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Customize your firefox 3 browser with about:config

Hopefully by now you have moved away from IE6 and even IE7 to the wonderful Firefox 3 browser If you have here are some great ways to customize it, by changing the about:config file Its easy, and interesting The about:config page contains most if not, all of Firefox configuration options It is so far the most effective, and the most powerful way to tweak and enhance your Firefox performance Here are 28 of the popular tweaks http://maketecheasiercom/28-coolest-firefox-a

101 ways to improve your website

A webmaster's work is never done What may have worked a few years ago when could be outdated today, so it's important to constantly improve your Web site However, a massive overhaul is just too much work to undertake at one time Instead, tackle these quick fixes over time, and you'll be able to improve your Web site with minimal pain http://wwwinsidecrmcom/features/101-web-site-fixes-031808/

45 excellent web templates

I was impressed with the quality of these free web templates, check them out http://dzineblogcom/2008/07/45-excellent-free-web-templateshtml

Boardreader - just who is linking to your site and where do they go

This interesting website lists all the links to your site, and the internal links as well Its interesting to peruse, but I wonder how useful it might be Type in a link and see all the toys http://boardreadercom/

Instant CSS page developer

Ever want to quickly develop a page in CSS yet spend hours writing the code Use this free instant CSS developer by Yahoo Just use the toolbox to set the number of columns, rows etc, and grab the code http://developeryahoocom/yui/grids/builder/

Microsoft Churns out Edutainment software- Worldwide Telesccope.

[quote] According to Microsoft, the mission of Worldwide Telescope is: --To aggregate scientific data from major telescopes, observatories and institutions and make temporal and multi-spectral studies available through a single cohesive Internet–based portal --To re-awaken the interest for science in the younger generations through astronomy and new technologies through the virtual observatory of the WWT This also provides a wonderful base for teaching astronomy, scientific discovery

Reports of live dinosaurs - news

This site look at reports of live dinoasurs around the world Some interesting information that I have never seen before Most recent report is of a large dianosaur like animal in Melanesia Facinating http://wwwfairservicenzcom/dinosaur/dinosaur-1html

Online tool to compress images - very handy

Many times when you want to put images on the net they are not compressed and so have a large file size For example the images at the top of the page that I have added I always compress to make as small as possible Sometimes however if I am not at home I can't reduce an image down using my own programs This is where this interesting online tool comes in Save the image to your computer then find it and upload it to this site, it will compress it down to a smaller size so you can t

10 Principles Of Effective Web Design

Here is an excellent outline of good webdesign, including heatmap pictures and guides on just how people read a website Well worth reading http://wwwsmashingmagazinecom/indexphp/2008/01/31/10-principles-of-effective-web-design/

Ultimate webdesign cheatsheet guide

I am really impressed at the links on this site for css, html, js, ajax, you name it Its definitely the Ultimate Web Development Cheat Sheet Guide Its great! http://wwwrealsoftwaredevelopmentcom/2007/08/ultimate-web-dehtml

Matt Cutts 3 steps to making a good site

Web Guru Matt Cutts gives a simple 3 steps to making a compelling site Personally I wouldn't agree with the blog idea, it has major built in limitations But I do agree that Wordpress is the best of them Step #1: Make a Compelling Service If you’re trying to sell junk you’re going to have a much harder time So spend the time, and the thing is you can start up a website really for a lot less money than you could even five or six years ago Step #2: Start a Bl

Careful with sneeky downloads on websites

I went to visit this website, from a link to an article on robots in reddit http://animenarutardblogspotcom/ Seemed to take a while loading, so I lost interest and went to look at another site Upon returning I noticed it had downloaded 160meg of data and was still running!!! It must be one of the videos on there That really sucks when your bandwidth is running close to teh bone

Nice chinese site with music

This site linked to mine, I found it while going through my stats, it takes a while to load, but has some of the nicest relaxing music I have heard in a while I wonder what its about : http://wwwcoolwwwnet/index_dayhtml I just let the music play on and carried on surfing the net Here is a translated version of the forum [url=http://translategooglecom/translatehl=en&sl=zh-CN&u=http://wwwcoolwwwnet/cgi-bin/bbs/forum_showcgi&sa=X&oi=translate&resnum=2

Traffic simulator

Here is a java simulation of traffic flows, adjust the speed, traffic numbers, and choose the type of traffic situation you want, lane closing, traffic lights, hill, etc Its really good, you can see how trucks and cars interact [url=http://vwisb7vkwtu-dresdende/~treiber/MicroApplet/simFramehtml]http://vwisb7vkwtu-dresdende/~treiber/MicroApplet/simFramehtml[/url]

Zillions of free online books to download

This is amazing, heaps of online books to download for free Good hunting http://2020okcom/0htm Heaps of php manuals http://2020okcom/295223htm
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