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Armed robbers attack poker tournament - video

Armed robbers stormed a luxury hotel in central Berlin where a poker tournament was taking place armed with assault rifles and hand grenades and made off with the tournament jackpot of 800,000 euros $11m; 726,000 About 1,000 poker players are taking part in the five-day tournament Armed with Kalashnikovs and hand grenades the six masked robbers stormed the Grand Hyatt hotel in the central Potsdamer Platz, aiming the weapons at players, judges, hostesses and security personnel and have

Book: A Year in Pyongyang - One year living in North Korea

This engrossing book, on the experiences of a scholar living in communist North Korea is a great read [quote]It looked as if for the first and probably only time in my life, I was about to do something different I quelled my apprehensions by telling myself that no matter what sort of an experience it was, at least it would be an adventure Some adventure Being marooned on a desert island is undoubtedly a sort of adventure, as is doing time in jail for an offence one has not committed Bu

North Korean Army running out of food. Soldiers ordered to sleep rather than do training

North Korea's recent shortage of food is reaching close to the level of the 1990's famine as discontinued food aid from international community is reportedly hurting soldiers most Surely this is an indication of the end of the regime, when the military start to suffer they think of rebellion, and are the only body capable of doing so The food situation in the N Korean military have rapidly deteriorated since the second half of 2009 Civilians learned to survive without government ratio

At least 56 people have died in U.S. traffic accidents with sudden unintended acceleration of Toyota cars

In the last decade, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has received complaints of 34 fatalities related to sudden acceleration of Toyota vehicles, far more than for any other automaker At least 22 additional deaths related to Toyota acceleration problems have been alleged in lawsuits and police reports The NHTSA database does not determine whether the complaints are valid, and none of the allegations have been proved in court Still, the increase in the number of people wh

A European asks: Just how do you get health care in the US? Read the answer....

A European moving to the United States asks what he needs to do to make the move easy This reply outlines the decisions he will have to make with health care Incredulous Europeans reply in the link below If you are working for a large employer you will just pick one and be done If you have to get one for yourself then you will have to fill out a massive long form For example several years ago when I had to get individual coverage one required me to list every single medical thing in

Have you heard about the guy in a coma for 23 years who was actually aware? - Its a fake...

The man at the center of the issue was in a coma for 23 years, until, the doctors say, they discovered that he was totally alert, but unable to communicate How does he actually communicate when his body is totally paralyzed As the news video shows he has a "communication facilitator" someone who holds his hands and taps out a message for him on the keyboard Although being totally paralyzed, watch on the video at the speed of the facilitation and typing the 'helper' is doing Also see

Bill O'Reilly interviewed Jon Stewart on Fox - this is what Fox edited out .....

If you had watched the Bill O'Reilly vrs Jon Stewart debate on Fox, you might have thought, like I did, that Stewart took up a fetal position and avoided the hard questions when debating O'Reilly You, and I, were wrong Apparently under pressure from others Fox just released the full video, unedited by O'Reilly, which shows Stewart in a different light, hard hitting, and cutting O'Reilly boasted that his edit of their 42-minute interview for broadcast was "a fair cut" and invit

50% of New Zealanders want smoking totally banned by 2020

Half the nation, including smokers, support completely banning cigarettes within 10 years, a study has found The study also showed public support for plain, unbranded cigarette packets and fewer tobacco retailers The 2008 Health and Lifestyles Survey compiled nationwide interviews from the Health Sponsorship Council of 1608 people, including 422 smokers, and has just been published in the NZ Medical Journal It found 498 percent of people agreed cigarettes should no longer be sold in N

33 dogs shot and killed in neighbor feud

A dispute between two neighbors has led to the slaughter of 33 dogs, in a "bloody, rifle-killing frenzy" according to police reports Others were shot inside their cage or hit by ricocheting bullets Still more were shot at point-blank range The youngest were 3 weeks old The SPCA is investigating whether the animals were killed humanely, or if charges should be laid The dispute, on a rural road in Wellsford in Rodney District, unfolded on Monday when a fox terrier belonging to Russel

Tagger gets 8 years jail with no parole

A judge sentenced a tagger to 8 years in jail for tagging businesses in Texas Thats a long time to teach a tagger a lesson Good comments on the sentence, many think its far too long The cost of keeping him in jail for so long could be better spent elsewhere http://wwwredditcom/r/WTF/comments/aj06y/you_spray_you_pay_graffiti_tagger_sentenced_to_8/ Watch the video to see the tagger crying as he gets sentenced [flash=640x505]http://wwwyoutubecom/v/X6LY-clVpQE&hl=en_US&f

BBCs top 100 favorite books

This is the BBC's top 100 books as voted by its viewers The BEEB note that most people have read at least 6 of these books How many have YOU read 1 Pride and Prejudice - Jane Austen 2 The Lord of the Rings - JRR Tolkien 3 Jane Eyre - Charlotte Bronte 4 Harry Potter series - JK Rowling 5 To Kill a Mockingbird - Harper Lee 6 The Bible 7 Wuthering Heights - Emily Bronte 8 Nineteen Eighty Four - George Orwell 9 His Dark Materials - Philip Pullman 10 Great Expectations - Charles Dic

Detective pulls gun on snowball fight - video

Detectives Hummer gets hit by snowballs, he gets out and pulls his gun when people start throwing snowballs at him Although its overkill, these people would want his help immediately if they were in trouble Police are investigating a detective who appears to draw his gun during a mass snowball fight on the streets of Washington DC Video taken at the scene shows people pelting a man with snowballs after his car, a Hummer, gets stuck in the snow The man - not in uniform at the time -

The report on the Northwest Airlines plane that flew 100 miles beyond its destination is revealed

What is amazing is the breakdown in communication between the pilots and the ground, and with the air hostesses The ground dispatchers were reduced to sending text messages to the pilots who ignored them As others have noted, they weren't working on their laptops, they were sleeping 1 Controllers and other acft were hollering on the radio, 2 The Airline was sending data msg on the MFD's, 3 SATPHONE calls from company unanswered And all along they were "working on th

Unemployment in America - videos made by unemployed people of their situations

The New York Times invited respondents of a recent poll to submit videos describing how unemployment had affected them Sad stories of distress and loss House payments, insurance, and bills predominate the stories here Worth watching http://wwwnytimescom/interactive/2009/12/14/us/poll-unemploymenthtml Article on unemployment in America http://wwwnytimescom/2009/12/15/us/15pollhtml_r=1

Audio of woman calling 911 who shoots and kills intruder - dramatic

After calling 911, a 57-year-old Oklahoma woman grabbed her shotgun and killed a man trying to break into her house The audio is a dramatic testimony of how she didn't want to use the gun or hurt anyone One lone person forced into a decision she didn't want to take Well worth hearing [flash=480x385]http://wwwyoutubecom/v/e4Z_2oU9B2o&hl=en_US&fs=1&[/flash] A woman with a shotgun was on the phone to a 911 dispatcher this morning in Lincoln County when she shot and kil
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