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Reporters find milk contaminated - Monsanto and Fox kill story, fire reporters

Reporters Steve Wilson and Jane Akre were first asked by FOX News and later bribed, to downplay a story they had on a cancer-causing growth hormone called Posilac They reported on contaminated drugged milk, with potential human health problems - cancer, across most of the country The reporters decided to blow the whistle on FOX News and filed a law suit After the ordeal was over, it was discovered in the appeals court that it's actually not against the law to falsify the "News" Enj

Forget Spitzer... yesterday the police chief of Tehran, Iran was found nude in a local brothel with six naked prostitutes

Typical Iranians always trying to go one better than America Tehran, 10 March AKI - Tehran's police chief, Reza Zarei, has been arrested after he was found nude in a local brothel with six naked prostitutes, according to report on the Iranian Farda News Farda News is a website said to be close to the mayor of Tehran and former chief of the police forces, Mohammed Bagher Qalibaf Following the raid, Zarei stepped down from his post as police chief The news of his arrest however wa

Toshiba reveals portable nuclear reactor

Coming to a home near you I imagine a portable nuclear reactor these buried under a house in the middle of nowhere, woud be a great form of electricity Toshiba Corp employee Shinichiro Matsuyama explains about the 1/25 scale model of Toshiba's "4-S," super-safe, small and simple, nuclear reactor at the 17th Toshiba Group Environmental Exhibition in Tokyo Thursday, March 6 2008 Toshiba has been developing the micro-sized nuclear reactor that is said to be self-sustainable for 30 y

Mum sells her baby online for $850 to cover rent debts

The mother getting caught was probably the best thing to happen to the baby However life in a Russian orphanage would not be a nice outcome either Police in the Russian city of Yekaterinburg have arrested a woman who tried to sell her baby daughter to cover her personal debts [flash=425x355]http://wwwyoutubecom/v/d_JaX-Uskvc[/flash]

Eartha Kitt other song

A month or so ago someone had the words to Eartha Kitt song "santa baby" I was going to add, but could not log on "this web site kept saying I had fallen off Internet" But a year later Eartha Kitt came out another song called "this year's santa baby" saying santa you were a real sweaty last year, but the car you gave me will not start could you give me a private plane The yacht you gave me sprang a leak how about if you got the Queen Elizabeth

Top fifty worst persecutors of Christianity

[b]Open Doors[/b] has released their 2008 list of the top 50 worst persecutors of Christianity Saudi Arabia, ruled by a Sunni Wahhabist royal family, was in second place for the fifth straight year, while Shi'ite Iran was in third place for the third year in a row Rounding out the top ten offenders, in order, were the Maldives, Bhutan, Yemen, Afghanistan, Laos, Uzbekistan and China Open Doors says it ranks countries based on the intensity of persecution Christians face for active

British Pakistanis have 3% of all births yet 30% of all babies with genetic deformities

Inbreeding among British Pakistanis is causing medical concern according to the Times Although they don't break down the rate of genetic deformities per British pakistani baby it must be very high Phil Woolas, an environment minister, said the culture of arranged marriages between first cousins was the “elephant in the room” Woolas, a former race relations minister, said: “If you have a child with your cousin the likelihood is there’ll be a ge

Domestic wind turbine just released

Suitable for suburbia with no blades This looks like a really good way to produce electricity at a reasonable cost A couple of them might power your house In the last few years, we’ve seen a lot of mini-wind turbines that haven’t turned out to be very useful But the Windspire turbine from Mariah Power sounds interesting The Windspire has a propeller-free vertical-axis design, and is expected to produce about 1800 kilowatt hours per year in 11 mph average wind co

Five things that the LOST writers need to answer

Its that time of the year again, LOST has returned What has to be one of the greatest TV shows of its time LOST returns for season 4 It appears that Lost mysteries come in three flavors: Mysteries that are never solved Mysteries that are solved and sort of make sense Mysteries that are solved and the solution is retarded However just when will the writers tie up the loose ends from the last 3 seasons #5 What's the deal with Walt #4 What's the deal with those fi

200,000 Chinese stranded at ONE Guangzhou train station

So you think your train station is busy, or that you have long queues, imagine 200,000 to 600,000 stranded at one Guangzhou station Hundreds of thousands of workers, many with young children, found themselves stranded at the Guangzhou railway station after snowstorms snapped power lines to passenger trains from neighbouring Hunan province, an important hub for trains on the main line between Guangzhou and Beijing Officials struggled to control an estimated 200,000 travellers at the stat

Xenophobia in Japan reaches new heights

Throughout Japan signs are appearing that say "Japanese only" meaning non japanese people are forbidden to enter the establishments Starting from 1993 in Otaru, Hokkaido, and now running unchecked throughout Japan, signs saying "JAPANESE ONLY" etc have gone up, making an unspoken undercurrent of fear of the outsider into clear, present, and brazen exclusionism--following the best traditions of segregation and apartheid I knew the Japanese were xenophobic, but this takes the cake C

Hello all

just though i would make a post to say hello well Hello ! long time viewer but only just figured out how to register lol

2008 Saturn Flextreme car - 444 mile range

This is a nice looking electric car and it comes with 2 Segway scooters in the boot! The 2008 Saturn Flextreme may be a concept, but it shows that General Motors is serious about putting advanced, fuel-efficient hybrids on American roads in the not too distant future Let's put the Flextreme in perspective It's Saturn's follow-up version of the 2007's Detroit Auto Show concept hit, the Chevy Volt, and what's important about this Saturn is the progress that it demonstrates Look

Police Taser watch - police tasering in the news

Having read recently of so many unjustified tasering of people I think a dedicated thread of police tasering is warranted To kick it off here is the first article, police tasering an 82 year old CHICAGO AP - Chicago's Police Department is investigating an officer's use of a Taser last month on an 82-year-old woman who was swinging a hammer when police arrived Officials with the city's Department on Aging went to Lillian Fletcher's home Oct 29 to make a welfare check, and cal

Guy hung by ankles over boat to get photo of Great White Shark

Four guys out diving were forced to abandon their dive after being stalked by a 13 foot Great White Shark They got its photo I wonder if all the fishing reduces the food supplies of the sharks and forces them inshore to feed The four-metre shark appeared as a shadow in the water as Te Horo builder Gary Porter prepared to take his third dive off the southern tip of Kapiti Island on Saturday afternoon Mr Porter and his three dive buddies watched in awe as the shark circled their 65
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