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Add your sitemap to your robots.txt

This is great news Robots indexing your website have to check the robotstxt file that you have well you should have anyway Now you can use a new command to tell the robots where your sitemap is This means that robots will be able to index the sitemap immediatly and therefore get a better list of your sites in their database All search crawlers recognize robotstxt, so it seemed like a good idea to use that mechanism to allow webmasters to share their Sitemaps You agreed and encour

How to optimise your forum or messageboard for the search engines

This is a topic that seems to be under researched on the Internet so I thought I would outline some of the major factors that will help you get indexed better in search engines, that I have found are useful Firstly, WHY Why should I optimise my forum After all I just want people to chat on it thats all The answer is twofold Firstly optimising your forum will allow the search engines to index it in their databases The better you are indexed, the more hits and visitors you will ge

Is your website banned in china?

Check using the site below SUCU isn't! Which is not suprising seeing it gets hit with a high number of chinese bots If your site is banned it might not be your fault You could be on a shared server and another site on that server is getting banned http://wwwgreatfirewallofchinaorg/

Does your new computer run slow?

Where does all the 'improvement' in CPU and memory go to Blame your antivirus The worst offenders are the anti-virus suites with real-time protection According to these results, the latest Norton Internet Security degrades boot time by nearly 50 percent And no, that isn't a typo in the disk column It also makes all disk access sixteen times slower! Even the better performers in this table would have a profoundly negative impact on your PC's performance Windows Defender, for ex

Awesome Space Simulator

I came across this incredible space simulator called Celestia, which is apperently freeware and is simple incredible if you are interested in astronomy and the such It isn't a game or anything of the sorts It is more a giant space map that lets you explore the universe with a great physics engine Its real simple to use and I personally being interested in this kind of stuff find it quite incredible It has a huge community and thousands of add-ons to enrich the program further and its

Heaps of free programs to meet your computing needs

I want a Freeware Utility to 450+ common problems solved Extremely useful free utilities that do specific jobs really well and save time and money Really good! http://wwweconsultantcom/i-want-freeware-utilities/

Check to see that you are not penalised for spamming your website

This great link will scan your page to see that you are not penalised by Google for spamming your site This tool analyzes a web page, searching for characteristics that search engines could consider spam Very good to use! http://toolmotoricercainfo/spam-detector/

Elderly couples personal website has over 86 million hits!

This site is a labor of love Its got everything you wan tto know about these neat elderly people, from recipies to their home Yet these are no ordinary retired couple, they used to train COBOL programmers! http://wwwpaulnollcom/ A great read

IP tracer that uses google maps

This is really good, not only do you get the country of the person, but it goes down to city level and shows it on a map [url=http://wwwip-adresscom/]IP-addresscom[/url]

Updated free Windows Vista toys

Just added a Windows Vista tool that shows you how much you have in your drives Also a great Windows Vista Bubble screensaver that I use and Windows Vista icons for your computer Really good! http://stuffucanusecom/Vista_icons_zipped/vista-iconshtm [img]http://stuffucanusecom/Vista_icons_zipped/vista-drive-iconspng[/img]

Strange URL

Look at this strange url, you can't reproduce it with a western keyboard, yet the language of the site is in english http://岀com/

Check out websites for viruses and nasties with McAfee tool

This is neat, put in the site you want to check and it scans it for nasties like viruses http://wwwsiteadvisorcom/ here is mine http://wwwsiteadvisorcom/sites/stuffucanusecom

Download Windows Vista Screensavers

Just download the files and drag into your Windows folder I like the Aurora one the best http://stuffucanusecom/Vista_icons_zipped/vista-iconshtm At the bottom of the page

Download windows vista icons

Heaps of windows vista icons can be downloaded from http://kudesnickblogspotcom/ However this download is a single 32 meg exe If you want far smaller files sized zipped ones around 2 meg each get them from http://stuffucanusecom/Vista_icons_zipped/vista-iconshtm

How do spiders see your website

Here is another place you can put the URL of your site and see exactly what the spider will index in the search engine Whats the use of it The better you get indexed, the cleaner the text, tightly written about your topic, the better you get ranked in the search engines http://wwwajaxutilscom/spider-view/ For example, look at the text recorded for my maiin page http://xmbstuffucanusecom/xmb/ Take maybe 100 words first [quote]| | Stuffucanuse | sitemap Home Last 20 Pos
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