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Ex Soldier walking the entire Amazon from mountain to sea - amazing

Former British Army captain Ed Stafford, 33, is well on the way to becoming the first man in history to walk from the source of the Amazon in the mountains of Peru to its mouth in Brazil And he's not doing it in the hope of achieving notoriety, nor is he being paid handsomely for his efforts No, he's doing it out of a sense of adventure - for the sheer derring-do He is 612 days in - and looking to finish next August If he achieves his aim, it will be a stupendous achievement, right up

New Zealand farmers want to build massive dairy factory farms

In New Zealand all dairy farms consist of cows living outside and eating fresh grass Its symbolic of how healthy and fresh our dairy products, and meat are However some farmers want to build dairy farms in places where cows can't live outside all year because of the cold They want to create a factory farm type of system with cows inside for most of their lives, eating dried feed and living on concrete This is the antithesis of New Zealand, and is greed personified Typical New Zeala

So just how likely is it that there is life on other planets? - Opinion

Often I read the assumption that there is life on other planets and we just have to find it as fact, yet its not a fact, and there is no evidence to assume it is Firstly our definition of 'life' has over time been reduced from 'beings like is' to 'microbes' As we find out more about our dead universe we reduce the goal of finding life to something such as microbes, that just might be found Once we thought bipedal Martians lived on Mars, now we hope that microbes do So if life is

Over 100 icebergs are floating to New Zealand

More than 100, and possibly hundreds, of Antarctic icebergs are floating towards New Zealand in a rare event which has prompted a shipping warning, officials said on Monday The New Zealand Government demands that they get sent back to Antarctica and apply for immigration first instead of trying to queue jump "Antarctic icebergs need to pass the points system like other immigrants There are many iceberg jobs already filled by New Zealand bergs, and the new immigrants may just become a co

Incidents of violence against women on TV has increased by 120% in the past five years,

Wonder why the world is so dangerous for women Give me a child and I will give you the man Incidents of violence against women on mainstream US television has increased by 120% in the past five years, with the depiction of teen girls as victims rising by some 400%, the Parents Television Council said in a report on Wednesday The media watchdog said it was particularly disturbed by the use of violence against women in comedies and said it hoped TV networks and advertisers would stand

Girl gets flu shot and now can only walk backwards - one in a million side effect

Experts claim serious side effects of flu shots amount to about one in a million - well this is what that one in a million looks like A sad story worth watching A 25 year old woman in Ashburn, Virginia has come down with a severe debilitating neurological disorder days after receiving a seasonal flu vaccination [flash=640x505]http://wwwyoutubecom/v/mScGC7nFDxM&hl=en&fs=1&[/flash] Just a note that correlation is not causation As a poster notes [url=http://wwwred

Rambo meets reality? A French survival expert on the run for murder

Now here is a great movie in the making It is a manhunt which has transfixed a nation After an extraordinary sequence of events, monitoring the progress of Jean-Pierre Treiber, an unprepossessing alleged double-murderer who escaped from prison last month hidden in a cardboard box, is becoming France's favourite spectator sport The saga's latest instalment came yesterday when Le Figaro magazine published grainy but clear surveillance pictures of a bespectacled Treiber, alleged to have

Anonymous people in military fatigues snatch a protester during the G20 protests - video

Although I don't support the protesters this video of people in military fatigues driving up and snatching a protester, bundling him into an unmarked car and then driving off, looks like a new low in democratic freedoms Note the other protester with his hands up and off to the left, a riot policeman with his gun trained on them [flash=640x505]http://wwwyoutubecom/v/G8CNa_viKg0&hl=en&fs=1&[/flash] More here http://wwwredditcom/r/news/comments/9obea/video_g20_protes

Fox TV show Lie To Me is as unbelievable as you probably thought

Having tried to watch Fox TV's "Lie To Me" numerous times, only to give up part way through an episode at the unbelievable nature of the show, I am happy to read that my skepticism was well founded The real world just isn't like that This interview with the scientist Paul Ekman upon whom the show is based shows just how complex and unreadable people really are Is it a paradox that Fox, whos news shows are often distorted and unrealistic, makes a show called "Lie to me" Maybe it sho

MGM is nearly bankrupt may cancel upcoming Hobbit and James Bond movies.

Sad news, MGM is nearly bankrupt which places"James Bond" and "The Hobbit" movies in jeopardy MGM held a very long conference call with bondholders/ lenders that caused lots of people to become "very loud and very upset" It turns out that the studio is on the verge of bankruptcy The call was to make a desperate plea for money in the amount of $20 million in short term and another $150 million to get through the rest of the year One major project that MGM needs to fund is Peter J

American national debt by political party

Looks like a pattern emerging there, Republicans up Democrats down However both Bush's had to finance a war http://wwwdiggcom/political_opinion/The_Politics_of_American_Debt Note that it ends in 2004, where would it be 3 years later

Airbus Pilot error nearly caused terrible accident in Australia

An Airbus carrying 275 passengers and 18 crew disappeared off radar screens soon after pilots miscalculated its weight by 100 tonnes, just missing disaster by seconds Surely it would still have taken off unless it was officially overweight The Emirates Airlines plane bound for Dubai only just cleared a perimeter fence as it took off with great difficulty and struggled to gain altitude Flying low over houses, it vanished from view of the air traffic control tower shortly after 1030pm and

Norwegians convicted of murder in the Congo - look beaten up in custody

This picture shows that the prisoners seem to have had a hard time of it in custody, just look at their faces Two Norwegian men have been sentenced to death in the Democratic Republic of Congo after being convicted of murder It looks like a set up Joshua French, 27, and Tjostolv Moland, 28, were also accused of arms smuggling and espionage They denied all charges They were held after their Congolese driver was found shot dead in May this year in the north-east of the country

The Chevy Volt - a car for idiots? (Audi President thinks so)

The Chevy Volt is a car that only appeals to preening schmoes and will fall flat on its face Or so says Audi of America president, Johan de Nysschen, who went off on the Chevy Volt and electric cars in general, with Lawrence Ulrich of MSN's Exhaust Notes Nysschen tells Ulrich, [quote]No one is going to pay a $15,000 premium for a car that competes with a Toyota CorollaThey’re for the intellectual elite who want to show what enlightened souls they areso there are not enough idio

Mafia dumps 5,000 liters of raw sewage into Blue Grotto's crystal waters on the island of Capri

Maybe its now Harpic blue The Blue Grotto, the most famous tourist attraction on the island of Capri, was closed to visitors yesterday due to fears its crystal waters had been contaminated by raw sewage, possibly dumped by the Naples mafia La Grotta Azzurra, as it is known in Italian, is celebrated for the intense blue tones of the water and the mysterious, silvery light thrown off by underwater rocks in the cave In the 1st century AD, the Emperor Tiberius liked to retire to the grotto t
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