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Just what would happen if America pulled out of Iraq?

Here is a really good article on the outcome of an America pullout The Sunni who only make up 5 to 10% of the population will immediatly get wiped out The Shiite will have a civil war between the Iran backed religious side and the ones who want democracy This assumes that Iran just doesn't invade straight off Here is a good quote [quote]Meanwhile, opponents of the Iraqi operations back in the United States are getting nervous about the success of the security operations in

Palestinian islamists kill people at a UN school to stop immoral sports event.

Muslim extremists in Gaza killed a person and attacked and destroyed a vehicle to intimdate a school, to stop 'immoral sports event' where children were playing sports together What can I say Playing sport together is immoral but murder and intimidation is not Palestinian militants opened fire at a sports day at a United Nations-operated elementary school in the southern Gaza Strip on Sunday, killing a bodyguard of a local Fatah leader and wounding seven other people, medical offici

Oh Allah, count their numbers, and kill them all, down to the very last one

Kill all the Americans and all the Jews Sheik Ahmad Bahr, acting Speaker of the Palestinian Legislative Council, declared during a Friday sermon at a Sudan mosque that America and Israel will be annihilated and called upon Allah to kill Jews and Americans "to the very Last One" I'm sure you can imagine the international outcry if even a US governor were to make such a statement, much less a prayer, but it seems that the Islamists are not held to the same standard as the civ

War reporting journalism vrs propaganda

Here is an interesting comment on the reporting of war in Iraq The blogger shows a post from 1918 describing a breakthrough in the German lines by allied forces The quoted article describes the background to the event, and the consequences of it Then she quotes an article from the war in Iraq which focused more on the events at the time, the "here and now" Extrapolating from these two articles she draws the conclusion that reporting now doesn't provide objective background inf

Karl Rove deletes all his emails

Is this deeply suspicious or what If the policy is to keep them all yet he deliberatly deletes ALL his then the question is what is he hiding From 2001 to 2004, the RNC's highly unusual "document retention" policy was to intentionally destroy all e-mails that were more than 30 days old In the summer of 2004, due to "unspecified legal inquiries," the RNC changed its policy by allowing -- but not mandating -- the indefinite retention of e-mails sent and received by White House staffers

America on the ropes in Iraq?

Senior US genrals make some gloomy assessments on the ongoing war in iraq In Vietnam, the US was eventually defeated by a well-armed, closely directed and highly militarised society that had tanks, armoured vehicles and sources of both military production and outside procurement What is more devastating now is that the world's only superpower is in danger of being driven back by a few tens of thousands of lightly armed irregulars, who have developed tactics capable of destroying multi

Am I the only person who thinks Khalid Shaikh Mohammed's confession is a load of bollocks?

After 4 years in solitary in Guantanamo and accusations of torture, is he really now telling the truth Or is it the truth that he knows the administration want to hear And if you wanted to make your confession sound unbelievable, because it is, then I would embellish it to ludicrous levels It sounds like the ego puffery and bragging of someone reveling in the attention he is receiving and knowing that the more outrageous he makes his story the more attention he gets His stories are e

Iran to Hamas: Keep fighting Israel!

[quote]Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad on Tuesday urged visiting Hamas political leader Khaled Meshal to continue its "resistance" against Israel, Iran's state television said "The [Palestinian] government should use its brave and pious forces to continue resistance against the Zionist regime [Israel]," Ahmadinejad told Meshal at the start of his two-day visit to Iran, state television reported Meanwhile, Meshal on Tuesday extracted from Iran a pledge to fund his radical Pale

Only 6 months to win in Iraq

Time is counting down and the will of the Western combatants is declining The spectre of another Vietnam hangs over the forces in Iraq An elite team of officers advising the US commander, General David Petraeus, in Baghdad has concluded that they have six months to win the war in Iraq - or face a Vietnam-style collapse in political and public support that could force the military into a hasty retreat The officers - combat veterans who are experts in counter-insurgency - are charged wit

Massive attack on Iran any day now

According to an article on the DailyKos, America is on the brink of war with Iran an event that can begin any day This also follows previous predictions, posted here, about date of the upcoming attack Either that or its a massive bluff to force Iran to give up nuclear weapons, if its only a bluff, its obviously not working The [url=http://newsbbccouk/2/hi/middle_east/6376639stm]BBC[/url] led off last night with this: [quote]US contingency plans for air strikes on Iran extend b

IDF stop Islamic Jihad terror attack

The Islamic Jihad planned on blowing up a train station in Tel Aviv, but was stopped by the IDF after information was passed on by Shin Bet, the Israeli intelligence agency [quote]Security forces on Tuesday thwarted a large-scale terrorist attack planned for Tel Aviv Forces arrested a Palestinian resident of the West Bank and three other people at a Bat Yam house after receiving intelligence information from the Shin Bet security service[/quote] [quote]Security sources said the attack

66 people killed and scores injured in train bombing

[quote] Screams Heard From Bombed India Train By MATTHEW ROSENBERG 021907, 3:46 PM ET Two of its cars ablaze from saboteurs' bombs, the Samjhauta Express barreled past fields of wheat and mustard, the screams of trapped passengers filling the night Within minutes, the train screeched to a halt and the roar of the fire drowned out the cries for help "They were screaming inside, but no one could get out," said Rajinder Prasad, 49, one of many villagers who tried to rescue those

Super secret Iranian Quad force PsyOps exercse

You may think this article is about the super secret Iranian Quds force Its not Its the same psyOps Psychological Operations hype we heard about the feared Revolutionary Guard in Iraq This is a prime example of talking up the enemy to manipulate public opinion One would think that the military establishment would have changed their tactics after Iraq They havn't Just read the last paragraph to see just how much they know about this "super secret elite force" [quote]Te

Islamic Jihad threatens U.S. after bounty on their leader

[quote]“Any harm to the secretary general of Islamic Jihad will endanger American interests everywhere in the region,” Abu Ahmed, a spokesman for Jihad’s military wing, the Al-Quds Brigades, said in a statement This is in response to the FBI posting a 5 million dollar bounty on the Leader of the Islamic Jihad, Ramadan Abdullah Mohammad Shallah Islamic Jihad is an organization that demands the destruction of Israel and the death of the Jews living therein

Imam Husham Al-Husainy darling of the Democrats

Apparently Imam Husham Al-Husainy is an islamic moderate who spoke at the democrat conference along side Howard Dean more [url=http://littlegreenfootballscom/weblog/entry=24368_Howard_Dean_and_the_Radical_Imam&only]here[/url] This is a radio interview recorded yesterday in which he is unable to answer two simple quiestions and instead ends up ranting and accusing the interviewer of being anti peace [flash=425x350]http://wwwyoutubecom/v/RwSckEh7CyA[/flash] Its actually quite
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