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Koreans held hostage in Afghanistan - picture

This is a photo of the Korean Christians who were kidnapped in Afghanistan and currently are held hostage One of them, a male, has been found dead from multiple gunshots, having been executed Sad They look so happy and innocent from http://wwwmilitaryphotosnet/forums/showpostphpp=2655506&postcount=18 [quote]A photo released Saturday in Seoul via Yonhap News Agency shows South Korean Christians posing for a group photograph before leaving for Afghanistan on July 13 Y

The Islamic rage boy photogallery

A Kashmiri protester seems to have a professional role as a one man rage boy for Islam This astute blogger has found pictures of the person raging at every anti western protest in the last few years Well worth visiting this site for the hard work the blogger has put in Apparently some journalist has a tame protester that can be "incited" for any protest http://wwwsnappedshotcom/archives/964-Professional-Protester,-Jihadi-stylehtml Picture: Islamic Rage Boy

Terrorism is Islams worst enemy

Terrorism is the worst press that Islam could give itself, as seen in theis survey where 41% of people think Islam glorifies suicide, and many consider violence to be a part of Islam I wonder what this survey would have been like 10 years ago July 20, 2007 - Americans are largely accepting of their fellow citizens who are Muslims, but remain worried about radicals inside the United States, according to a new NEWSWEEK Poll—the first the magazine has conducted on attitudes towar

Iraqi police worked with Iranians in US base invasion that killed 5

Looks like the US forces can't trust anyone, these articles outline a successful raid by hostiles on a base with collusion of the Iraqis there A previously undisclosed Army investigation into an audacious January attack in Karbala that killed five US soldiers concludes that Iraqi police working alongside American troops colluded with insurgents The assault on the night of Jan 20 stunned US officials with its planning and sophistication A column of SUVs filled with gunmen who pos

Terrorist Doctors prescribing death

Of the 8 terrorists caught because of the latest attacks in England, 5 of them seem to be doctors The 8th person was a doctor in Southport Queensland Police in the Australian city of Brisbane arrested an eighth suspect in connection with an attack on Glasgow International Airport and two attempted car bombings in London, Australian officials said A counterterrorism team arrested a 27-year-old doctor at Brisbane International Airport late yesterday as he tried to leave the country a

Al Qaeda behead children in Iraqi village massacre

A disturbing report by Michael Yon, an embedded journalist, on the discovery of a recently abandoned village, and the exhuming of the villagers bodies As the bodies were removed from shallow graves the found children who had been decapitated by the fighters Barbarity in the name of Islam of the innocent Includes photos http://wwwmichaelyon-onlinecom/wp/bless-the-beasts-and-childrenhtm

Political officer honored for standing up to US policy

Now this is facinating There still are good people around who will stand up for their principles It was the stuff of spy novels and action movies and it didn't sit well with Michael Zorick US intelligence agents were dropping quietly into lawless Somalia with cash and material support for warlords fighting an increasingly powerful and radical Islamist movement with links to al-Qaida The covert assistance was meant to bolster opposition to the Islamists and further the war on ter

Kidnapped reporter Alan Johnston held by Dagmoush clan - his future looks grim

Facinating background to the kidnapping Gaza is divided by clans and clan warfare Alan Johnston is held by a smaller clan, but one with weapons and strength, and a history of kidnapping westerners and Israelis He is a sort of Human Shield, while Dagmoush hold him, Hamas dare not attack Dagmoush As soon as he is gone, Hamas will try and wipe the clan out Dagmoush operates in the best tradition of the cosa nostra The family numbers some 2,500 members, making it one of the smaller clans i

Iranians tried to take on Australians - and failed

Remember how that British patrol got kidnapped by Iran Well before that episode they tried to kidnap the Australians They didn't get far with it I wonder what their "highly colorful language" was that they used to the Iranians Maybe the Australians have something to teach the british about self defence on the open seas Iranian naval forces in the Gulf tried to capture an Australian Navy boarding team but were vigorously repelled, the BBC has learned The incident took place

Pakistan Islamics vow suicide attacks on England because of Rushdie

First it was the cartoons, then it was something else, now its the knighthood of Rushdie, yet again Islam The religion of peace pressures the west to bow before its rules or it will cause violence The award of a knighthood to the author Salman Rushdie justifies suicide attacks, a Pakistani government minister said today [quote]This is an occasion for the 15 billion Muslims to look at the seriousness of this decision The west is accusing Muslims of extremism and terrorism If someon

Captured terrorists confess their deeds on video

One of the focuses of the interviewer of these terrorists was to see who had slaughtered the people as opposed to just shooting them It seems that slaughtering them was considered a greater crime Apparently many of these people came from the same Syrian backed organizaton called the "Liberation Army", under the control of Adam al-Duma The ones who slaughtered the soldiers all denied that they did it really we were just standing around until the last video when the person fingered t

US finds Kabala attack site mockup inside Iran

The January 20 attack of the Karbala Provincial Joint Coordination Center which resulted in the kidnapping and murder of five US soldiers, has long been known to be a Iranian planned and sponsored strike While Iran has insulated itself with its cutouts in the Qazali Network, has captured members of the network as well as found documentation which proved Iranian complicity And now it has satellite imagery as well [b]Aviation Week and Space Technology reported in the June 4 edition t

Mosel Iraq and the amazing Commander Kurilla

Embedded in Deuce 4 battalion in Iraq This is a gripping read especially about Commander Kurilla and the firefight that wounded him Great reading and amazing photos Photo below of Commander Kurilla hit in both legs and an arm still attacking and giving orders http://wwwmichaelyon-onlinecom/wp/gates-of-firehtm

Embedded with the The Queens Royal Lancers in Iraq

This is a great read with an American reporter embedded in the British soldiers patrolling the Iran/ Iraq border The Queens Royal Lancers have been living out in the desert for about six months, like nomads moving from place to place, sleeping under the stars, getting much of their resupply of food and water by nighttime parachute drop as they patrol the Iran-Iraq border They were living out there, as some officers had told me, in true Lawrence of Arabia style, wearing shamals, sometim

Is the Al Qaeda torture manual a fake - with sadistic art

The pictures in the AQ torture manual are so graphic and so well illustrated as to make you wonder if they were drawn by a professional illustrator If you are drawing a manual would you draw this to show how to drag someone behind a car Or would your illustrator for a manual use such advanced perspectives and angles Or the car in the picture at the bottom, thats not a car normally found in the middle east, its American According to other commentators the people look Latin Americans
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