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Excuse me I need this to run my car

A very true commentary on the true cost of alternative fuels From milk price rises, to dairy products, to corn based products, to pasta, to international food aid for starving people, the West is sucking up food to turn into fuel to power SUV's, leaving poverty and death behind And this is the answer From http://redditcom/info/6dl4l/comments/ interesting comments

Good girl gets killed for being too good

Durban - A teenage girl who'd dreamt of passing matric and overcoming her impoverished background, has been beaten to death because she'd decided to remain a virgin Life must be tough in South Africa Three 17-year-old girls and a 24-year-old woman of Wasbank, near Ladysmith, were arrested on Thursday in connection with the July murder of Nobuhle Khumalo, 17 One of Nobuhle's teachers, Samkeliso Chiliza, said a gang had attacked her with knobkieries because they were jealous of her

When cats blink at you it means friend

Cats blink at you as a form of communication to say "Hey there friend" It certainly works with my cat CS Lewis talked about animals becoming more human as they interacted with humans, certainly its the same with cats Cats send all sorts of nonverbal signals, both to each other and to us humans One of those signals is a blink If you own a cat and haven't ever noticed it blinking at you, keep an eye out It usually happens just as the cat enters a room where you are sitting

Arabian apple bean pot

Like to share a favorite recipe This is one of mine [b]Arabian apple bean pot[/b] You need: 2 apples 2 onions 1 can butterbeans [img]http://wwwbbccouk/food/images/butterbeans_300x193jpg[/img] 1 to 2 tsp turmeric 1 to 2 tsp nutmeg 1 to 2 tsp cinnamon 1 tablespoon or more honey 3-4+ tablespoon natural or greek yoghurt at least per serving Chopped apricots Dice the onions and cook till soft in a big frypan or pot Dice apples into small chunks add to soft

Why Are Georgia (the State) and Georgia (the Country) Both Named Georgia?

Is it just a communist plot Why are there 2 Georgia's in the world Blame the British naturally If you’ve ever wondered why Georgia the US state and Georgia the country are both named Georgia, Noreen Malone of Slate has the answer: Why does a country that was formerly part of the USSR have the same name as a state in the American Deep South Both got their present-day monikers from the British The name of the country comes from the Russian word Gruzia, which was in turn deriv

Heartbreaking story of a feral child found in America

Disturbing article about the a young girl trapped in her room her entire life The doctors and social workers had no way of knowing all that had happened to Danielle But the scene at the house, along with Danielle's almost comatose condition, led them to believe she had never been cared for beyond basic sustenance Hard as it was to imagine, they doubted she had ever been taken out in the sun, sung to sleep, even hugged or held She was fragile and beautiful, but whatever makes a perso

Tree falls in storm just missing passing car - people entertained

Guys in a bar get entertained by a tree falling in a recent storm in Nelson that just misses a car This video was on the national news with an interview with the car driver, funny [flash=450x370]http://wwwliveleakcom/e/998_1217493813[/flash]

British tourists amazed at how safe America is

British tourists coming from a 'gun free' yet crime ridden country are amazed at how peaceful it is in America BBC article Brits arriving in New York, hoping to avoid being slaughtered on day one of their shopping mission to Manhattan are, by day two, beginning to wonder what all the fuss was about By day three they have had had the scales lifted from their eyes I have met incredulous British tourists who have been shocked to the core by the peacefulness of the place, the lack of

George W Bush - The movie - trailer

Now this looks fun, its the George W Bush movie! I wonder how difficult it was casting all the people, considering we know what they really look like Its an Oliver Stone creation [flash=450x358]http://wwwtraileraddictcom/emb/5711[/flash]

Ebay - 100 year old Levis found in mine

That's actually quite amazing to see how similar 100 year old levis are to today's levis Current bid: US $17,60000 This old pair of LEVI'S were found in a mine in the Rand Mining District, on the Mojave Desert, California They are covered in candlewax from the candle's the miner was using to light the tunnel he was working in They were found with and old paper bag with the name of a mercantile store which operated between 1895 and 1898 in the town or Randsburg Their was also

Definition of the word Genius

We have all heard 'genius' as applied to a very smart person, but can anyone guess where it originated from How about this for a strange etymology [quote]Genie is an English translation of the Arabic term "jinn" The English word comes from the French "génie", which meant a spirit of any kind, which in turn came from the Latin "genius", which meant [b]a sort of personal guardian spirit assigned to each person at birth [/b][/quote] http://wwwunexplained-mysteriescom/columnp

How long could you survive financially if you were unable to work?

For millions of people in England it may be just 11 days from financial ruin However they calculate that the average person needs nearly $1000 per week to live! Which is absurd More than a third of adults could survive financially for only 11 days if they were to lose their job or be too ill to work, according to a survey The finding gives a worrying insight into the lives of millions who are living on a financial tightrope Researchers looked at how much people spend every month a

Giving your child an embarrasing name is a form of abuse

Who the heck would name their poor kid "Talula Does The Hula From Hawaii" anyway Family Court Judge Rob Murfitt stated his concerns in a written decision after a custody hearing in New Plymouth revealed a couple had named their child Talula Does The Hula From Hawaii He was so disturbed at the effect on the nine-year-old that he ordered her temporarily placed under court guardianship so a suitable name could be chosen "It makes a fool of the child and sets her up with a social d

You know that athiest communist Chinese leadership? - They are promoting Christianity

In China Christianity has now over 70 million adherents Slowly the Chinese government itself sees the benefits of turning their society into the biggest christian nation in the world Professor Zhao Xiao shuttles between the private sector and officialdom, giving elite management seminars to CEOs and advising government cadres on the economy "If eating Chinese cuisine will make me stronger, then I'll eat it, and if Western food makes me stronger, then I'll eat that," said Zhao, a 40-y

Believe it or not a freight train can move a ton of freight 436 miles on a gallon of fuel

Hows that for fuel efficient Turns out freight trains really are an efficient transport system, and that's an overall efficiency including starting The problem is however that you have to move the goods from the customer to the railhead, and then move the goods at the destination from the railhead to the customer Those inefficiencies are bypassed by trucks The engines themselves are polluters, but are they any worse than the trucks they replace According to our calculations, wh
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