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Want to cook food in a Hotel room? Try these tricks

So your stuck in a hotel room for a while and are sick of eating out all the time, how can you make your own food without any cooking facilities Easy, just heat up the iron, and put the coffee pot on # Cook bacon with the iron Cut bacon strips in half and place them between two foil sheets Crimp the edges of the foil sheets together to prevent grease from spilling out Iron the bacon, opening the packet carefully with a fork every few minutes to check to see if the bacon is done and

The Battlestar Galactica Auction - get your own Cylon Raider

The Battlestar Galactica Auction, presented by Propworx, is coming to the Auction Network on January 17 and 18, 2009 Collection includes set plans, production art, foam core set models, scripts, costumes, ships, props, set pieces and more Check out the Cylon Raider The Cylon Raider is a very large craft with a large wing span The ship itself is made of metal, foam and wood The ship breaks down into five pieces for easy transport Measures 29' long by 18'6" wide by 4'8" tall Se

Dengue Fever on the Rise in Vietnam

Health workers are also reporting an increase in the number of adults falling victim to the mosquito -borne virus HCMC Hospital for Tropical Diseases Deputy Director Tran Tinh Hien said the hospital had admitted between 150 and 200 dengue fever patients “The hospital receives between 30 and 50 cases a day,” Hien said “Most patients come from District 2, District 7 and Tan Binh District” “The number of cases is double or sometimes triple the number we had at the same time last year

Why you can never trust a video again

Imagine that you film a video and you want to make the people in it do different things when you edit it on the computer So maybe their mouths can be opened or heads rotated Or imagine that you can put text into a video that stays on the object you add it to, such as the side of a car when the car drives through the video Its all available now The upshot is that you can take a video of anyone or any scene and manipulate it to perform or say whatever you want http://vimeocom/2

Jason Momoa - Ronan gets attacked in restaurant

Ronan from Stargate Atlantis had his face slashed by a bottle in a fight What no Wraith could do some drunk succeeded LOS ANGELES Authorities have charged a man with assault for allegedly striking "Stargate Atlantis" actor Jason Momoa in the face with a beer glass, causing wounds that required 140 stitches Los Angeles County prosecutors on Friday announced a felony assault with a deadly weapon charge had been filed against 21-year-old Dominic Bando He's accused of attacking Momoa

40,000 people seek free food from farm

Welcome to the new reality, people clamoring after free food PLATTEVILLE, Colo -- A farm couple got a huge surprise when they opened their fields to anyone who wanted to pick up free vegetables left over after the harvest -- 40,000 people showed up Joe and Chris Miller's fields were picked so clean Saturday that a second day of gleaning -- the ancient practice of picking up leftover food in farm fields -- was canceled Sunday " 'Overwhelmed' is putting it mildly," Chris Miller sai

Tesla Motors vrs General Motors?

Reward innovation not mediocrity Yet again General Motors want extra money to keep a sinking ship afloat Why not give the money instead to a really innovative company like http://wwwteslamotorscom/ Not to be outdone, Dodge offer an electric sports car as well http://wwwroadandtrackcom/articleaspsection_id=15&article_id=7289 [img]http://wwwroadandtrackcom/assets/image/2008/W47/112020080421550691jpg[/img]

Nearly 40% of New Zealanders exercise 5 times a week

I think its partly a result of our poor quality Television The Sport and Recreation New Zealand Sparc survey reports that a further 1,281,265 do some moderate-intensity activity each week The study was conducted between March 2007 and March 2008, with its findings the result of face-to-face interviews with 4443 subjects Overall, 958 per cent of Kiwis are said to have participated in at least one sport or recreation activity during that period with the most eye-catching statist

Monkey steals the peach - a move you will never see in MMA

Here is an exceedingly painful move that you will never, hopefully see Monkey Steals the peach Now which would you prefer: an energy spike directed upward, stopping the heart, or the ripping away of the genitals leading to massive blood loss and death Avoid Followers of the Iron Hand at all cost [quote]Whip the arms as described and strike the enemy's groin with the open palm, fingers bent at the first joint in a Monkey Paw or Tiger Claw fist The impact will lift the enemy off the grou

Kayaker Rescued from Whanganui River

[i]A kayaker was pinned in her boat with only her head above the water for three hours during a terrifying ordeal in the Whanganui River The 20-year-old backpacker from Bavaria, Germany, was kayaking down the river when her boat became trapped between rocks and she was unable to get free Her friend paddled down the river for about 2˝ hours to get help, and was able to alert police from a a radio in a Conservation Department hut The woman was reached by a rescue team in a jetboat a

World Series of Poker winner takes home 9.5 million Dollars

Heres a nice prize for playing poker Peter Eastgate of Denmark celebrates after winning US $915 million during the World Series of Poker at the Rio Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada November 11, 2008 Eastgate, 22, defeated Ivan Demidov of Russia to become the youngest champion of the World Series of Poker main eventREUTERS/Steve Marcus

Be an instant multi billionaire - new Zimbabwe note

The insanity of the Zimbabwe currency can be seen in the introduction of the 100 Billion Dollar note, which buys 3 eggs Check out this website with photos of banknotes and massive piles of money needed to buy groceries at the supermarket http://humorlandwordmessnet/20081025/what-the-real-crisis-is-like/

What happens to people after foreclosure?

Sad article on the lives of people who have been forced out of their homes and where they go afterwords I am surprised to read of 'tent cities' and 'parking lot communities' but overall the sad thing is the low level of income and savings A very good read The impact of the mortgage crisis has been obvious in both the worldwide credit crunch and the presidential campaign, where there has been a lot of talk about the plight of overextended homeowners But the specific personal costs o

Sadly the chat died ....

The chat at the bottom of the page has gone The developers said that they had a hard drive crash that lost all the data connecting the users to their accounts As a result the entire project has been ruined, and the program has been removed Moral of the story - make backups of everything! I am waiting for them to release a free version of the chat to put it back in the hole :

Top CIA officers quitting at about 60 per year

This is a concerning development, the top CIA operatives who worked in Afghanistan and other hot spots are leaving after being passed over for promotion by those that stay at home and push paper The result is a loss of skill and knowledge in the field and a reliance on technology instead of human effort Only a few months ago, Sam Faddis was running a CIA unit charged with preventing terrorists from getting nuclear, chemical and biological weapons Today, only 50, the equivalent of a fu
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