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Half of London Clergy Attacked in the Past Twelve Months

A clergyman is in hospital after he was beaten up in his churchyard by three Asian youths, in an incident which police are treating as a "faith-hate" attack Canon Michael Ainsworth, 57, asked the gang to keep their noise down but they turned on him, taunting him about his faith and hitting him in the face and body He was found slumped in the churchyard of St George-in-the-East in Stepney, east London Police said the gang made "remarks insulting his occupation" before fleeing A

BBC caught in bias calling murdered terrorist a great national leader

Wow the BBC really showed their true colors in this episode by describing Imad Mughniyeh as a "great national leader" It really makes you wonder just what sort of journalists the BBC employ In an uncommon act of journalistic contrition, the BBC has apologized for equating former Lebanese prime minister Rafik Hariri and Hizbullah terror chief Imad Mughniyeh as "great national leaders" The BBC took the unusual step after Don Mell, The Associated Press's former photographer in Beiru

CIA blow $100's of millions on Black Stations that didn't work

The CIA have closed most of the "black stations" which were set up as spy companies in Europe following the Sept 11 terror attacks, it was reported on Sunday There goes 7 years of expensive stupidity [b] After spending hundreds of millions of dollars setting up as many as 12 of the companies, the CIA shut down all but two after concluding they were ill-conceived and poorly positioned,[/b] the Los Angeles Times said The companies were set up as part of a constellation of "

The pregnant woman sitting on your bus might be a bomb

[color=green]Female suicide bombers would have the definite edge in the States Pregnant ones would be hte ultimate weapon Can you imagine, a pregnant lady boards a bus or train She picks the place on the bus she wants to be, and looks at the man sitting in that chair The man, of course, gives up his seat for her She now waits for the bus to arrive at the destination of her choice BLAM![/color] The growing use by terrorist groups of women some disguised as expectant moms to del

New Zealand Reporter Proves Airport Security Lax

[color=red]Talk about guts! A reporter from New Zealand walks aboard a planew with a real knife and a toy gun just to prove that airport security is a joke [i]JUST 24 hours after two pilots were stabbed in their cockpit over Christchurch, I boarded a plane at our largest airport with a knife and a fake revolver Nervously arriving at Auckland Airport yesterday for the 1030am Air New Zealand flight to Napier, I expected to encounter at least some difficulty along the way But there

The US Army defends against Taliban attack at Peach River in Afghanistan - video

Firefight with the US against the Taliban - interesting Often with these video you hardly see the enemy, just flashes from their guns, in this case against the hillside The cameraman is wound up over it It looks like the first humvee doesn't have a gun on the top [flash=450x370]http://wwwliveleakcom/playerswfautostart=false&token=138_1193486605[/flash]

Top U.S. Spies Go To Pakistan

CIA Director Michael Hayden and Mike McConnell, director of national intelligence went to Pakistan 0n 09 January, 2008, to seek permission from President Musharraf to allow US forces to search the mountains for al Qaeda [quote]"If they come without our permission, that's against the sovereignty of Pakistan," he said "I challenge anybody coming into our mountains They would regret that day"[/quote] While the US, who gives money to Pakistan for reasons that are unclear to most co

A broken hearted Iraqi family

The monsters attack people in Iraq quite often This picture is of a family mourning a loss after a Fedayeen bombing The father's look of despair, and the son's agony is crushing, but what broke my heart and brought tears to my eyes was what I almost didn't see - the ghost in black, ignored by all

Iraqi forces try to remove IED when it explodes, people just vaporised

Amazing and somewhat disturbing video showing Iraqi volunteers, trying to remove an IED one guy is trying to dig it out with his AK47 when it explodes The people just disappear No sign of them being there remains, except for the broken AK47 Graphic [flash=450x370]http://wwwliveleakcom/playerswfautostart=false&token=18f_1201000704[/flash]

Columbia professor caught making pipe bombs

What on earth is the background to this, mild mannered professor with a bomb factory in his home Police stumbled upon a bomb-making factory Sunday in the home of a Columbia professor who specializes in the spread of infectious disease - and are investigating whether he and his roommate have terror ties Cops evacuated the Brooklyn Heights neighborhood around the Remsen St home of Michael Clatts, a medical anthropologist, after finding [b]seven pipe bombs fitted with fuses[/b] in his fla

Grand Mufti speeches at the EU, warns The Netherlands

This is an excellent article written in a blog It is a good opinion about Ahmad Badr Al-Din Hassoun speaking to the EU, talking about the oneness of civilization and Holy Peace and all that, but then threatening the Netherlands with violence over a freakin' movie No, this is not TC writing under a nom de guerre besides my own nom de guerre This guy simply writes like me, down to teh same typos :sp [url]http://kleinverzetblogspotcom/2008/01/grand-mufti-speeches-at-eu-warnshtml[/ur

Russia Delivers Nuclear Rods To Iran, Iran Befriends Venezuela And Nicaragua And I Demand My Thorazine

[i][b]The US, along with France and the United Kingdom, had been steadily pushing for a third round of sanctions when the US National Intelligence Estimate released this month concluded that Iran had halted its nuclear weapons program China and Russia, which wield veto power on the council, have balked at new sanctions But with the release of the NIE reducing the threat of a US attack on Iran, the two countries are closing a number of financial deals with Iran that they had put on ho

Argentina: Iran behind Jewish center bombing, Embassy bombing

Iran was behind the bombings over a decade ago in Argentina against the Israeli embassy and Jewish community center, according to the country's chief prosecutor, Alberto Nisman, who served as a special prosecutor investigating the attacks "I have no doubt that the most senior Iranian leadership, with the help of Hezbollah, is responsible for the attacks in Buenos Aires against AMIA [the community center in 1994] and the Israeli Embassy [in 1992]," Nisman said Tuesday night at the Intern

Facinating interview with an Al Quaeda trainer in iraq

Al Quaeda trainer Abu Omar gives an open and interesting interview on his experiences in Iraq Nice to hear that us infidels are only worthy of death, at least it clears the air It was interesting that the Syrians and Iranians don't want the Americans to feel comfortable in Iraq So the Iranians asked the shiites to fight the Americans and gave them weapons and explosive devices If they are they think the Americans get comfortable in iraq then will then invade their countrie

The Holy Land Foundation Trial Farce

You might recall that the Holy Land Foundation trial did not go as many of us wanted it to go A group of islamists with known terrorist ties, raising money for terror organizations, based out of Texas, the HLF needed to be shut down and the islamists tossed in jail The shutting down part was completed, but the canning of the HLF organizers didn't quite pan out This is an interesting piece to read A definite look at how islamists view our system [quote]DALLAS She felt the men
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