoff button and leave it to do its thing This act of folly sometimes results in a message appearing after I have left the room with the line of "Blah is still running do you want to close it" , or something along those lines I sometimes see these messages hours after thinking the stupid machine would turn itself off automatically In the meantime its just hung there running as usual So after a few of these I hover nervously around t

See flickr images uploaded in real time from a world map

This has to be the coolest app on the net at the moment Watch as people upload images from around the world in real time Click on the 3D version - top left - to see an even better version with a rotating globe http://flickrvisioncom/ :tu:tu:tu

Web Design Toolbox: 130+ New Tools to Make You a Better and Faster Designer

Definitely a resource to bookmark and return to when you want to design a new website or upgrade your existing one With the exponential growth in web applications and tools out there its often hard to keep up with the new technologies To move on from using notepad always takes some learning Some really good tools here http://mashablecom/2008/11/05/web-design-toolbox/

Google Books enters the mainsteam with magazines

If you have never looked at Google Books, or didn't know it exists, try it Its amazing, Now there are magazines as well Just refresh the page to see new books http://booksgooglecom/ Here is one that looks good : http://booksgooglecom/booksid=cF_DgUIPWJgC&printsec=frontcover&source=gbs_hpintrst

The new Google Adsense Metaphysical Contact Center

With the advent of Google Earth and Google Streetview Google has now the ability to observe the world and the actions of people in real time In order to improve the communication with the Google Adsense Team, the Adsense department will institute the new Google Adsense Metaphysical Contact System In order to access this system all you need to do is follow the following steps 1 As the Google satellites are always observing your actions, you need to signal the satellite in order to commu

Get free Windows 7 features now for your Vista or XP machine

Are you still trying to cope with Vista Windows 7, Microsoft's next operating system, is just around the corner and expected to be on sale this time next year Already its beta versions are out and here are some free windows 7 toys to put on your XP or Vista machine http://lifehackercom/5077690/get-windows-7s-best-features-right-now Speed up your computer startup like Windows 7 http://lifehackercom/5087101/the-complete-guide-to-speeding-up-your-pcs-startup

60 high quality free web templates

If you want to design a website the secret is not to start from scratch, but to find a template similar to what you want and then just change it to meet your needs Let someone else do the hard work of coding and layout, and reduce your work load considerably Also free templates may give you ideas that you never thought of before, especially if you are new A good template can lift you right into the modern design and technology without having to endure a very steep learning curve H

50 excellent AJAX tutorials worth reading

Many times now you will come across websites with nice animations such as boxes appearing over text, sliding text blocks, and other interesting creations Many of these will be created in AJAX, its a tool that is growing in popularity Here is a list of 50 AJAX tutorials that will be interesting to anyone wanting to add some sparkle to their site http://wwwsmashingmagazinecom/2008/10/16/50-excellent-ajax-tutorials/

How can you tell if an image is photoshopped or not?

Here is something handy to know, how can you tell if an image is photoshopped or real Just type in view-source: before the hyperlink to the image For example the image is http://img368imageshackus/img368/2810/getfilemi4jpg so put view-source before it int eh Addressbar view-source:http://img368imageshackus/img368/2810/getfilemi4jpg You get a lot of junk on the screen but at the top in this case you will find Adobe Photoshop CS3 Macintosh�2008:10:11 19:37:08
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