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As Stuffucanusecom also has the word "stuff" in it I am open to offers over 100 million HowStuffWorks is the latest acquisition by Discovery Communications, for $250 million Included in the purchase are HowStuffWorks’ entire network of online properties, including a map database HowStuffWorks is an online reference tool with a reported 11 million users around the world and 38 million unique US visitors per month Launched nearly 10 years ago, the reference site will be merged

South African World Cup Lottery 2010 scam

Here is a new scam I havn't seen before, just got an email below Link to why its a scam at the bottom I have seen the nigerian variant but not this south african one From the article at the bottom come these facts Many if not most of the criminals running lottery scams and "classic" 419 scams from South Africa are Nigerians living in South Africa These gangs are dangerous There have kidnappings, murders and other violent crimes connected to South Africa-based 419 gangs People

Tesla cars nearly released - 600 in 2008

Tesla cars, awesome electric sports cars are finally approaching production Over the next year they should start to appear on the streets This extract from a pdf to members and clients paints a positive picture of the future of the cars [quote]As Martin pointed out in his last communication, we are testing, testing, testing The results of these tests indicate that we need more time to ensure that all aspects of the production cars meet the level of quality, durability and reliability

South pole

I am a man who is 56, who did my MPHIL History from Annamalai University As you people think the rays of the SUN doesn't comes to earth directly The rays, the magnetic force the electronic waves from the other planets of the Zodiac, the moon, the mercury, the Saturn, the mars, the Jupiter, etc, are sending rays to earth and the colors are making the "Vibgyor" the rays from the moon is Yellow, the sun is Red and so on When these rays are absorbed by the SOUTH POLE the South pol

IRS loses big case over payment in gold coins - facinating.

Now this is a facinating way to get around the tax system that has worked You come and work for me and I pay you one gold coin a day / week / whatever The face value of that gold coin is what you are paid So a $20 gold coin pictured below might be your wage for 3 weeks, yet the real value of that coin is $800 What do you pay tax on The face value of the coin, so you pay tax on $20 Apparently Robert Kahre paid numerous workers for their labor with circulating gold and silver U

Police fail to shoot dog despite multiple shots

An aggressive dog ran towards police during a police standoff with a crazed person, and was met by a hail of bullets yet every one missed Police said no one was in danger, but heck, the DOG was certianly not in danger : Watching the video you see the dog run out of the house, down the road and into another section The dog was shot at as it went passed It then returned out of the gate, ran up the street and back into the home The dog was again shot at but all shots missed Police s

Old subway cars dumped in sea to create artificial reef

This actually is a good idea, not only for the fish, but also for the removal of unwatned rubbish, the subway cars break down in 50 years and in the meantime they will get covered in corals The link below includes a good video Seventeen-ton retirees, some 600 of them, will soon be living out their golden years on the Jersey Shore, where they will see plenty of scuba diving and fishing They are part of more than 1,600 stainless-steel passenger and work-crew subway cars that will hea

New Zealand Police looking for body fail to check owners car for 2 days

They joked about the body being in the car Leaned on the car, wrote notes with it as a platform Eventually two days later they looked in the boot there was the body they had been searching for all along Police have copped flak for taking two days to search the car in which Mrs Liu's body was found The car had been parked outside the home in Keystone Ave, Mt Roskill, she shared with her husband and three-year-old daughter, while police, media and the public walked past and even

10 Top sporting events to see before you die

These are considered by someone to be the top 10 sporting events to go and see 1 ROLEX SYDNEY HOBART YACHT RACE - held on Boxing day the day after Christmas traditionally the most dangerous time to be sailing in the waters because of storms, regularly kills competitors and sinks yachts http://wwwconciergecom/ideas/artsculture/tour/detailid=1528&page=1 2 BOCA JUNIORS - Brazilian football match crazed crowds and hysterical partizans http://wwwconciergecom/ideas/artsculture/

British teens only use 20 words to speak

Teens only use 20 of the most common words when they speak Rly Yeh Rly! No way! Like man, wow TEENAGERS use just 20 words for a third of everything they say, research reveals Among the words they spout most are "yeah, no" and "like", which could come straight out of the mouth of dysfunctional adolescent Vicky Pollard from TV's Little Britain Researchers discovered teens use only 12,682 words in everyday speech compared with 21,391 uttered by 25-34 year-olds Gadgets l

So what does the All Black Haka REALLY mean?

Recently people have been asking what the All black's Haka, really meant When looking through the websites for a translation of the terms I was surprised that they were quite different from what I had learned years ago Here is the version I have heard [quote]A Maori chief was on the run from his enemies, he hid at an old womans house his grandmother the enemies came looking for him, so she hid him in an old kumera pit sweet potato storage hole While the enemies looked ever

Booked for assault with snack food!

I wish I could put this in the bizarre and unusual forum but I can't Compared to some news I have read lately this seems almost normal A man in Des Moines Iowa was charged with assault for hitting his father in the face with a bag of Cheetos The twenty-two year old man who still lived with his father admitted to being on methamphetamines at the time of the assault [quote]The police report said — quote— "Michael's T-shirt was also covered in Cheeto dust"[/quote] I can't make s

Russia a country on the slide

How can a country be so rich and yet have dreadful health care, a declining population, and a corrupt political system with almost no opposition The Volga runs through the city of Tver and continues southward to Yaroslav, Nizhniy Novgorod, Saratov, Volgograd former Stalingrad, and Astrachan, where it enters the Caspian Sea One small town in the region, Kostinovo, has found its way into the papers because it now has just one inhabitant, Antonina Makarova, age seventy-eight Her neares

Blind man caught driving car a second time.

This time he was drunk Never mind, he had three friends in the car with him, giving him directions Be careful when driving through Torvandi, Estonia, the driver you see heading your way just might not see you! [url]http://newsyahoocom/s/nm/20070813/od_nm/estonia_blind1_dc[/url]

Reducing the drinking age - don't do it America

In New Zealand the drinking rate was reduced to 18, that debate is now emerging in America Let New Zealand be a warning to America not to go down that path Our youth crime, teen violence, teen party riots, and teen deaths on the roads have increased tremendously over the last few years of the drinking age being lowered The negative predictions of the police have come true now people are wanting to try and put the genie back in the bottle and raise it again However it seems that wil
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