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The CIA destroyed the interrogation tapes because of the content of the tapes, not the torture techniques

This interesting article claims that the information gained from the interrogation of Abu Zubaydah outlined the participation of top Saudi and Pakistani people in 9/11 This information was destroyed so that Bush could publicly work with their "allies" What happened to the princes and military leaders implicated They all mysteriously died within weeks of each other Facinating In a short monologue, that one investigator told me was the "Rosetta Stone" of 9/11, Zubaydah lai

In Iraq the surge is working but the media is silent

There are numerous stories around now about the drop in the Allied death rates, and the reduction in bombings in Iraq There are also articles on the the Sunni's forming alliances with the Americans, and driving out the insurgents themselves Isn't it funny that the mainstream media is is so silent on these developments when mere months ago it was all doom and gloom in Iraq It might be that the war in Iraq is won with a whimper, rather than lost with a bang Some recent articles

Pakistanis support sharia, oppose WoT

What is an "ally" if it is only the government, at very best There are dozens of anecdotes that indicate that the Pakistani government is an ally in words only, and in deeds ever so slightly, but the people aren't even allies in words: [quote]LAHORE: Pakistanis show only weak support for using force against Islamic militants and overwhelmingly oppose allowing outside forces to combat Al Qaeda on Pakistani territory, a WorldPublicOpinionorg poll published in an article on October 31 f

Downplay Christmas and embrace multiculturalism

In yet another example of self-hatred and an intense desire to destroy one's own culture so as to make all other cultures from OTHER countries happier, Great Britain's Institute for Public Policy Research think tank has suggested downplaying Christmas The think tank put out the paper today, called,"The controversial recommendations come in a report called “The Power of Belonging: Identity, Citizenship and Community Cohesion” [quote]"The report argues that multi-cultural policies have

The Turkish Kurdish conflict pictures

There are many images of the Turkish forces massing on the Iraq border, but these are the only picture I found of their opposition, the effective, tough and tenacious Kurdish PKK After killing Turkish soldiers in Oct, the PKK has pushed the Turkish military to head for the Iraq border Qandil Mountains of Iraq -Spring 2004 The Kurds call this area Southern Kurdistan The followers of Abdullah Ocalan, the leader and president of the rebel group, believe that he can lead the Kurds t

Bush announces new sanctions against Iran

Ratcheting up the pressure against Iran to knock off their stupidity, Bush has announced new sanctions against Iran The sanctions are against the Revolutionary Guard Corps and several banks The intention, of course, is an attempt to influence evil into being good, and I seriously doubt it will work The most one can seriously expect is that maybe Iran will slow down their activity and go even deeper underground with it, which would mean a longer time before their goals are achieved I d

Massive weapons haul found in Iraq - pictures

Here are some fascinating pictures showing the massive haul of I think 19 Tons of weapons from a safe house in Iraq They should have left them there and just dropped a big bomb on the place : [img]http://imgphotobucketcom/albums/v101/He219/dailypix/militarypix/fresh/more/more/even%20more/more/will%20it%20ever%20end/more/more/more/fresh/readyforabeer/62472jpg[/img] A Soldier from Troop B, 2nd Squadron, 1st Cavalry Regiment, 4th Stryker Brigade Combat Team, 2nd Infantry Division,

Bin Laden speaks - with suprising clarity

Bin ladens latest speach, if it comes from him, provokes more questions than it provides answers For the first time he speaks, not as an arab in viterolic hyperbole, but almost as a westerner in logic and precision His entire short translated speach is [url=http://abcnewsgocom/images/Politics/transcript2pdf]here[/url] One of the first things that struck me, was his use of logic in his speach He accepts that arabs were part of 9/11 which throws the "truthers" claims into turmoil

Russian made armour piercing grenades in Iraq

Armor-piercing hand grenades have become a favorite al Queda weapon in Iraq There's virtually no defense against them Lara Logan reports in this graphic video Scary stuff [flash=450x370]http://wwwliveleakcom/playerswfautostart=false&token=ada_1189106198[/flash] Another report of the Thermal grenades being used [flash=425x350]http://wwwyoutubecom/v/UKBTN-mBY4U[/flash] Pictures and article on http://enwikipediaorg/wiki/RKG-3_anti-tank_grenade RKG stands for Ruchnay

Two prostitutes stoned by Islamic fundamentalists

[quote]PESHAWAR, Pakistan AFP — Suspected Islamic militants beheaded two women accused of prostitution in northwestern Pakistan, police said Friday, in the latest case of Taliban-style justice in the region The bodies of the women in their 40s were dumped on the outskirts of the conservative town of Bannu, near the Afghan border, a day after they were abducted by gunmen, district police officer Dar Ali Khattak Pro-Taliban militants in Pakistan's North West Frontier Province and its l

Warning signs that the U.S. is about to get hit again?

An interesting little item on Northeast Intelligence: [quote]29 August 2007: In the weeks preceding the 2001 attacks on America, there were very significant financial warning signs that something big – and bad – could be about to happen Huge surges in purchases of “put options” on stocks of United Airlines and American Airlines, the two airlines used in the attacks, and “put options” on Merrill Lynch & Co, and Morgan Stanley, stocks of two financial services companies hurt by the attac

Republican senator wants to pull out troops from Iraq

Watch how the rats jump ship as it slowly sinks into irrelevency The unfortunate effect of this piece of political showmanship is that if America does withdraw troops then no one in their right mind could ever trust America again to be a leader in troubled countries All the people who support America in Iraq and other countries, who believed that America just might succeed and stood with it, will be shafted and probably killed Cutting and running away is not an option for the countr

The Islamic republic of Holland gets more bizarre

Sigh appeasement and placations in the face of unbending hostile forces never works A Roman Catholic Bishop in the Netherlands has proposed people of all faiths refer to God as Allah to foster understanding, stoking an already heated debate on religious tolerance in a country with one million Muslims Bishop Tiny Muskens, from the southern diocese of Breda, told Dutch television that God did not mind what he was named and that in Indonesia, where Muskens spent eight years, priests u

Positive news from iraq - America is making a difference

Nice to see this positive article, from one of the most skecptical western media, the German press Ramadi is an irritating contradiction of almost everything the world thinks it knows about Iraq -- it is proof that the US military is more successful than the world wants to believe Ramadi demonstrates that large parts of Iraq -- not just Anbar Province, but also many other rural areas along the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers -- are essentially pacified today This is news the world d

Help to shut down terrorist websites

Here is an interesting post listing terrorist websites and asking for people to help close them down Worth investigating, and getting the word out http://wwwfreerepubliccom/focus/f-news/1868512/posts
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