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The new Boy Scouts - skilled at taking out terrorists and gunmen

Once upon a time Boy Scouts focused on gaining badges in skills like lighting fires, and community service No longer Now they practice taking down gunmen and raiding drug crops Thousands of teenagers are participating in a law enforcement programme designed to give them the skills to counter terrorism, illegal immigration and gunmen on university campuses Around 35,000 "Explorer" scouts aged from 14 to 21 are currently in the "law enforcement exploring" programme across America

When underdogs break conventions: fascinating story of how an underdog basketball team won against all odds

Wonderful article on how underdogs can overcome the odds and beat the favorites One example they use is a basketball team, coached by someone who didn't even play basketball, but who saw the weaknesses in the game and led his players to record wins Against all odds One of those articles that your mind returns to afterwards because the examples are so engrossing When Vivek Ranadivé decided to coach his daughter Anjali’s basketball team, he settled on two principles The first was th

Signs of the coming American crash

Precursors to the coming crash are becoming more evident in news articles and posts on the net now Here is one persons view of the decline of their Californian city, a place of scrap dealers, homeless, closing businesses and insurance fraud [flash=480x385]http://wwwyoutubecom/v/_j-vlW4aTpg&hl=en&fs=1&rel=0[/flash]

Welcome to debtors prison criminalizing being poor in America

Here is a tale that sounds like it comes right from the pages of “Little Dorrit,” Charles Dickens’s scathing indictment of Victorian England’s debtors’ prisons Unfortunately, it is happening in 21st-century America Edwina Nowlin, a poor Michigan resident, was ordered to reimburse a juvenile detention center $104 a month for holding her 16-year-old son When she explained to the court that she could not afford to pay, Ms Nowlin was sent to prison The American Civil Liberties Union of

Recession effect - less rubbish produced as people stop buying and start recycling

What a great side effect of the recession, people are throwing away far less waste than before, and more people are making do with what they have or buying second hand Thrift-driven Americans are fixing up, making do and reusing so much to cope with the recession that the drop in throwaways means less fill for landfills To deal with the drop-off in dropoffs, landfills are laying off workers, reducing hours of operation and hiking disposal fees, with the increases passed along to cities

Car maker says an Americans memory is only 60 days

People demand small cars, car manufacturers produce them, in the meantime the public have forgotten the oil crisis and returned to their old inefficient beasts [quote]I heard it the other day — I don't know if it's true — that Americans' memory is about 60 days You can see the fuel-economy situation from last summer I heard a dealer the other day talking about how they couldn't sell Civics and Corolla and Priuses fast enough All of a sudden, 60 days later, we're back on SUVs and

Comparison between British and American news readers - from your Nanny to your Psycho...

A clip from Charlie Brookers Newswipe 8th April 2009 in which Brooker discusses the working of TV News on either side of the pond Funny and worth watching Warning on a bit of British swearing [flash=480x385]http://wwwyoutubecom/v/_amyJCLmMY8&hl=en&fs=1[/flash] [quote] Fox leans more to the right than a man who has just had his right leg blown off [/quote]

Battlestar Galactica is over, read the story that inspired it

The wonderful Philip K Dick apparently was the inspiration for BSG here is his short story accredited with inspiring it http://wwwwattpadcom/26251-Second-Variety

The death of Johannesburg

Facinating blog showing the destruction of Johannesburg in South Africa Surprising [quote] It is however, very dangerous to go and take pictures in the jungle of Johannesburg, as I need two armed people to come with me: one to look after the car, and another to protect me while I am distracted with the camera[/quote] http://deathofjohannesburgblogspotcom/

Police shootout in Vladivostok kills three criminals in a graphic video

Police in Vladivostok attack an apartment where criminals were hiding, ensuing gunfight kills all three VLADIVOSTOK/MOSCOW, March 14 RIA Novosti - Russian special armed police forces in Vladivostok killed three men on Saturday in a raid on an apartment looking for suspects in an earlier attack on three Chinese businessmen in the Far Eastern Russian city The senior assistant to the chief investigator of the Primorye Territory branch of the Prosecutor General's Office said three men s

Do digital TV converters have a camera and microphone in them? - Real or hoax?

In the next few months in America every analogue TV will need to have access to a digital converter to receive digital television as the old analogue system will be shut down According to this video some of those converters, which sit on/under/around your TV may come equipped with a camera and a microphone Be aware this may be an elaborate hoax [flash=480x385]http://wwwyoutubecom/v/TQ4iIM8Eljc&hl=en&fs=1&rel=0[/flash] comments on the video here http://wwwre

Christian singers deported from England, while Islamic leader dreams of running the country

Yet another sign of the decline and fall of the British empire, on home turf A christian musician and people wanting to volunteer at a soup center were denied entrance, while an Islamic leader said he wanted to see the “flag of Allah” flying over Downing Street, with all women wearing burkas and caning for drunkenness A prominent Christian musician and a team of college-age missionaries were recently deported from the United Kingdom under new immigration rules that require religious worke

The Nicolas Cage plot generator

Nicolas Cage is one of those good actors who persist in appearing in generally crap movies Like Will Smith Some facts about Nicolas Cage from Crackedcom 1 Nicolas Cage is an Oscar winning Hollywood movie star who abruptly quit acting at the height of his abilities 2 He has starred in dozens of films since that time 3 Cage is one of the youngest actors ever to enter the "Seriously, I Don't Give a Shit" stage of his career And while actors like Al Pacino and Robert DeN

The world's biggest diamond heist - $100 million haul never seen again

In February 2003 thieves broke into a vault two floors beneath the Antwerp Diamond Center and made off with at least $100 million worth of loose diamonds, gold, jewelry, and other spoils The vault was thought to be impenetrable It was protected by 10 layers of security, including infrared heat detectors, Doppler radar, a magnetic field, a seismic sensor, and a lock with 100 million possible combinations The subterranean chamber was supposed to be one of the most secure safes in the w

Aimee Mullins: How my legs give me super-powers

Wonderful video TED presentation from Aimee Mullins Athlete, actor and activist Aimee Mullins talks about her prosthetic legs -- she's got a dozen amazing pairs -- and the superpowers they grant her: speed, beauty, an extra 6 inches of height Quite simply, she redefines what the body can be http://wwwtedcom/indexphp/talks/aimee_mullins_prosthetic_aestheticshtml
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