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Ross Kemp on gangs video - The Mongrel Mob - banned in New Zealand

This video in the Ross Kemp on Gangs series was not released in NZ because the Mongrel Mob didn't want the bad press that it gave, they are too busy quietly making the drug 'P' and getting rich from it Nice pics of New Zealand, but the gang is quite underground, you don't see them around much, at least in my city Really the less you see of them the better Things get interesting by the middle of video 2 as they get into the history of Maori culture Part 1 [flash=450x370]http

Firearms in NZ - $7000 for a pistol

We hardly ever see any guns in NZ, apart from hunting rifles, in fact I have never even seen a pistol in 'real life' Tonight on TV they were talking about illegal guns in gangs, and the scarcity of pistols became obvious A pistol that had a legitimate price of about $700 would go for up to $7000 each on the black market! NZ dollars are close to US Dollars So $7000 for an ordinary pistol just shows how few are around An interesting statistic :

Want to get fit, do the 100 pushups in 6 weeks program

As someone who does push ups regularly, I totally recommend this easy program to start yourself on the way to fitness Push ups are one of the basic and most common exercises for the human body Push ups are not only great for your chest, but do a tremendous job of defining your abs, triceps, shoulders and torso If you're serious about increasing your strength, follow this six week training program and you'll soon be on your way to completing 100 consecutive push ups! http://hundred

Video of cellphones making popcorn pop - real or fake?

Hard to believe, but watch this video Four cell phones are aligned around some popcorn, they are all rung at the same time, and the popcorn explodes [flash=425x355]http://wwwyoutubecom/v/kAd0aWxs7kQ[/flash] Working again [flash=425x355]http://wwwyoutubecom/v/ju5yIFu4yY8[/flash] and again making popcorn [flash=425x355]http://wwwyoutubecom/v/V94shlqPlSI[/flash] Debate rages over it being real or fake Here is another video of the same experiment that didn't work, ho

The end of the SUV bubble - killed by high fuel prices

Rising fuel prices have left SUV owners with vehicles that cost a small fortune to fill and have lost their resale value One person in the article spends $75 to fill his Dodge Ram, 3 times a week Is this the end of the SUV fad After paying $75 to fill his black Dodge Ram pickup truck for the third time in a week, Douglas Chrystall couldn't take it anymore Feeling pinched at the pump, and guilty as well, Chrystall, a 39-year-old father from Wellesley, is putting ads online to sell

Aussie ads censored... "So where the bloody hell are you?"

[quote]SYDNEY Reuters - Australia launched a new A$180 million $133 million advertising campaign Thursday which seeks to attract international tourists by swearing at them "Where the bloody hell are you" asks the new campaign launched by Australian Tourism Minister Fran Bailey Bailey said the campaign will target potential tourists in China, Japan, India, the United States, Germany and Britain and would be rolled out in the next few weeks It echoes the hugely successful "Pu

Global Incidents map

Not sure if this has been posted here or not but I think it's pretty cool :tu wwwglobalincidentmapcom

Divine intervention?

Garth Murray used to be an air traffic controller, until a series of strokes left his memory decimated and his career destroyed But instead of giving up, he now designs and builds high end loud speakers that are winning accolades and are in high demand around the world Garth's speakers are so in demand that he simply cannot make them quick enough http://wwwtv3conz/News/NationalNews/Mysteriousdreamsleadtocreationofhighlysoughtafterloudspeakers/tabid/184/articleID/53430/cat/64/D

The original ending for "I am legend"

Here is the original ending for "I am Legend" As I havn't seen the movie I don't known what the published ending is like, but this one is really good Certianly worth watching http://wwwdiflixcom/p=694 Here is some enlightening debate on the movie and its ending http://redditcom/info/6frrk/comments/

New Zealand spending on culture and recreation third highest in the world

Now here is a figure to be proud of New Zelanders spend the third highest amout in the world as a percent of the GDP on culture and recreation I guess that accounts for all the bikes, boats and outdoor gear everyone has These statistics are inversely proportional to how good the TV is in each country Also look at how much the government spends on recreation and culture as well Iceland is far ahead of the rest ICELAND spends proportionately more on culture and recreation than o

The Pope snubs Bush - won't attend dinner with Bush

Here is an interesting story, despite the Whitehouse having a dinner in honor of the Popes visit, he won't be attending even though he's not having anything else on I wonder if they will have [url=http://enwikipediaorg/wiki/Eggs_Benedict]eggs benedict[/url] on the menu The White House has scheduled a dinner next week in honor of Pope Benedict XVI's first visit to the United States, but one guest will be conspicuously absent from the proceedings: the pope himself There are no c

Israeli martial arts - Krav Maga

Krav Maga is fairly a new martial arts style that was developed in Israel The term of Krav Maga stems from the Hebrew meaning of "close combat" This style is to train people to be able to fight in a possibly close or no quarters situation It focuses on the fundamentals of defending yourself 1 You're not going to care how much damage you're going to cause 2 Cause as much damage as possible and run 3 Do not try and prolong a fight Do what needs to be done and escape T

Keep things cool with a simple to make non electric fridge

Heres a handy way to make a fridge for camping or when you have no electricity This invention has been around a long time and finally meeting a need in villages in Nigeria Wonderful how a simple solution saves so much work for people I wonder if it needs clay pots to draw the heat out or if metallic or plastic posts work as well This is Mohammed Bah Abba's Pot-in-pot invention In northern Nigeria, where Mohammed is from, over 90% of the villages have no electricity His invention, whi

Hillary Clinton was fired for lying and deceit when she was 27

Democrat politics gets more bizzarre Hillary concealed a public file which set a precedent for seeking council while under congressional investigation She then proceeded to write a brief for the court which stated the precedent, which she was concealing, did not exist The brief was never submitted to the court, which is likely lucky for Clinton as willfully attempting to deceive the courts in such a way would likely have resulted in her disbarment As Hillary Clinton came under i

Californian house prices drop $3000 per week

Shocking numbers show that Californian home prices are now in freefall, as home prices fell 26% PA in February Signs of distress are piling up in the California housing market, where prices are falling at three times the national rate of decline Statewide, median sales prices fell by a stunning 26% from year-ago levels in February, with [b]home prices dropping at a rate of nearly $3,000 a week[/b] the California Association of Realtors reports In the San Fernando Valley, losing a h
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