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Search engine relationships graph

All is not what it seems with Search engines You may find that a minor search engine is merely a front for a Google database back end, or Yahoo back end I found this chart when wondering just who does Inktomi Slurp web spider give its information to Its the Yahoo spider, but look at all the other search engines that get the results as well Yahoo provides the search results for Altavista as well It defeats the purpose of using other search engines unless they get their data from mu

Awsome visualization of your site

Using planets and spaceships Its really nice just change the address of here to another to see the site you want err I think thats what it is, the more I look at it the more confused I get, but its still darn nice! [url=http://krwebzarisearchyahoocom/search/webzarip=xmbstuffucanusecom%2Fxmb&ret=1&fr=kr-search_bottom&x=0&y=0]Here[/url]

Download ebooks and recent magazines

Download the latest PC world magazine as an ebook, there ar emany other recent books to download as well for free How come Dunno http://ebookspreviewblogspotcom/2006/09/ebook-27-pc-world-magazine-oct-06-issuehtml All magazines http://ebookspreviewblogspotcom/search/label/Magazine

Test your website automatically in different browsers

Now here is a tool that is invaluable, just enter your website address and see what it looks like in other browsers http://browsershotsorg/

Create instant graphs of website popularity

A good tool, just type in the websites you want to graph, up to 5 at a time and it plots their growth or decline over time http://wwwalexaholiccom/ Look [url=http://wwwalexaholiccom/diggcom+netscapecom+slashdotorgy=r&r=6m&z=1]at this chart[/url] of Digg, Slashdot and Netscape Something big happened in April 2006 that made Digg and Slashdot grow massively yet had no effect on Netscape Check out [url=http://wwwalexaholiccom/abovetopsecretcom]This trend[/url] Inte

Download free Microsoft ebooks - great

http://wwweducationonlineforcomputerscom/blogs/Free_Microsoft_Office_Training_Tutorial_Resourcesphp Heaps of really good ebooks to download, I am amazed that they are free on the web

Download free Excel utility with 300 tools

This looks like a must have [url=http://wwwasap-utilitiescom/indexphppage=p_hophp]ASP Utilities[/url] Latest version 40 here [url=http://wwwasap-utilitiescom/blog/indexphp/beta/]Ver 4[/url] ASAP Utilities contains over 300 useful and powerful utilities to fill the gaps in Excel, and automate frequently used tasks Guaranteed to save you many hours of time ! A few of ASAP's popular tools: Deselect cells; Apply formula to selected range; Conditional select cel

Excellent website rebuilds with descriptions

http://wwwwebdesignfromscratchcom/50-redesigns-sunhomecfm A webdesigner has done over some websites and listed the problems with them and before / after pics Excellent resource

How C.R.A.P. is your Site Design

[quote][b]The four golden rules of site design Simply follow them and watch the accolades come flooding in [/b] Eons ago when I was taking the Freshman web design course in college okay, it was only 4 years ago I was taught about the acronym of all acronyms, the one by which all other web design acronyms were judged We learned that good design is based on the CRAP principles where CRAP stands for Contrast Repetition Alignment Proximity, and when Creative Directors tell you that

New Tutorials

I have slowly been adding some tutorials and lessons to my site, Have a look if you are interested : [url=http://stuffucanusecom/training_computing_manuals/Microsoft_excel_%20lessons/Microsoft_excel_lessonshtm]Microsoft Excel lessons[/url] [url=http://stuffucanusecom/training_computing_manuals/Microsoft_word_lessons/Microsoft_Word_lessonshtm]Microsoft Word lessons[/url] [url=http://stuffucanusecom/training_computing_manuals/Visual_basic_lessons/Microsoft_Visual_Basic_lessonshtm]

How to make a million in 3 months

This guy posts his secrets on outstanding webdesign http://wwwwebmasterworldcom/forum89/12751htm I am without a doubt the top individual adsense publisher in terms of pageviews Me talking about how I did it won't help you, but here is what i found you need to be successful in adsense 1 Get a database of IP's so you know where your traffic is coming from Then create channels for each country Its not uncommon to see US traffic with a CPM of $500 and a CDN traffic at 20 cents

Analyse your website online for improvements

This looks really good, just put your URL of your website in and it analyses the pages and give hints on improvements http://wwwwebsiteoptimizationcom/services/analyze/indexhtml I got slapped on the wrist over a few things on my index page http://stuffucanusecom/ Analysis and Recommendations TOTAL_HTML - Congratulations, the total number of HTML files on this page including the main HTML file is 1 which most browsers can multithread Minimizing HTTP requests is key for web

Improve your text imaging on XP

Just turn on Cleartype, it works for me and gives a sharpter more bolded font XP has ClearType -- Microsoft's anti-aliasing font display technology -- but doesn't have it enabled by default It's well worth trying, especially if you were there for DOS and all those years of staring at a screen have given you the eyes of an astigmatic bat To enable ClearType, right click on the desktop, select Properties, Appearance, Effects, select ClearType from the second drop-down menu and ena

Save streaming videos to your computer.

I think I am on a roll with these Here is a free program that will let you save the streaming video to your computer Really handy when you want to keep a video without having to go back to the site and view it again http://tetoraorznejp/forum/gasdown/downloadcgi Click on the first one after the New The program is Japanese and the interface is a bit clunky but it works well!

Free virus scanner from Microsoft - Microsoft Security Essentials

Microsoft Security Essentials has been rated as good as Nortons And its free You can't beat that for a good deal http://wwwmicrosoftcom/security_essentials/
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